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How much do social media marketers cost?

Nov 25, 2020

Nationally, the average cost of social media marketing is £200 to £500. As this is an average, prices can vary taking into account the particulars of your social media marketing project from the channels you wish to post on to the content that will need to be created.

Social Media Marketing Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£200
UK National Maximum Cost£500
UK National Average Cost£350
Average Range£200 - £500

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How Does Professional Social Media Marketing Benefit Businesses?

Social media for business just makes sense. There is a huge audience of active users out there who are ready to engage with your brand which is one of the top advantages of social media for businesses. Millions of people contribute regularly to their own accounts and actively engage with others online. This can include your business!

However, this will take a lot of work. It’s more than just creating social media accounts in the name of your business. Every channel requires regular updates with fresh and interesting content to keep your likes and comments coming in. This can seem like a lot, especially when you think about everything else that goes into running your business.

Thankfully, you can turn to social media marketing professionals who are experienced in this area to help. Whether it’s generating ideas of what to post about or taking care of this work for you, you know you can trust the help of an expert. For more information on what you can expect, read on.


Hiring a professional means you can benefit from their knowledge and experience. When it comes to the swiftly-changing world of social media, a social media planner can be of extreme help putting together a communications strategy. You won’t need to become an expert yourself and can focus on the work required to maintain your actual business!

But this help does come at a cost. There are several factors that can influence how much you can expect to pay for a professional’s expertise with social media marketing techniques. We’ve outlined a few below so you know what to ask for to get the service you need.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Goals

Deciding to pursue social media marketing can be a great thing for your business. But you may wonder what types of things it can do with your social media strategy and which goals you should prioritise. 

One way a social media manager can help your business is by increasing your visibility. Instead of just your website or an ad in the local newspaper, you can increase the number of places your brand is active with social media channels. This improves your reach and makes it more likely people will recognize your company’s name and logo.

It’s also a two-way conversation. Comments, likes, and other engagement is built right into social media, making it easy for companies to speak with and respond to users. From answering questions to saying thank you, you can engage with your users like never before!

Social media can also act as part of your overall digital presence; helping improve your chances of being found when customers are searching for your type of business online. Staying active keeps your content fresh and makes it more likely your name will be ranked in a search.

Social Media Channels

In order for social media marketing to be truly successful, you will need to select the appropriate channels for your social media marketing plan. You don’t need to sign up on every social media platform to make your business successful. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or another account, you will want to be sure you are focusing your energy in the right spot to ensure you are successful in your efforts.


With the number of daily users in the millions, Facebook is a logical choice for many businesses. It offers your users a chance to find out more about your business and has special perks for some industries. A caterer may find Facebook’s menu listing extremely helpful to give customers information and prices. You can also post your hours and daily deals or specials to help bring your patrons in for a treat!

You can embed photos and videos with your posts as well. Personal trainers like to use Facebook because it’s easy to post a sample fitness routine to generate interest, then boost the post using social media advertising to help it gain momentum for your business as people share it across the platform.


This channel is a great choice when you have important information to share about your business. It’s a great way to connect with and comment on trending topics and breaking news. It also makes it easy to communicate with your customers. Simply create a channel dedicated to responding to your customers and you will keep the relationship fresh and positive.


Many people think Linkedin is only for professionals and business persons, but it is much more than that. Businesses of any size and type can create a company profile to help raise their brand awareness. Share important news, such as an expansion or new location, or simply chime in on news about your industry! This shows your business is active and one to watch.

You can also create a marketing plan and engage with customers. If you offer professional services, look for groups containing your target market. You can share content or invite discussions to help yourself grow and stay engaged in your industry. Your professional profile is just as important as on other social channels.


This channel’s biggest draw is the ability to post visual content in the form of pictures and videos. It’s a great platform to use if your business has an especially photographic element to it.

For instance, Instagram can be a great choice to work with if you are a photographer. You can trade on your great shots! Your skill will speak for itself and encourage people to engage with your brand at the same time.


This channel trades in video content. For many brands, this can be the way to go to demonstrate your products or skill. Perhaps you have a cleaning business and want to show off the quality of your work. You can show before and after shots as well as picturing your team in action. This can also be a great place to post customer testimonials, regardless of your type of business.

Time & Frequency of Social Media Posts

Discuss a posting schedule with your pro to ensure the best results for your social media marketing. Different platforms have different needs for content. For example, one Facebook post a day is sufficient for most, but Twitter may require two or three posts a day! Your business’s needs should also be considered to ensure you are hitting the right balance.

Above all, it's most important to be consistent when you are posting on social media. This ensures that your content is regular and assists in raising your profile’s ranking over the competition. You’ll also develop a reputation of reliability within your client base, increasing the likelihood you will be chosen by customers again and again.

Experience With Social Media Management

Look for an experienced social media marketer to help you get your business started. They will know the type of posts that work online, inviting engagement and ensuring that your efforts are a success.

Check out a pro’s online profile to ensure that they have experience in the platform you wish to use. Reviews can also help paint a picture about a pro’s knowledge and skill. Use this information to guide you to the right choice. They may even have samples of their work to satisfy your curiosity and Inspire your confidence.


Social media marketing is one industry where location can be flexible. Since everything is done online, a professional social media marketing agency could be located anywhere in the UK! Online social media marketers can work remotely to develop online marketing strategies, making it easy to find a top social media marketer.

But you may feel comfortable with a professional located close by, since you know their rates will be set according to the local cost of living. This ensures that their rates are in line with other expenses related to your business. You should do research as far as a professional’s experience to ensure they suit your needs and the pricing works with your budget.

Considering some additional marketing services for your business? Simply have a look at the chart below to compare average costs for popular marketing services!

Marketing ServiceAverage Hourly Cost
Logo Design£25
Web Design£35
Commercial Photography£75
Web Content Writing£25


Social media marketing can do wonderful things for your business, whether it is engaging with your customers, promoting your sales, or simply getting your name out there. It can feel like a daunting task to get started, but with a pro’s expertise, you can be confident in what you’re doing.

Find your online marketer now! Submit a free request for bids and we’ll help you find experts eager to help so you can get started with social media marketing today.

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