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How much does general carpentry cost?

Mar 12, 2020

On average, general carpentry in the UK costs around £20 to £25 per hour. However, it is always important to speak with your carpentry services professional about this. Considering the wide array of projects which carpenters tackle, the hourly and total cost could vary.

General Carpentry Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£20
UK National Maximum Cost£25
UK National Average Cost£22
Average Range£20 - £25

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If you're looking to make changes around your home that involve working with wood, you should hire a local carpenter. Whether you need to fix a loose piece of trim or you are looking for a more drastic improvement a carpentry expert is a top choice.

General carpenters are skilled woodworkers and have experience in a variety of applications from floors to furniture. Most carpentry relies on a basic set of skills which your carpenter may choose to build upon by specialising. For instance, some carpenters have a gift for wood repair, building new structures or making furniture. Keep in mind that if you would like a speciality material, you may need to look for a carpenter who has experience working with it.


The length of time it takes to complete your project is another consideration to keep in mind. This is especially true if you are on a tight timeline or facing time constraints. Most general carpentry projects tend to take about 13 hours to complete. Keep in mind that this will depend on the complexity of the project and the pre-arranged timeline you and your carpenter agree upon.

Types of Carpentry

There are a number of different projects around your home which a professional carpenter can help you tackle. Over the course of the project, your carpenter may work with unfinished wood, like the timber it takes to build a new wall in a conversion.

Then again they may work with finished wood like the wood used to install a shelf in your office. You can rest assured that they will take care of your home, whether you are adding something new or repairing it.


One way carpentry can optimise your home storage space is through the installation of shelving. Shelving can be used inside a wardrobe or storage closet, or decorative shelving can be used in a living room or office. You could even install shelving in a pantry to maximise your storage space!

If you install wooden shelving, choose a finish that works with your decorating style. Wood can be custom-stained to match existing furnishings or as an accent. Closet systems can be custom-fitted into the wooden structure of your room.


Installing decking is a great way to take advantage of your outdoor space by turning it into living space! Whether you add a large area for relaxing and enjoying the temperate seasons or opt for a smaller space, decking will certainly help to define your outdoor space.

Although it can be a quick project to put up decking, it's still important to keep an eye on quality. Your general carpenter must ensure the decking is properly supported and fastened correctly to the exterior walls of your home. Enlist the help of a professional to make sure your new decking is safe for outdoor living.


If you plan on adding living space through a basement or loft conversion, you'll need general carpentry to take care of framing in the new walls or closing in the space. Then, if you're renovating an existing room in your older home, you may need to replace the framing for exterior walls or build a frame for the new walls.


When building stairs, it is important to hire a professional. Structural changes are nothing to be taken lightly. So, if you plan to move your stairway it is best to hire a carpenter to install them securely.

Carpentry can also give your stairs an entirely new look. This is especially true if you'd like to move away from the traditional tread-and-riser format and towards a more minimalist look with floating treads instead.

Do you need some repairs on your stairs? A carpenter can also repair stair treads if you've discovered a squeak or a loose board.


From headboards to end tables, carpenters can build amazing furniture with differing degrees of complexity. Just imagine how your a built-in bookcase could transform your room!

With a custom build from a carpenter, you can get the exact finish and structure you want in a piece built to size. You can also be assured of a solid structure that will last for years to become a treasured piece thanks to hand-crafted construction.

If you have some repairs which need to be taken care of, a carpenter can assist with these as well.

Cost Comparison of Popular Carpentry Services

Carpentry ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Furniture Refinishing£17
Cabinet Repair£23
Finish Carpentry£30
General Carpentry£20
Fine Woodworking£20


Good carpenters will have their own tools to use on the job, from small manual hand tools like planes and chisels to power tools like routers and table saws. Regardless of the method, they prefer your carpenter should come equipped for the task at hand.

When budgeting for your project, be sure to allow for the material cost as well as anticipated labour. Your budget should always account for materials and supplies. Some of these materials may include nails or screws, sanding equipment, paint or stain, or the most important of all, the raw wood used for the project.

Don't forget to allow for extra labour costs if you have a material that is more challenging to work with. Challenging materials will also require extra time to work with so factor this into your budget as well.

Painting or Staining

Often the final step in your carpentry project, is treating the surface with paint or stain. Make sure you include your expectations for the final project when you're working out costs with your carpenter. Different types of finishes require different types of preparation for painting. The cost of these can also vary.

Paint gives a smooth, clean finish with even coverage. It's a good choice for many different types of projects. It can help hide a repair made of a different material than the original finish or eliminate the look of wood grain. Paint comes in many colours and types designed to work with a variety of surfaces.

Stain is another popular treatment for wood. Stain augments the natural graining in wood and is an excellent choice when working with a beautiful wood like oak, walnut, or mahogany. These types of woods look rich with stain.

No matter whether you choose a paint or stain, keep an eye out for balance price and quality. The better the quality of paint you choose, the longer it will last to effectively preserve the wood.


Carpentry is a brilliant way to improve your home or to help maintain its good looks. Finding a good carpenter at the right price is an important consideration for your project. Whether you're installing custom cabinets for a kitchen renovation or looking for the perfect piece of furniture to complete your custom interior design, a general carpenter will complete your project to the highest standards.

Whether you are looking for a general carpenter for a big project or a little fix, Bidvine can help connect you with a top-notch carpenter. Submit a free request for bids and get started on your project today!