Celebrity Wedding Valuations

In light of Pippa Middleton’s recent engagement, we decided to find out how much the average celebrity A-list wedding costs as well as how much they spend on each element of their wedding. Here at we have a number of fantastic wedding planners and providers, from caterers to cake decorators and DJ’s to florists. […]

Treatment room of Ros Burrett Massage Therapist of The Wellness Practitioner

Bidvine Helps Massage Therapists Relax, Knowing They Can Get New Clients

As a complementary therapist specialising in Massage, Reflexology and Reiki, Ros is a big proponent in building on established foundations but living life proactively in the spirit of continuous self-improvement. Ros approaches her massage therapist practice with the same philosophy, combining ancient practices from Eastern esoteric medicine in Massage Therapy but keeping an eye on the […]

Admission to grammar schools is reserved to children who achieve great results on the 11-plus test.

Could You Get Into Grammar School? Take This Sample 11-Plus Quiz!

The debate about the merits and demerits of grammar schools is as old as grammar schools themselves. On one hand, proponents argue, they allow children who are especially gifted to pursue an advanced curriculum. Meanwhile, opponents claim this creates an atmosphere of favouritism and prevents social mobility, cementing future educational opportunities based on an aptitude […]

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We Can’t Wait to Hear YOUR Story!

Here at Bidvine, nothing makes us as happy as hearing how we managed to help our customers accomplish their amazing goals and get their projects done. To celebrate successes together, we want you to tell us how Bidvine and our registered providers have helped make your life better. Post a picture and a short description with the […]