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How much does logo design cost?

May 13, 2020

Prices for logo design in the UK generally range from £75 to £240. While this is the national average, individual costs could vary depending on the particulars of your logo design project, such as the length of time it will take to complete the design.

No business is complete without a logo! But you may also want a logo for an organisation or another project you're working on. It's a great idea to hire a pro to help. They can create the perfect logo to fit your needs. The total cost of your logo will depend on how many hours go into creating the final product.

Logo Design Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£75
UK National Maximum Cost£240
UK National Average Cost£150
Average Range£75 - £240

Included in This Price Guide

Considerations For How to Make a Logo

Custom Logo Ideas

If you have an idea for your logo already, fantastic! Make sure to let your logo designer know so you can discuss your ideas. Your own rough designs or sketches can help at this stage of the process.

But what if you don't have an idea prepared? Don't worry! Your logo designer is there to help. Bring samples of logos you like, or pick out colours for your design. Then, your designer can create mockups to help you figure out the direction you'd like to go in!

What The Logo Represents

Coming up with an idea for your logo can be tough. If you're still searching for ideas for your logo, why not use your business for inspiration?

The type of company you have can give you a good starting place for creating a company logo design. You can even use the products you sell or the services you offer in your logo! 

You can also look at your industry to see what your competitors' logos look like to make sure your style fits in. Your logo designer can also offer advice about colours and styles to suit your business. 

Number of Logo Versions When Designing a Logo

As you work with your designer, remember to discuss the final product. Let them know where you plan to use the logo so they can create a great design for you!

If you need to use your logo in different places, it needs to be created in different formats.

Make sure to ask your designer for horizontal and vertical versions.  This way, you won't have to force your logo into a space it just won't fit!

If you would like multiple designs to choose from but ultimately just want one design, keep in mind that these extra variations take time to make and will add to the final cost.

A text logo can be an eye-catching way to brand your business. After all, with your name in the logo, everyone will be able to find your business! Your pro will use a unique font for your logo design.

If you choose an image, it should be unique. Choose an image that relates back to what the company or organisation does. You want viewers to recognize it and connect it to your business! The logo designer can also create an image out of your business name or initials. This is a great way to get a unique design.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Logo?

The time it takes to complete your logo will depend on what you need. If you have ideas in hand, it may not take your designer long at all to bring them to life.

You'll need to allow time so you can review the design and make sure it's perfect. Then, your pro can make the necessary tweaks so that you’re sure to be thrilled with your new logo!

Need help coming up with ideas for your logo? Give your designer more time for these extra steps! They'll work hard on the design process to deliver great ideas.


An experienced logo designer can create a logo that will pop and make your project a snap! They'll be able to guide you through the process so you don't worry about a thing.

Before you hire a pro, take a look through their online presence to be sure they fit your needs. They may have a profile showing their training and education. Or there may even be a portfolio with samples of their work!

Check to see if any previous clients have left reviews of the pro's work. This way, you'll know they'll be well suited for your project!

Location - Hire a Logo Designer Online or In-Person

If you want to meet with your pro to discuss your logo plans, make sure you find someone local! This way, a face to face meeting is easy to set up.

However, your logo can also be designed remotely with online logo design offered by an online logo maker. You can conveniently connect with the professional you've hired for logo design online through Bidvine, which will make the process of working with an online logo maker a breeze. Then, once you're both happy with the design your logo designer can send the finished logo to you as a digital file.

When you choose your pro, remember hourly rates are based on their area's average. A pro that comes from a larger city may charge higher rates to account for a higher cost of living. Choosing a local pro will make sure you get rates on par with your area's costs.  

Cost Comparison of Popular Business Services

Once you've found a great logo creator online or in-person then you should also consider some of these other projects which can help you boost business, many of which are also offered online.

ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
CV Writing£50
Web Design£45
Web Content Writing£20




Your logo speaks for your company or organisation. So it's important that you have a well-designed image. Whether you have a business or a project, a logo can be the perfect way to stand out.

A logo designer can turn your ideas into reality and design a logo that will stand out whether you're hiring an online logo creator or an in-person logo designer. You'll end up with a great design that works on your website or is ready for print.

Find a great pro today to create your logo! Answer a few survey questions and Bidvine will help connect you with top-notch logo designers and get your logo design project cracking!