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£30 - £45

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£30 - £45  National average range
£30 - £45



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How much does a man with a van cost?

Jun 02, 2020

In the UK, man with a van services cost an average of £70 to £160. Depending on the particulars of your project this price estimate could vary. For a custom cost estimate based on your moving project simply submit a free request to get bids from top local man with a van services.

Man With a Van Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£70
UK National Maximum Cost£160
UK National Average Cost£110
Average Range£70 - £160

Included in This Price Guide

About Man With a Van Services

Are you planning on moving house? Then you might find yourself asking - how much does it cost to move house? If so you're in the right place! This guide takes a look at the price factors which influence moving house costs and how much it costs to hire professional movers so that you can create a comprehensive budget. 

Moving can be stressful but creating a budget for the cost of moving house in the UK doesn't have to be! In our handy chart above you can quickly see the average costs for hiring a man with a van across the UK. Then simply pop in your postcode to get specific moving house costs for your area.

Considerations For Man With a Van Hire Near Me

This section covers all the moving costs to consider before you pack up and head to your new home! Completing a move on your own may seem like a plausible idea before you start. Yet, in reality, it can be stressful, overwhelming and more than difficult to coordinate. That’s where a man with a van professional comes in. Working with a man with a van professionals will ensure your move flows smoothly from start to finish. They're expertise and efficiency makes your house moving fees entirely worth it. In fact, hiring a man with a van is a must for every moving house checklist!

When you do set out to hire an expert, be sure to keep these considerations in mind so that you can plan your budget appropriately.

Amount of Furniture

Typical moving costs will also be influenced by the amount of furniture. In fact, one of the first aspects which will come into play here is the amount of furniture you need to transport. Naturally the more furniture you have to move, the longer the process will take. This will, in turn, be reflected in the cost.

Type of Furniture

It is important to ask your man with a van professional ahead of time, precisely what furniture they transport. Some items, like pianos, may need to be transported by specialised movers, like piano movers. These larger items can be especially awkward and heavy to transport so it is important you hire the movers with the right training.

Number of Floors

Fees for moving house will be influenced by the number of floors you have as well. Are you moving out of a flat or are you moving out of a three-story house? The more floors you have the more furniture you will likely have. Not to mention that navigating furniture down multiple levels of stairs will be quite a bit more difficult. So, if you have multiple stories in your home, you should expect the moving cost to be somewhat higher than if you were to move out of a flat.

Number of Movers

The larger your move, the more movers you will need. In especially large moves these extra movers are key to the efficiency and overall success of the move. For instance, household moving costs and the cost of moving house to a new location will require more movers than just moving one or two items. However, you should keep in mind that these additional movers will factor into the cost.

Size of Van

Just as the number of movers and the overall size of the move can affect the cost, so can the size of the van. It is often more efficient to move all of your furniture together in a single vehicle. If you have a substantial amount of furniture this vehicle will need to be larger to accommodate all of it. If you expect that due to the quantity of furniture you have that you will need a larger van then plan ahead for this in your budget.

Time & Moving House Quotes

On average, when a professional mover is in charge it will take approximately 6 hours to complete a move. Keep in mind, however, that this can vary quite a bit based on the size and complexity of your move. For a more precise estimate and timeline speak with your professional directly.

Location & How To Hire a Man and Van Near Me

With Bidvine finding a man with a van near me is simple. To get started you simply need to submit a free request which specifies where you are moving from and moving to. 

Depending on your location, this could impact man and van prices as areas with a higher cost of living also generally have higher rates. To find a man and van hire in keeping with rates you are familiar with look for professionals in your area. They will often charge rates which are in line with cost of living you are used to.

Distance Traveled By The Van And Man

When considering the cost of moving home,  it is also important to account for the distance the moving van hire will need to travel to complete the move. The further you need to move, the more fuel you will need to consume. These transportation costs will then be included in the cost estimate you receive from your professional. If you are moving quite an extensive distance, budget for this ahead of time.

Removals are another important factor to consider. For best estimates on how much removal costs are when moving house it is best to contact a professional directly! They'll give you a custom price based on your removals plans.

Moving DistanceAverage Hourly Rate
Local Removals (Under 50 miles)£45
Long Distance Removals£50

Experience of Man and Van Removals Drivers

Experience can also play a role in the amount your van and man hire charges. Seasoned professionals and removal men with years of experience will know the in’s and out’s of most moving situations. As with any profession, their rates and moving quotes may be higher as a result of this experience. In contrast, budding professionals who are looking to gain experience will likely have more cost-effective rates.

No matter whether you opt to hire a seasoned or budding professional it is important to ask for reviews. Reviews from previous customers will give you an idea of their professional style.

That way you will know if they are a good fit for your move.

There are two simple ways to find these reviews. First, you can pop over to their Bidvine profile to see reviews posted by past clients. Alternatively, you can ask them directly for their references. Serious professionals will gladly offer you references and reviews pertaining to their previous work.


Overall while it may be tempting to approach your move on your own, it is always best to hire a professional. They have the skills and expertise to tackle your project efficiently. When you hire a mover you won’t believe how easy moving can actually be.

To make your next move even easier we've also put together a moving checklist PDF. This printable checklist for moving house is a handy way to ensure you remember every detail from packing to setting up internet and switching your mailing address.

If you’re ready to hire a man with a van pop over to the Bidvine request form. Submit a request for free and receive bids from local man with a van professionals to get a quote for how much moving house will cost for you. Then compare removals quotes to find the best professional for the job.

Do you have a few items you want to recycle or move on before you move? Easily find a top rubbish removal expert in your area!