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How much does pet sitting cost?

Nov 25, 2020

Pet sitting in the UK costs an average of £10 to £15 per hour. This rate can vary depending on the level of care your pet needs. For instance, a dog may require multiple walks whereas a fish or small animal may just need a pet sitter to come by and feed them.

Pet Sitting Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£10
UK National Maximum Cost£15
UK National Average Cost£13
Average Range£10 - £15

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What Does a Pet Sitter Do?

Your pet is a loyal and trusted companion. Outside your family, you may spend the most time with your pet! From dogs and cats to reptiles and fish, there is a wide range of animal companions you may find perfect for your life. A pet sitter is a professional who takes care of your pet when you aren't able to be around as often.

It could be that you have long days that keep you at work or that you are going away for holidays. A pet sitter can help you give your pet the right attention. You love your pet, so you’ll want to have a trusted pet sitter in to look after your pet in your absence.


Looking for the best care for your pet is of utmost concern. You’ll want to find someone who is suited for the task at hand and trustworthy so you can leave your pet in good hands. Of course, you are likely also curious about how much it will cost to take care of your fluffy, feathered, or scaly friend. There are a few factors that can influence how much it will cost, so read on for more details.

Type of Pet

Your pet is sure to be near your heart, no matter what kind you call companion. But while you know you love your pet, it’s important to let your pet sitter know what type of animal it is to be sure they can prepare for the proper care. After all, mammals require different care than reptiles or fish! 

Many of us consider dogs to be the perfect pet. They are friendly companions that accompany us on our walks in life, whether we spend time indoors or out. Although they can be a higher maintenance pet, a pet sitter can definitely help you make your dog’s care manageable.

For others, cats are their pet of choice. Mostly self-sufficient, cats can be great company. Beyond feeding and tending the litter box, cats require little care. They are rewarding pets that love to play and can warm your heart when you see them curled up in the sun or climbing into your lap at night.

Pet rabbits are good choices too. These animals liven up your home with their active natures and cuddly personalities. A sitter can help you manage your rabbit’s personality so you enjoy every day with your pet. 

Fish and reptiles have their own habitats set up in aquariums, making them good choices for small spaces. If fish are your passion, you’ll love seeing them enjoy their space in your home. From lizards to snakes to turtles, reptiles are a fascinating pet to have and observe.

And there is always the classic feathered friend! Birds are great companions that will brighten up any day. When you take care of your pets, they will be loyal and keep you company. They are well worth the attention of a professional pet sitter for the times you will be away.

Type of Care

You know your pet best, so you can give detailed instructions on exactly what they need. But before you take that step, you need to search for an experienced pet sitter who is up to the responsibility of pet care. Consider the following areas in relation to your needs and you are sure to find someone who is capable.

First, pets need to eat! A pet sitter can be expected to feed your pet according to its normal schedule, whether this is once a day or more. Whatever these intervals are, you can ask your sitter to ensure that your expectations are met for regular feedings.

Dogs and other active animals may require walks and exercise. You can commit your pet sitter to your usual routes, but first find someone who is up to walking! Think about how long your pet is usually walked for and how often. This can also be a task you ask a pet sitter to do regularly, especially if you work long hours away from home! 

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Sitters can also entertain your pet and keep them company. This can be of great help if your pet is young or growing older, and you want to be sure their needs are being met. This can also be of comfort if your pet requires medication. You’ll know that the sitter is there to take care of them and keeping them safe and healthy.

Personal care is another area pet sitters can help with, such as providing grooming services or tending to the litterbox or bedding. You want your pet to be clean too! However, since grooming requires a bit of training, you’ll want to search for a sitter who is qualified. This way, your pet looks great at the end of the day!

Time & Frequency of Pet Sitting

Planning on travelling during your vacation time? Make sure you hire someone trustworthy to take care of your pet. Even if it’s just a one-off, you’ll want to have a pet sitter that is competent and capable in charge of your pet.

Once you have a qualified pet sitter you like working with, you’ll have someone you can rely on. So you’ll have someone if you need a sitter to come by and care for your pet regularly. This could look like a few times a week, or even as often as daily! A special needs pet could even need checking multiple times a day.

You’ll also want to let your sitter know how long you expect them to be with your pet. Some pets that are more low maintenance may only require a check in or a few hours from your hired help. Others may require all-day attention. You know your pet best, so you can advise how much time you expect to get the right care.


Although there are no certifications for a pet sitter, experience is still important. If they have been caring for pets for a long time, they will be well-versed in what to do. This is key, especially if there is an emergency! You’ll feel better knowing that your pet is in hands of a professional. The rates may be a bit higher for an experienced pet sitter, but the comfort of knowing your pet is taken care of is worth it.

You should specifically look for a sitter who has experience with your type of pet. There are obvious differences in caring for a reptile and a cat, for example, so it’s important that your sitter knows what to do.

This is why it’s very important to indicate the type of pet you have when you start your search! Remember to look for reviews of the pet sitter you’re considering. These can give you more information to help you make a decision. If someone raves about the sitter’s quality of work, you can feel confident that you have someone who will make your pet’s care a priority.


You will be able to choose between a pet sitter that comes to tend your pet in your home or one that you meet. Keep in mind that the type of care your pet requires can influence which solution works best and search accordingly.


Your pet is part of your family. Wondering who can take care of your loved one when you are unable to do it can be a worry. But with the right professional, you can be confident that all of your pet’s needs will be satisfied.

If you need help finding someone to care for your beloved pet, turn to Bidvine! Just answer a few questions about what you’re looking for, and we’ll find you great local pet sitting professionals you can trust. Your pet deserves the best, and we’ll help locate the perfect pet sitter. 

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