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Life Coaching
Linsey Kitching is an accredited Personal Performance Coach who works dedicatedly for creating change within people. With her expertise in the niche, she coaches the professionals to help them build a satisfying yet rewarding career by utilizing the strengths to achievable goals.

Lynsey Kitching Coaching & Facilitation

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Life Coaching

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Solihull District, B92
1 year in business
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9:30 am to 5:30 pm


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9:30 am to 5:30 pm

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Life Coaching

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5 reviews

Customers told us this pro excelled at communication, professionalism, work quality, responsiveness, and value.

Career Coaching
Hansa V.'s review on Jul 30, 2020

I recently had a number of coaching sessions with Lynsey and found her to be extremely helpful in supporting me to break down the confidence barriers that were holding me back. Lynsey is great at listening to your overall goals and the obstacles you are facing and helping you to identify how you can overcome them. I recommend Lynsey if you are looking for an empathetic coach who cares about guiding you to achieve your ambitions.

Health and Wellness Coaching
Kate M.'s review on Jul 13, 2020

I can't recommend Lynsey highly enough - she is a fantastic listener and coach. Lynsey is supportive and patient, and really helped me to set and achieve my own goals.

Career Coaching
Mrs P.'s review on Jul 03, 2020

Lynsey provided me with coaching to help me look at career choices. She helped me build confidence to step out of my comfort zone, work out different options to get qualified and start working in my new industry. I’ve been focused and energised from my sessions and would happily recommend Lynsey to anyone who wants to change career or get promoted.

Career Coaching
Clare B.'s review on Jun 30, 2020

Every session brought clarity. The sessions were efficient and effective, enabling me to determine and fulfil my goals.

Career Coaching
James B.'s review on Jun 21, 2020

The compassion Lynsey has for helping people realise their goals has permeated every interaction we have had. Be it arranging sessions via WhatsApp or during them, Lynsey’s friendly and professional coaching style has never failed to put me at ease which has made it significantly easier to identify and actualise my goals. We have discussed career, personal and leadership goals during our sessions. Without fail, Lynsey’s friendly, supportive and constructive style has resulted in my being more open and thinking more clearly about what I want to achieve and how I want to do so. On the occasions I have gone into sessions with the belief that my goal is somewhat bonkers, Lynsey’s reassurance and support has resulted in a greater degree of self-belief and helped me identify realistic paths to success. As a result of time spent with Lynsey, I have been able to achieve several career and personal related goals. Many of which, I am confident, would not have occurred without her help and support. If you are looking to for a new path or to achieve a new goal, I could not recommend Lynsey highly enough!

Meet Lynsey


Meet Lynsey

We spend over 90,000 hours at work across our lifetime – if you’re not fulfilled at work that’s a huge part of your life lost. Everyone has the ability to enjoy work and feel that they can make a difference. - As an individual, understanding what motivates you and clear career goals are key. - As a company, putting people at the centre of your business makes you an employer of choice and drives results. The solution? Design your strategy and build your capability: • Discover - work out what’s really important to you. • Grow - build confidence to achieve the career and results you want. * Succeed - create change through effective action planning and commitment I work with people to empower them to find an illuminated way forward: • For businesses I offer coaching and facilitation to build a people-focused performance culture. • For individuals I provide personal growth and career coaching using my Light Up* coaching approach. Experience: • I have over twenty years working in management roles getting robust colleague, customer and stakeholder results by adopting a people-focused leadership approach. • I have a distinction Post Graduate Diploma in Organisational Leadership from Oxford University Said Business School – up to date academic thinking and case studies on leadership and organisational success. • I am an accredited Personal Performance Coach – creating change within people. - What do I do: I coach professionals how to build rewarding careers by illuminating their strengths and turning dreams into achievable goals. - How do I do it: Through my successful programme where I empower you to discover, learn and grow. - Why it works: I have proven this works based on my own career results, global reference studies and testimonials backing up my successful approach from helping people develop, build capability and take action.


Start date:2021-02-25
Valid until:2022-02-24
Issued by:Holistic Insurance
Coverage amount:£5,000,000
Policy type:Public Liability Insurance

Questions & answers

What should customers know about your pricing? (E.g. estimates, discounts, fees, package pricing)
I can offer bespoke packages to suit your budget and requirements. I offer discounts for packages of 3, 5 and 10 sessions.
What process do you go through when starting with a new customer?
The first 30 minute consultation is free. We discuss if coaching is right for you and if I am the right coach. The first intake session then helps you learn more about yourself by exploring your goals, values and beliefs using some great coaching tools.
What education or training is most relevant to your work?
I am a mum, wife, daughter, life-long learner, hill climber, chartered surveyor, coach, best friend, communicator, relationship builder, people promoter and more. I have built a successful corporate career, experiencing the highs and lows of working in an age where ‘having it all’ is the goal. Work/life balance is hard… work/life integration is possible though, and my own journey provides the backdrop for why helping others is so important to me. I have a natural coaching style that I've used throughout my career and personal life. I believe that everyone has the potential to light up their lives and have happiness. With over twenty years’ in leadership and management roles, I have a broad range of experience across corporate property, business strategy, customer/employee experience, strategic communications and transformational change. I have a distinction Post Grad Diploma from Oxford University in Organisational Leadership, a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and various, facilitation, change and communications qualifications.
Do you have tips or advice for someone hiring a pro in your line of work?
Coaching can help anyone who has a gap between where they are now and where they want to be in the future. Coaching is about empowering you to decide on what 'you' want and how 'you' are going to get there. Look for a coach that isn't going to tell you what to do... look for a coach that is going to help you learn and grow. This will ensure that your money is spent on getting the most sustainable value for the future. Invest in the coach that is right for you. We are happy to spend money on a haircut, massage or new clothes to help us feel good on the outside. Spending money on coaching will help you feel good on the inside. Don't underestimate the value of this and the knock-on affect on the rest of your life.
What questions should customers have ready before speaking to pros about their project?
What is your coaching style and approach? Do you mix mentoring with coaching? Do you offer support outside of the coaching session?
What are some good examples of past customers?
I have coached people from all business sectors, at different stages of their career. Have a look on my website and social media pages for testimonials. The common factor is the desire to be better, to change or make a difference.
Describe a recent project that went well. Scope? How long did it take?
I recently coached a client that wanted to improve the way they make decisions at work, they wanted to build their confidence and have more influence in the workplace. This was ultimately so they could get promoted and take up a role where they could make more impact for their customers. Over 5 sessions we worked to build their confidence, discover hidden strengths and develop a usable framework for decision making. They have seen improved feedback at work, great collaboration with senior leaders and have an action plan to get them to promotion.
How did you first get into this line of work?
I have been coaching all of my corporate career. It's my natural leadership style and my passion. I have only recently joined Bidvine which is why I have no reviews on here. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile to read recommendations and see my areas of focus.

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Solihull District, B92
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