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£30 - £85  National average range
£30 - £85



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How much does window cleaning cost?

Mar 06, 2020

On average most window cleaners usually charge a rate of £35 - £75. However, this can vary depending on factors such as the length of time it takes to complete the window cleaning project and the number of windows you plan to clean. Read below to learn more about these factors.

Window Cleaning Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£35
UK National Maximum Cost£75
UK National Average Cost£55
Average Range£35 - £75

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Your windows are the primary way you see the outside world when you are within your home.

They allow the brilliant sunlight to shine in on summer days and let you watch the winter weather while staying warm and cosy indoors. The best way to ensure that your view is spotless is to hire a professional window cleaner who can clean your windows with expertise and efficiency.

Cleaning Products

The cleaning products that your window cleaner chooses can have a direct impact on the cost of the window cleaning project. Environmentally-friendly products tend to cost more. However, if you would prefer your window cleaning session to have a low impact on the environment, this additional cost may not present an issue.

Higher quality window cleaning supplies can also be pricier than a generic brand. If your cleaner chooses these products their rates will reflect this cost. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. Higher quality products can enable your window cleaner to breeze through a cleaning project more quickly. This could then reduce their overall time and labour costs. So, in the end, the cost of these products may balance out with a generic brand.

If you have a preference as to which cleaning product you would like your window cleaner to use, mention this on the request form. That way everyone is on the same page before the project begins.

Repairs and Preparation

Are your windows in a complete state of disrepair? Are they broken or perhaps bordered by window sills with chipped paint? Then you should tend to these window repairs first. A broken window can allow heating or air conditioning to escape your home if it hasn't had draught proofing yet. To prevent your utility bill from climbing too high due to this energy waste, you must tend to these repairs before you focus on window cleaning. Not to mention that window sills with chipped paint are unsightly.

Window Height

If you have windows on a second or third story these may be pricier to clean than those on the ground floor. Some professionals include an additional cost for windows which are higher up as they are more difficult to access.

Window Screens

Ideally, you should ask your window cleaner if they are able to clean your window screens as well. When the wind blows through dirty window screens it can spread dust throughout your home. Dirty window screens also aren’t quite as pleasant to look through either. Keep in mind that if you do request your professional to clean your window screens, there may be an additional cost. However, when your home is less dusty and you can clearly see through the window screen it will all be worth it.

Price Comparison of Popular Window Related Services

Window Focused ServicesAverage Hourly Rate
Window Cleaning£25
Window Blinds Repair and Installation£30
Window Installation£105
Window Repair£15
Draught Proofing£25


There are three main factors which will influence how long your window cleaning project will take. These are, the number of windows, how close they are to trees, and how often you clean your windows.

Naturally, the more windows you have the longer it will take to clean them all. Then, if these windows haven’t been cleaned in a while, the project will also take longer. Essentially if you have a house with several windows that aren’t regularly cleaned allot some extra space in your timeline.

If your windows are close to trees this could also lengthen the project. Windows that are nearby trees often end up with sap stuck to them. This makes for a sticky situation and will require your window cleaner to give them a good scrub before they are in top shape again.


The location of your home can also influence the cost of your window cleaner. If you live in an area which has a high cost of living and transportation then, your window cleaner’s rates will also be higher. That way they can cover the cost to transport themselves to your home.


If you aren’t comfortable with heights, or you are just short on time, it is easy to avoid cleaning your windows. Yet, dirty grimy windows can weigh down the look of your home and prevent you from seeing outside clearly. A professional window cleaner presents the perfect solution.

They will tackle your window cleaning with expertise and efficiency and before you know it your windows will be squeaky clean!

Once you have sparkling clean windows, why not get the rest of your home sparkling with cleanliness as well? Easily compare costs for a local domestic cleaner. You could even update your exteriors with a new coat of house paint for an all around new look!