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How much does interior painting cost?

Mar 06, 2020

The general rate that interior painters and decorators charge is around £16 per hour in the UK. An interior painter can help you paint a room, from ceilings to walls. The average total cost for a painting and decorating project is then around £300 to £1100. However, depending on the factors below the average price for how much it costs to paint a room, or tackle other interior painting projects could run higher.

Are you wondering how much home interior painting costs while preparing the budget for your next home improvement project? Then you're in the right place! This painting and decorating price guide takes a look at the factors which influence apartment, bungalow and house painting costs to help you get set for your project.

Interior Painting and Decorating Costs

UK National Minimum Hourly Cost£14
UK National Maximum Hourly Cost£18
UK National Average Hourly Cost£16
Average Range£14 - £18

Included in This Price Guide

Considerations When Budgeting For The Cost to Paint a Room

House painting and decorating costs can be influenced by several factors. This section looks a further look at how these top things can influence your painting project. Plus, it also includes some top house painting tips so you can ensure your painting project will go smoothly.

How do Painters Price a Job?

To provide insight into the factors which influence decorating costs, we went straight to the professionals! According to professional painter and decorator Constantin, these are the top considerations for professionals when pricing their work.

"The main thing that goes into pricing a decorating project is the type of decoration that needs to be done - painting, wallpaper fitting or removing, coving fitting etc. Then, another important aspect is the area and surface condition which needs to be decorated. After these come the number of colours and choice between the dark and light colour (for painting)."

Type of Paint

You should ask your painter about the type of paint and materials they will use. High-quality primers and paints will give you better results and last longer. When you choose high-quality paint, you won’t need to repaint as frequently. While it might seem expensive at first, it’s durability will prove cost-effective in the long run. 

The type of paint will also depend on the surface you plan to paint. For instance, interior walls will require different paint than MDF or skirting boards. To get advice on the best paint for your project, it's best to ask your interior painter. They can take into account your painting requirements and provide a top recommendation.

When it comes to types of paint, there also the painting method to consider. While some types of paint are best applied with a roller brush, others adhere the best with a spray painting technique. The price of these paints will vary. When creating your budget be sure to create a price list that compares these material costs.

Do Initial Repairs and Preparation Affect Painting Quotes?

One of the biggest factors that can influence the cost of an interior painting project is the condition of your surfaces. If you are working with uneven, cracked, or water damages that have led to mould in walls and ceilings, they will need to be fixed and prepared before they can be painted. 

Depending on the extent of the repair work needed you may want to consider working with a trades professional first before you move onto painting and decorating.

If they are minor repairs then a painter will often be able to make these repairs to your plasterwork. However, these repairs can still add extra charges as they will require more materials and additional time to the project. You can save yourself some money by completing these repairs yourself.

Even newly plastered walls, especially those that haven't yet been treated will need some preparation before painting. For instance, preparing the right mist coat ratio can ensure that your paint lasts longer.

If you currently have wallpaper on your walls, before you begin painting you'll need to decide whether you want to remove it or paint over the wallpaper.

Even if your surfaces are in a good condition, you can still speed up the process and save money by removing furniture ahead of time. If you don’t remove the furniture from the room yourself, your painters will need to do so. This will then be added to the cost of the project.

So to reduce costs remove any furniture and cover anything you can’t move like a piano, with a drop cloth.

Always focus on quality

Painting and decorating is an investment in your home. A skilled painter can transform a room with ease. So, when you are looking to hire a painter, you should always prioritise quality over price. An experienced painter with great reviews and references will be able to provide you with a top quality service.

This experience and quality service will make the average labour cost for interior painting well worth it. After all, with a top professional, the job will be done right, the first time!

How Much do Decorators Charge Based on Time?

Number of Rooms and Painter and Decorator Costs

The time it takes to complete a painting and decorating project typically depends on the size of the job. A single room will, of course, be much faster to paint than an entire house or flat. As a result, the average cost of interior painting for a more extensive project will also be higher.

Painting and Decorating Price List For The Cost to Paint a Room

Are you curious about how much it costs to paint a room? Wondering how much you should pay a painter per room? Then look no further! Below we have a handy chart that compares the price for painting a room considering varying project sizes.

Keep in mind that these average prices for painting are estimates only. The cost to paint multiple rooms can vary depending on the size of the rooms as well. To approximate how much it costs to paint a house interior or flat, add the costs together based on the number of rooms in the chart below.

If you plan to paint multiple rooms your painter may also be able to offer you a custom pricing plan. The best way to find the exact cost for your painting project is always to contact your professional directly.

How Much To Paint a Room In The UK

Number of Medium Sized Rooms
Average Cost to Paint a Room
£190 - £300
£380 - £600
£570 - £900

Cost to Paint Different Areas of Your Room

Area of RoomAverage Cost
Windows (Window Frames)£150 - £200
Bedroom£190 - £300
Hallway, Landing, and Stairs£500 - £700
Skirting Boards£100 - £200
Ceilings£250 - £400

Painter and Decorators' Day Rates

As an alternative to offering rates based on the price to paint a room, some painter and decorators may offer a day rate. This will entirely depend on the professional's pricing system and the extent of the project.

In some cases, the average price for painting a room may align with the painter and decorator's day rate. Depending on the project it could take approximately a day to paint the room in which case the price would likely be similar to the cost to paint a room.

If you have any questions about your professional's particular pricing system whether by hour, day, or room simply ask them to clarify. A professional painter will be clear and transparent about painting prices for work completed.

Number of Coats of Paint

Even for basic painting and decorating jobs, such as painting a small room in a loft, you need to factor in the cost of preparation, including the number of paint coats you'll need to apply when budgeting for the overall cost to paint a room. For the best results, most painters recommend applying two coats of your desired colour.

The first coat needs time to dry before the painter can apply a second coat. The drying time will depend on what type of paint has been applied, and how well ventilated the room is. Under optimum conditions, latex paint should be ready for a second coat after four hours.

However, oil-based paints will take at least 24 hours to be ready. So, bare this in mind when you are calculating your budget for this project. Often you will need to schedule a minimum of two visits.

How Are Painter and Decorator Prices Influenced By Location?

The location of your apartment or house will also influence rates which your painter and decorator charges. The rates that your interior painter charges will be understandably influenced by the cost of living, the price of transportation and the rates of their competitors. If your home is in an area with a higher cost of living then you should reasonably expect that the rate for how much a professional costs will be higher as well.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a House Interior Considering Experience?

As with any other profession, professional interior painting costs are influenced by the experience level of your painter. The cost that an interior painter who has been working in the home improvement industry for several years charges to paint a room will differ from a new interior painter who has just begun taking on clients.

A painter and decorator who has been in the industry for years will have extensively proven their skills and expertise. This will be reflected in the ratings and reviews on their profile.  On the other hand, a new painter who is seeking experience to make a name for themselves will likely charge less.

Whether you choose to hire a seasoned professional or a budding expert be sure to ask for references. No matter who you hire it is a good idea to look at their previous work to see if they are a good fit for your project.

Painting and Decorating The Details

Last but certainly not least a factor which will inevitably affect the cost to paint a room, and as well as the cost complete all the painting and decorating aspects of your project, is the details you need to tend to.

When you go to paint a room, there is more involved than just painting the walls. Depending on when you last painted the ceiling, this may also need to be done. Otherwise, the fresh paint on your walls will highlight the age of your ceiling paint in an unfavourable light.

Then, there is also the trim or skirting boards to tend to. If they are in good shape then they can be painted straight away. However, if they are a tad on the rough side the cost of repairs will add to the total project cost.

Once they are in top-shape then they will need to be painted as well. Oftentimes, you will need to purchase a separate accent paint to cover these effectively. Yet, in the end, paying attention to details like this will be worth it. A fresh coat of paint along your skirting boards can add a polished touch to any room.

Getting a Quote For Home Interior Painting

When you're all set to begin your home interior painting project, then it's time to compare quotes for the cost of painting. To ensure you receive the most accurate pricing quote for your project you'll want to keep these three things in mind:


An interior painter will use the room measurements you provide when preparing their quote for your project. Sharing the measurements of the room or area of your home you'd like to paint will help your professional to calculate approximate material costs and labour costs. 

When you submit a request be sure to include this for the most accurate price estimate. If you aren't able to take the measurements yourself, inquire instead if the painter is able to come out for an initial visit to prepare the estimate.

Time Frames

If you need the work completed fast you'll need to share this information with your interior painter. Informing them of how soon you would like the work to begin or be completed is a great first step towards planning. From there they can advise you based on their availability and the scope of the work how these initial time frames could work out.


Flexibility is essential to any home improvement project. Sometimes in the middle of a project, the need for a repair could arise. In this case, both the initial costs and time frames could fluctuate. To ensure everyone is on the same page, speak to your interior painter ahead of time about plans for unexpected repairs and how that could impact costs.

Are you planning out additional home improvements for your house or apartment? Keep in mind that the rate for indoor painters will often vary from outdoor painting work, due to the differing conditions. So if you are planning both an indoor and outdoor painting project be sure to ask your painters for specific quotes for each aspect of the project.

Home Improvement Service
Average Hourly Rate
Exterior Painting
Wallpaper Removal


A painting and decorating project is a top way to refresh any home whether you reside in a house, apartment, or bungalow and update the atmosphere! When you choose a durable paint that will last for several years, it is also an investment. Investing a bit in the cost to paint a room will help you out in the long run. Down the line, if you choose to sell your home, buyers will appreciate the care you took to keep it in top shape.