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Jan 04, 2019

Maths is an essential topic to make your way through the world today. From simple addition and subtraction to more complicated calculations of weight and distance, knowing your stuff is simply necessary.

But for many, maths may be a difficult subject. People of all ages may struggle to use maths in their daily life. Perhaps they don’t know exactly how it works and get frustrated with a lack of knowledge. If this sounds like something you or your child needs help with, turning to a pro is the best way to gain the knowledge you need to make it far in life.


When looking at potential tutors, there are a lot of factors to consider. Many of these details will also influence the fee your tutor will charge for lessons, so it is essential that you choose the right person for your needs to ensure the best results. Read on for more information about what to communicate to a potential tutor to connect with the right person.

Type of Math

A good tutor will be trained in a range of maths, making them well-equipped to handle teaching the subject. But perhaps you aren’t sure what it is you are seeking help with.

Arithmetic or general maths is a common area to need some help in. These basic principles are essential for further study, so it’s important to have a good handle on it. It includes the basics of counting and functions like addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division.

Arithmetic involves both whole numbers and fractions. It segues into pre-algebra as more complex formulas and equations are introduced.

Algebra then introduces letters in place of numbers in equations to further complicate your mathematical equations as you seek to discover the answer of the unknown. But with an improved understanding, you will know exactly what x + y will equal.

Geometry deals with the study of points, lines, surfaces and shapes and will teach you how to calculate an answer to gain a missing answer. Trigonometry deals with the measurement of angles, furthering what you’ll learn in geometry to make even more interesting things possible.

Pre-calculus will introduce series and sequences, probability, statistics, limits, and derivatives. This begins some of the more complex maths that is commonly found in many careers. Calculus will continue with many of these topics but will emphasise different parts of these calculations to provide even more useful maths. 

But all of these subjects rely on a foundational basic understanding of maths, so it’s very important you work with a tutor if you wish to improve your knowledge and skills.

Motivations & Goals

Your goals are one of the most important details when it comes to your lessons and locating the right instructor. No matter what your reasons, you want to reach them! Communicating what you want will ensure your instructor creates a lesson plan that suits. Maybe you are hoping for a tutor’s help to improve school grades with extra focus. This is an achievable goal with a tutor, one that many will select.

Tutoring can certainly help boost confidence for anyone who is struggling with math. Perhaps your child could use some extra help to improve their skills. This applies in any type of maths and works well for general improvements. Tutoring can also be helpful to prepare for a big test or upcoming exams like the GCSEs. After all, when you know your skills are the best they can be, you will feel ready for anything!

Specialised study with a reputable tutor can also increase a student’s knowledge in new topics. Advanced maths can be a challenge for many, but with a tutor’s dedication, even complex subjects can be mastered. Choosing a tutor means setting your own pace with these topics for something that works for you, so you can proceed as quickly or methodically as you’d like without being held to a class schedule. This helps to improve your grades on all levels.

Experience of Student

Your tutor will also need to know about the student’s level of experience to plan out appropriate lessons. For a school-age student, you can pass on the age or school year so a professional tutor can assess their current progress against common milestones. Not only does this help your tutor determine where your student should be academically, they can devise a plan so these goals are met.

But people past the age of school may also be interested in advancing their maths skills and knowledge. Someone who left school early may be searching for employment and looking achieve a maths GCSE in order to do so. Or perhaps someone is switching careers and needs a bit of a refresher in maths. In any  case, it is important to pass on the level of experience a student has going in to ensure lessons are customised to fit.

Frequency & Length of Lessons

Like any skill, improving your maths will require dedicated time to practice and hone your abilities. A consistent schedule will ensure you are taking the time to work on your skills to see improvements. It’s most important that the timing you choose works with your other commitments so you are putting the right time in.

For beginning students, tutoring sessions can be set up a few times a week. Shorter sessions will break concepts down into easily digestible portions so you can put what you’re learning into practice with questions. But if you can only commit to once a week or every two weeks, don’t worry! Your tutor will recommend additional practice at home to ensure what you are learning sticks. And if you aren’t sure that you are getting the tutoring hours you need, you can ask your teacher what they recommend to help you reach your goals.

Experience of Tutor

Your maths tutor needs to be an expert in the subject in order to make them qualified to teach you. Examine their Bidvine profile to see how much experience and education they have to gauge if they will be a good fit for you. For younger students, this may not need to be as extensive as for older students. But they should have passed their levels with excellent marks to indicate they are ready to teach.

You may also wish to inquire about hearing from previous students. These reviews can give you an idea of where other students started and where they ended up! You will want to see that your tutor’s teaching has resulted in significant improvement. Much like reviews, testimonials can help you learn about a tutor’s teaching style and their ability to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand so your student is sure to gain confidence and skill.


Start your search for local pros, either close to your home, office, or your child’s school. You will need a place to meet, and most of these locations make it easy to fit tutoring in to your current schedule thanks to the convenience. Many tutors will have multiple students, and this can also make it easier to meet with them at the right time.

Local tutors will also use the current cost of living to calculate the rate. When you choose a pro locally, you get local prices.  this can help keep the cost in line with your expectations and ensure you are finding the right fit.

Having a pro located close to you makes it easier to make regular lessons and improve. While you can find someone who is a bit further away to work with, you are adding extra time to travel on either them or yourself. This can drive up the cost and make it more difficult to focus on learning.

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Maths can be a complicated subject, but finding a qualified teacher doesn’t have to be. Use Bidvine to find the right tutor to help you improve your maths skills. Simply answer a few questions and submit a free request for bids. Bidvine will sort through bids from eager experts to find you the right person to help you learn this subject and improve your confidence.

Maths Tutors near you


M74 Van Services

(15 reviews)

24 hires on Bidvine

Rutherglen, South West Scotland G73 1UG

Janice H.Verified Review

Brian did a fantastic job! He met me at Ikea to collect the furniture and made it back to my house before me! He was professional, personable , efficient and punctual . I am very happy with the service he provided and would most certainly recommend him wholeheartedly to any future customers. Thank you Brian .


One Photo at a Time

(2 reviews)

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP19 9PY


I am an award winning photographer with over 40 years experience. I've been photographing animals since the long hot summer of 1976 and now combine my passion for taking photos with teaching the next generation of award winning photographers. I travel to you and shoot in either my portable photographic studio, or out in the environment. My basic fee of £50 includes travelling expenses for venues up to 50 miles travel from home (HP19) and a 10x8 inch print. Shoots usually take about 90 minutes or so so that your pet relaxes and I can get the best possible images. I do not try to pressure you into buying on the day. All the edited photographs will be posted on my secure website for you to select your favourite images at your leisure, and my print prices are very reasonable, starting at only £15 for additional 10x8 inch prints (other sizes are available of course).


Mx Jade Valentine

(1 review)

8 hires on Bidvine

Harrow, North West London HA1 3TP

Carol B.Verified Review

Jade was a pleasure to interview, has a vast range of skills and abilities and also has an impressive background with fantastic experience backed up with immense knowledge in a; areas of music. Jade will be taking 1"2"1 singing lessons and coaching the children for their exams in Rock School, Trinity, ABRSM and LAMDA, They will be assessed by Jade as to which exam they should should take We are really looking forward to working with Jade at 360 Arts.


Sara Weintraub

(1 review)

3 hires on Bidvine

West Hampstead, North West London NW6 1DN


Highly qualified Postgraduate tutors English Literature and English Language to A level from primary. I have the CELTA qualification and teach English as a Foreign Language and French to A level from primary level. Maths, English and French primary and other subjects. Dissertation editing and help with essay writing at university.


Michalis Michaelides

(1 review)

2 hires on Bidvine

Rochester, Kent ME2 4GF

Lucy C.Verified Review

Michalis is very passionate about what he does which naturally ignites the enthusiasm to learn. Excellent work Michalis, keep up the good work 😉


Izabela Derdun

(1 review)

2 hires on Bidvine

Hampton, South West London TW12 2AX


I am a highly qualified EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher with a DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge University. DELTA is the level 7 qualification, recognised internationally as the highest professional English Teaching qualification (the same as Master's). My love of English language led me to obtain to degrees: Linguistics with English Language Teaching (2:1) and English Language and Literature (2:1). I have an extensive experience in teaching students of all levels and nationalities, from complete beginners to highly advanced students preparing to enter university courses. I have taught both in a classroom setting ( in a variety of language schools in the UK and abroad) and privately. I have also worked in primary and secondary state schools in the UK teaching EAL (English as Another Language) to newly-arrived students. In this role I have not only taught them general English language skills but also taught mainstream curriculum topics required in English, Maths and Science so I am more than able to help in all these subjects if required up to the GCSE level. Especially Maths, which is my biggest interest and love apart from English. I am based in South-West London in Richmond borough and would prefer to conduct lessons in or around this area when possible, however I can be flexible at an expense. All my lessons can be tailored to your specific needs and they can be offered on a regular or flexible basis depending on my availability. Discounts apply if you sign up for lesson packages. The length and the frequency of lessons can be adjusted to your individual needs and circumstances. I am equally happy to teach individual students as well as small groups. Please feel free to contact me to ask any questions you may have if you think you would be interested. I cannot wait to meet you and help. Izabela

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We analyse and update our price guidance for jobs based on thousands of bids from Bidvine professionals. Our Price Guides help you see what other people have paid for projects like yours.
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