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£150 - £600

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£150 - £600  National average range
£150 - £600



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How much does a wedding florist cost?

Sep 11, 2019

The average cost of a professional wedding florist in the UK is £150 to £600. This rate varies depending on the number of flower arrangements, complexity of the bouquets, as well as the cost of the flowers themselves.

Wedding Florist Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£150
UK National Maximum Cost£600
UK National Average Cost£500
Average Range£150 - £600

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Why Should You Hire a Wedding Florist For Your Wedding?

A wedding is a time of celebration, one that comes together with lots of planning. One major detail is having the right flowers to accent the day and all of the festivities. After all, no wedding would be complete without the bride’s favourite kinds of flowers! From the rehearsal to the ceremony to the decorations at the reception, it’s important that you include floral arrangements in your planning.

This means that a wedding florist needs to be on your list. These professionals are extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to make arrangements that will take anyone’s breath away. Using their expertise will guarantee you beautiful results to make your wedding one to remember.


When it comes to selecting the flowers for your wedding, remember that it’s more than just bouquets. In fact, there are a lot of factors to think about to ensure that you have the right decor to make it the perfect day. From the number of arrangements you need to types of flowers or colours used, it’s important that you have a good sense of what you desire. This helps you find the right pro and helps them come up with ideas that are sure to make your wedding a gorgeous one. From bouquets and boutonnieres to centrepieces, you’ll know exactly what to ask for to get the perfect arrangements.

Type of Flowers

Choosing the right flowers for your arrangement is essential. The perfect blooms support both your style and helps to define the look of your wedding. Roses and peonies are classic wedding flowers that look great in bouquets and table arrangements. Or expand your search and select from full-bloomed options like hydrangeas or dahlias to more exotic looks found in orchids. You can also choose perennial favourites like tulips or daisies that are sure to make your arrangements beautiful.

Of course, this much choice can feel overwhelming! Ask your florist for assistance in narrowing down the options of flowers or colours to help bring your wedding’s vision to life. Explain your colour palette to explore the options of flowers that will offer you the closest shade. They can also help you find the right accent flowers to fill out your arrangements like baby’s breath or eucalyptus.

Keep in mind, however, that some flowers are seasonally grown. Flowers like tulips are most commonly found during the spring, but thanks to greenhouses can be sourced all year long. This can incur a higher cost, so keep the time of your wedding in mind before you decide on a flower to see if this cost will be a factor. This is one of the reasons why spring and summer weddings have been so popular! You can also search for seasonal flowers, such as sunflowers during the fall to make unique arrangements.

Placement of Floral Arrangements

Deciding where to set your flowers is another important decision to be made. Your florist needs to know where your arrangements will go in order to design appropriate solutions. You can’t simply carry a centrepiece down the aisle and hope for the best! A wedding bouquet needs to be made lightweight and with a proper handle in order to make the bride’s task easy.

Likewise, the details of the location for the ceremony and reception need to be included to let your florist determine how best to arrange the flowers. The size of the table, for example, helps determine the size of the centrepiece. Or if you will have an aisle, altar or archway that needs flowers, your florist needs to know exactly what you have to make an arrangement that suits. These details help the florist design an arrangement in the right shape and size so there are no problems on the big day.


Creating beautiful arrangements no quick task. More complex centrepieces will require more help from your florist, driving up the overall cost of their services. But a good florist makes excellent use of their time to help pull together a beautiful arrangement in less time than you’d expect, doing it on your own! Plus, you save yourself time that can best be used for other items on the list.

Simpler arrangements like single blooms in bad vases may reduce the amount of time needed from your florist, helping to keep costs down. But before you do, make sure this is the look you want. A florist can work with you to find a design and cost that works. You’ll want to use a design style that suits your wedding’s vision to make this day truly memorable.

Number of Floral Arrangements

Including how many members of the wedding party ensures that there are enough bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages to go around. You won’t want anyone left out, so take the time to pass on this crucial detail to ensure there are enough arrangements for the ones closest to you. Remember to include the parents of the bride and groom as well as grandparents in your count so everyone is acknowledged properly.

You also want to consider the number of guests and the size of the hall to find out how many arrangements are required. From how many tables for the reception to the receiving or cake table, count it all and you can discuss what makes sense with your florist. As you count, keep in mind that more guests generally means more flowers, increasing the overall cost for the job as it takes your florist longer to build and decorate.


As you look for a florist, make sure to consider their credentials. Most florists do not have formal training or qualifications, but they do need to study their craft in the form of an apprenticeship or on-the-job training. This may be listed as years of experience or as training in a reputable floral shop. Check out how many years of experience they have listed and in what type of work. This may range from selecting healthy, vibrant flowers to designing and assembling different types of arrangements.

Although years of experience can assure you of their qualifications, you’ll still want to examine photos of their past work. This will help you know if their style suits your preferences and whether they are up to the scope of the work you have planned. You can also read through reviews to learn about others’ experiences and happiness with the service before making your decision.


Where your florist is located is another important cost factor. Someone who operates closeby is more likely to have prices in line with the cost of living so your quoted rates are the most reasonable. Of course, there are some advantages when it comes to the look of your flowers too. Working with someone close to you makes it easier to visit their shop and see the types of blooms they work with. This can help you narrow down your selection. Plus, it helps you get the freshest arrangements! Your flowers won’t suffer during long journeys and will look amazing for the big day.

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From decorating for the ceremony to the essential bride’s bouquet, flowers are an important part of any wedding. With the help of a great florist, you’ll be thrilled with the results that feature your favourite blooms.

Don’t know anyone who is great with flowers? Bidvine can help you find a florist near you. Simply answer a few questions about the type of flowers you like and the arrangements you need and submit a free request for bids. You’ll be sent bids from great wedding florists in your area ready to take on the job. Get started on your beautiful floral ideas today!