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How much does wedding catering cost?

Nov 25, 2020

Nationally, wedding catering in the UK has an average cost of £1000 to £2150 depending on the cuisine, number of guests, and number of courses served.

Wedding Catering Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£1000
UK National Maximum Cost£2150
UK National Average Cost£1575
Average Range£1000 - £2150

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Types of Cuisine

When planning your wedding food, choosing the cuisine is often the most difficult part. There are many different types of cuisine available for your wedding catering. Choosing the cuisine is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of deciding on catering since you need to pick something that makes both you and your guests happy. Here are just a few of the many options available:


Some popular Italian dishes include, fresh bread, olive oil to dip it in, and a great dish of lasagne are foods almost everyone enjoys. Pasta dishes are hearty meals that will fill up your guests easily, and leave them feeling satisfied.


French cuisine is another popular choice that may include options like Chicken Masala and Salmon with herb butter, creating a delightful sense of haute cuisine.


Spicy foods and zesty flavours are hallmarks of Indian cuisine. A professional caterer can create delicious Indian dishes for your wedding.


Everyone loves a good barbecue, and there is no shortage of favourite foods available in British cuisine. Your guests will be sure to love a British themed meal.

Type of Catering

It may surprise you to learn that there is more than one way to have a catered meal. Catered meals can be offered either plated or in a buffet style. With a buffet style, guests bring a plate to a spread of dishes and choose what they want from the available selection. Guests can choose how much they want and what they want, making it ideal for everyone.

For a more formal wedding, plated service can offer a certain level of style and added convenience. With plated meals, the plates are put together and served to the guest, so they don't have to get up to get their meal.

Meals to Cater

Weddings don't happen at just one time of day. A dawn wedding makes for beautiful pictures, as does a wedding held at sunset. You can get a catered meal appropriate for any time of day without having to worry about the meal being inappropriate for the time period.

You can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner catered by request, and also other meals too. Appetizers can be a wonderful way to get your wedding going and keep your guests from being too hungry during the ceremony, and desserts can be a sweet treat to finish the day. You can even mix things up and have dessert for breakfast, after all, it is your special day, and the food is just as important as the decoration and a great venue.

Wedding catering prices can vary on the kind of meal, so be sure to ask your caterer if the prices will go up or down depending on what meal you choose. Dinner is often more expensive than breakfast, and desserts could depend on what kind you are looking for. Most caterers will be glad to help answer your questions and get you set up with the catering you desire.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Caterer?

When you're hosting a wedding, and your venue is filled to the brim with people, you don't want to have to think about what's for dinner. Wedding catering is the solution for this. You can work with a caterer to plan a decadent meal that is sure to delight you and your guests. A caterer and their servers can also help with additional aspects of the meal such as serving the food and clearing up afterwards.

Catered food is a simple solution to keeping your guests well-fed and satisfied, and is an essential part of your wedding day line up. They'll take care of the food for you, so you can focus on what's most important—getting married to the love of your life.

Number of Guests

How many guests you expect to have may have an impact on wedding catering prices as well. Before you begin searching for a good caterer, it is wise to put together a guest list and gauge how many you think will attend. Keep in mind that the more guests you have, the higher the cost of catering will naturally be. With buffet-style catering, you may also want to consider how often guests will return to the table. Plan for extra in this scenario so guests can go back for seconds if they choose.

Caterer’s Experience

Experience is an important consideration when hiring a caterer. Visit your caterer's Bidvine profile to learn more about their past experiences catering weddings to see if they are a good fit for yours. Keep in mind that a caterer's experience level can also impact prices.

Cost Comparison of Popular Wedding Services

Planning out your wedding can be complex, from hiring a caterer to finding a photographer and setting up the venue's decor. Easily compare costs for top wedding services in your area with this handy chart to simplify your wedding planning!

Wedding ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Wedding Planning£30
Wedding Photography£200
Wedding Cakes£300
Wedding Decorating£100


Then, where you plan to hold the wedding can also have an impact on wedding catering prices. The farther out the caterer must drive to get to your wedding, the more the price will be. Expect to pay extra if the caterer has to drive a very long distance, and also keep in mind that weddings in big cities tend to have somewhat higher prices than weddings in rural areas. When you ask about pricing, it is helpful to give your caterer the address of the venue so they can be more specific about the price of your particular catered meal.

Your wedding experience is something that can't ever be replaced. The memories you share over your wedding dinner and capture in your wedding video will be something you carry with you forever. Creating your perfect wedding day starts with the colour and theme, but it ends with great food you and your guests can laugh over as you celebrate true love. When it comes time to choose your caterer, give it the same care and attention you give the party favours and the flowers.

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