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Everyone has different goals when it comes to personal fitness. With so much information on health and fitness routines, it can be a challenge to figure out what is best for you. A professional personal trainer can help you solve this problem, by creating a custom personal training plan just for you. Some of the many goals a fitness instructor can help you with weight loss, fat loss, increasing muscle tone, strength training and endurance training. So, they will help guide you to success no matter what your goals are!

You lead a busy life. So, getting to the gym on a regular basis can be a huge challenge. You won't want to waste a moment of your time when you get there. A personal fitness instructor will help you get in action quickly. Some fitness trainers also offer high-intensity exercise programmes. High-intensity training programmes are ideal if you really like to break a sweat. That way, you will get the most value for your time and money!

Location is important because most personal trainers work in a small local area. If you live in London, then a London personal trainer is the right match for you and many new and experienced personal trainers are looking for personal trainer jobs in London. If you live in a larger metropolitan area it's easy to find a personal trainer near me with Bidvine. 

Many personal trainers on Bidvine also work outside of London so you can also find a top fitness instructor that trains clients near you. To find a personal trainer in your area it's as easy as submitting a free request!

Another reason to hire a personal trainer is for the sake of your health. Exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, staying fit can be a huge challenge, especially if you struggle to motivate yourself. A gym instructor is like your personal support team. Plus, if you know you have an appointment with your trainer will push yourself to get to the gym.

Don’t feel comfortable going to a gym? Then let Bidvine help you find personal training at home. In the request form, you have the option to specify whether you would like to exercise in a gym, in your own home, at a studio or even outdoors. So, if you don’t want to go to a gym you don’t have to! Are you looking for a personal trainer but are unsure where to find one? If you need a personal trainer, don't let uncertainty stop you. Bidvine can help you get personal trainer bids from local professional fitness instructors!

You might be wondering why so many people are looking for a personal trainer these days. More often than not it is because a personal fitness instructor will keep you on the ball! If you have a personal training session you will be less likely to bail on your health. If you go to a gym they will not only make sure you show up but also that you are getting the highest fitness and nutrition value for your time. Your fitness trainer will use their knowledge to make sure that you achieve your goals from weight management to strength training!

Goals: Weight Loss, Endurance Training, Toning and Firming

Personal Training Options: Gym, Studio, Home, Outdoors

Our Top Personal Trainers


Cai Garcia

1 review

4 years in business

2 hires on Bidvine

Camden Town, London NW5

Rachel L. said "I only started working with Cai in December but within the first session I knew that Cai was a brilliant PT. His positivity, enthusiasm and genuine love of his job makes training so much fun and I look forward to every session. Cai takes time to understand your goals and modifies tra


Anais Peyro Fitness

2 reviews

2 hires on Bidvine

Finchley, London N3

Afaf Z. said "I have been working with Anais as my Personal Trainer for the last 5 months and I am very happy with the results. I have been focusing on toning my body and improving my flexibility and Anais has been very attentive to my goals throughout and helped me achieve some great results so far


Train with Dee

6 reviews

13 hires on Bidvine

Kensington, London W8

Pathusha P. said "She made programmes for me every 4-6 weeks to follow so that I could maximise my time with her and meet my goals. She is very dedicated to her clients and is able to accommodate for each persons' needs.Training with her has allowed me to feel more comfortable with my body so if you


Mah Wellness

3 reviews

4 years in business

5 hires on Bidvine

Kensington, London W8

Angela M. said "Mabel is a great Personal Trainer. Since I started with I notice my body change, I got more slim and as well improve my stamina. As well she always push me to do my best every training. I can't recommend enough."


M Brooke Fitness

12 reviews

9 years in business

23 hires on Bidvine

Finsbury Park, London N7

Samantha D. said "Nothing bad to say. I would definitely recommend training with Mike if (like me) you want to learn how to exercise. It's been a real eye-opener the past 5 months with Mike and after years working out, I was able to break through an endless plateau almost immediately in my training.


PMB Fitness

21 reviews

10 years in business

25 hires on Bidvine

Muswell Hill, London N2

Achilleas T. said "It was my girlfriend's birthday and I decided my present to be a PT for some sessions. As she is not really keen to gym and healthy life, Perry had a difficult mission to achieve :D And yes, Perry MADE it! Within a month, under his supervision, my girlfriend lost weight, takes car


Steve Berry Personal Training

1 hire on Bidvine

Hackney, London E9

If you need to get in shape but dislike the idea of going to the gym, perhaps it’s time to consider personal training to get sleek and improve your overall health I offer tailor-made personal training that is designed to help you boost your fitness, manage weight, tone your body, build your core st


Dynamic Strength Personal Training

4 reviews

11 hires on Bidvine

Catford, London SE6

Sershen I. said "Drew has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my fitness goals. His helpful and informative approach made it easy to understand the benefits and advantages of the various exercises, and his attention to detail made sure my form was correct before adding weight to certain exerc



1 review

2 years in business

1 hire on Bidvine

Richmond upon Thames, London TW7

Kate T. said "Really thorough consultation and clear support lines for between sessions are given. A plan is in place and it’s done with complete acknowledgement of my lifestyle and so feels realistic but motivating. Super friendly and made me feel very at ease."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a personal trainer?

You might be wondering why so many people are looking for a personal trainer these days. More often than not it is because a personal fitness instructor will keep you on the ball! If you have a personal training session you will be less likely to bail on your health. If you go to a gym they will not only make sure you show up but also that you are getting the most value from your time. They will use their knowledge to make sure that you are able to achieve your goals! 

Can I still have a personal trainer if I am pregnant?

When hiring a trainer during pregnancy it is always best to consult with your doctor beforehand. Still, gentle exercise can be good for your health. If you are pregnant simply let your personal trainer know so they can tailor the exercise routine to your needs. Should your doctor give you any special advice, it is also a good idea to inform your personal trainer about this.

Do I need to buy any special equipment?

Unless you need a specific piece of equipment they do not have access to, it is unlikely you will need to buy equipment. You do not need to buy expensive brand name clothes to work out either. All you need to do is wear loose comfortable clothing. This will make it easier to work out during your session.

How long do you need a personal trainer for to see results ?

If you are looking for a personal trainer for hire chances are you want to know when you will see results. With personal training, you will get out of it what you put in. If you only have one session a week and don’t exercise outside of this it will take you longer to see results. On the other hand, if you put the effort into exercising regularly then you will see results sooner. Your results will also depend on your goals. By comparing your goals with your exercise routine and diet, your personal trainer can provide you with a personalised estimate.

Hire a boxing coach

Boxing lessons are becoming an ever more popular fitness choice. This fast-paced yet methodical exercise touches on elements of cardio, endurance and strength training to create a comprehensive workout. Learn More


Richard Davis Boxing Coach

2 reviews

6 years in business

2 hires on Bidvine

Lambeth, London SW9

Jenny M. said "I really enjoyed my session he taught me through every step with reasons and makes you put in the work very kind and very professional cant wait for more sessions of boxing"


ABC Boxing

1 hire on Bidvine

Kensington, London SW5

Do you ever feel lazy, sluggish and out of shape? Are you looking for an exercise routine that will boost your mental and physical health and transform your physique? Do you find it boring going to the gym and yet still want to stay fit? Im a level 2 England boxing coach with additional qualifica


Gagsy Fitness & Boxing

5 reviews

2 years in business

2 hires on Bidvine

Chiswick, London TW8

Jasmine K. said "Sean is an excellent teacher. Ive got about 13 years of kickboxing experience and thought I knew everything there is to know about boxing. But Sean taught me lots of new things, which was cool. His knowledge about sports in general is very extensive (cardio, weights, boxing) and ne

Improve your fitness with yoga

One-to-one or private yoga lessons are the preferred choice of many yoga enthusiasts as they offer a more immersive experience for students and allow them to benefit from the therapeutic practice of yoga at the convenience of their schedule.  Learn More


Chloe Dumas

3 reviews

9 hires on Bidvine

Hammersmith and Fulham, London W14

Laura G. said "Chloe is a wonderful yoga teacher. She tailored the class to suit me as I have serious condition which effects my spine (pregnancy and lactation osteoporosis). I have never stood so straight after. I felt grounded and centred in my body, even the tone of my voice changed. Chloe has


Martyna Borek

9 reviews

19 hires on Bidvine

East Dulwich, London SE22

Rory H. said "I havent practiced yoga for a really long time, so was feeling nervous before the class started. Martyna was calm and knowledgeable which made me relax instantly and focus on my breath. She guided me through my poses and corrected me which was so useful! I would highly recommend her l


Hande Lulu

1 review

5 hires on Bidvine

Lewisham, London SE13

Kennedy A. said "Hande has a lovely demeanour and was kind enough to offer a free taster session after which we made a recurring arrangement. I specifically wanted her expertise as a prenatal yoga instructor and after two weeks, I think some of the back pain I've been experiencing is already a bit b

Massage therapy for after session care

There is nothing nicer than a massage after a hard days work. If you are looking for a massage of any kind then let Bidvine do the hard work for you. We will pair you with the perfect massage therapist for you.  Learn More


Vanessa Garcia Healing

8 reviews

2 years in business

3 hires on Bidvine

City of London, London EC3R

Celina A. said "First of all if I could i would take a massage session with Vanessa everyday :) . She puts an afford and make sure client is feeling better during and after each session. So far I had 3 amazing massage sessions with her for body and face massage. It helped my aching muscles to relax.


White Massage and Fitness

7 reviews

4 years in business

7 hires on Bidvine

Greenwich, London SE8

Jean B. said "I suffer intractable tension/migraines and have been getting massage therapy over 15 yrs from dozens of therapists. Jessica has a medical background and is very knowledgeable in A&P. I have benefited from her expertise. I recommend!"


Sunny Gill

1 review

4 years in business

1 hire on Bidvine

Hammersmith and Fulham, London W12

Myra M. said "Sunny is such a great guy and very good therapist. He is very attentive and professional, I would strongly recommend him."

Combine strength with nutrition

In the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, it is easy to overlook nutrition. Then, when you try and figure out how to improve your nutrition you get bombarded with the latest fads. A nutrition professional can help you solve both of these problems. They receive training on how to solve dietary problems. This allows them to offer advice on a wide variety of diets. Learn More