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£110 - £300

National average price

£110 - £300  National average range
£110 - £300



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How much does wedding hair and makeup cost?

Mar 12, 2020

If you're planning to hire a wedding hair and makeup artist, you can expect an average cost of £100 to £280. Depending on the makeup artistry and complexity of hairstyling you're looking for this cost could vary.

Planning a wedding is a big job. After securing a venue, a dress, and a caterer you won't want to forget about your own hair and makeup!

Thankfully, a pro can help get you looking your best. Keep in mind though that the costs listed here are an estimate, to find out specific costs it’s best to ask your pro directly.

It's a great idea to hire a wedding hair and makeup artist to take care of the bridal party too. That way everyone will look fantastic on this very special day.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£100
UK National Maximum Cost£280
UK National Average Cost£180
Average Range£100 - £280

Included in This Price Guide


When planning your wedding, hair and makeup is a top consideration! Most wedding hair and makeup artists are versatile enough to help create your dream look and have you feeling your best for every wedding photo. Whether it's looking after the bride or the entire bridal party, these pros are an instrumental help.

Type of Hairstyle

What kind of hairstyle do you hope to have for your wedding? There are several options to choose from when preparing the perfect look for the ceremony and reception.

Your hair can be curly or straight, all down or in an up-do. With extensions, you can even transform your normal look by adding length.

Whether you fancy a sleek look or soft, romantic curls, it can help to bring your stylist photos for inspiration.

Not sure what will work best for you? Ask your stylists for recommendations. They can show you examples and work with you to create the perfect style for you.

Number of People in Need of Hairstyling or Makeup

You'll also want to consider who will need to have their hair and makeup done professionally. That way, you're sure to get an accurate quote for the cost.

Most pros will take care of the bride and the bridal party on the day of the wedding. You may want to have your pro look after the bride's parents or even the groom and his party! Everyone will be elegantly coiffed for the big day.

Make sure to give your professional enough time to style everyone. Keep in mind though, that the cost will increase should more people decide to get their hair and makeup done.

Pre-Wedding Trial

If you want confirmation that your chosen style is indeed perfect for you, a pre-wedding trial is a great idea. This will give you a chance to meet your stylist to discuss your style. That way, you can be sure your hair fits your vision, well before your wedding day.

Planning to use hair accessories? Your stylist can take a look at your supplies during your trial to be sure they will work with your desired style.

Keep in mind, a trial can increase the overall cost for styling. Then, some stylists may build the cost into their rates, so be sure to ask your pro if a trial is included in the estimate or if it is an extra cost.


Another service your hair and makeup artist may offer are touch-ups. This will help to keep your appearance fresh all day.

From the start of the day to the end of the reception it is quite a long stretch . You may need your pro on hand for day-of or night-of touch-ups to your hair and makeup.

Having your pro available will keep you looking your best. They can swoop in to save the day if someone gets teary-eyed during the reception. This is an optional service as it usually adds an extra cost.


Timing on your wedding day is very important! You'll want to be sure your hair and makeup is ready in time for you to walk down the aisle.

If timing is a concern, go for a trial a few weeks before the big day. That way you’ll know just how long styling will take and you can arrange for the styling to be done early enough to fit in your schedule.

If you plan to have your stylists tend to the entire bridal party, keep in mind this will take longer. However, when you plan in advance and discuss your options with your stylists you’ll be able to create the perfect styling schedule for your big day.


Your wedding is a very important day! Make sure you're trusting your hair and makeup to a qualified professional. You'll get better results from someone with experience.

An experienced stylist can work with different types of hair and create the style you want. Most pros will have a portfolio filled with pictures of their work. Photos can help inspire as well as assure you of their qualifications.

You can also read reviews to get even more insight into your pro’s experience. From reviews you can find out how previous clients felt about working with a pro, which can help you confirm that your pro is a good fit.


You'll also need to find the perfect location to get your hair and makeup done. You’ll either need to travel to a salon or have the pro come to you.

Getting ready at home or at your venue means your pro will need to set up their workspace. Your bridal party will be together, so this is a great option to take care of everyone.

Some pros need to work out of a salon. This gives them access to the tools they need to make everyone look great. Remember that you'll need to allow time to travel to and from the salon for this option.

ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Wedding Hair and Makeup£55
Wedding Photography£375
Wedding Videography£650
Wedding Planning£30
Wedding Dance Lessons£50
Wedding Florist£250


When it comes to your wedding, every detail is important from the flowers to a perfect wedding video that captures it all. As for your wedding hairstyle and makeup, the last thing you want to do is handle it yourself. There’s no need to stress yourself out by trying to prepare your hair or makeup on your own at the last moment. A pro will make sure everyone involved in your big day looks great.

Ready to find a wedding hair and makeup artist? Simply click below to receive costs from local wedding hair and makeup artists. Soon you’ll be all set to wow everyone on your big day!