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£50 - £110

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£50 - £110  National average range
£50 - £110



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How much does IKEA furniture assembly cost?

Jun 05, 2020

On average it costs about £50 to £100 complete a furniture assembly project. However, this can vary depending on the number of items you need to be assembled and the complexity of assembling these items. For a precise estimate for your furniture assembly project, it is always best to talk to your furniture assembly professional directly.

IKEA Assembly Service UK Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£50
UK National Maximum Cost£100
UK National Average Cost£75
Average Range£50 - £100

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Considerations For IKEA Furniture Assembly

How Will The Price Be Determined?

Professional IKEA Furniture Assemblers have extensive experience with IKEA furniture assembly. They can usually assemble your new flatpack furniture relatively quickly. This is often the case even if you lose the instructions.

However, given that many IKEA Furniture Assemblers charge hourly rates, it is best to have the instructions handy. Providing the full instructions and all the self-assembly furniture pieces will ensure that the project flows smoothly. If your furniture assembler charges by the hour, this will help to reduce costs.

How Many Items do You Need to Assemble?

Do you have several pieces of flatpack furniture to assemble to update your home with a new interior design look? Then your furniture assembler may be able to offer you a discounted rate. Some IKEA assembly professionals offer special discounted rates on multiple items.

So, if you have just moved house or if you are renovating, save up the flatpack furniture that you need to assemble. Then when your furniture assembler arrives they can tackle multiple pieces at once. This can be more cost-effective than hiring someone to tend to several smaller jobs on separate occasions.

Prepare Ahead of Time For Your IKEA Assembly Service

The best way to speed up the assembly process and save money is to prepare ahead of time. Before your assembler arrives, gather the product name and number and the IKEA assembly instructions.

Your flatpack furniture should come with particular instructions for each piece. These instructions will guide your professional on how to correctly assemble each component.

If you lose these instructions at the very least hunt around for the product name and number. These are usually located on the packaging. Once you've found this you may be able to find instructions online.

Another way to prepare is by ensuring that the space they'll be assembling and placing the furniture is clean and that any old furniture that's destined for rubbish removal is out of the way. That way they won't need to clean or move items out of the way. Instead, they can get started on the project immediately!

The more prepared you are the fewer delays your assembler will encounter. As a result, they will be able to finish assembling your furniture faster, saving you money.

How Long Will IKEA Installation & Assembly Take?

On average it takes most professionals around 4.5 hours to complete a flatpack assembly project. However, this can vary based on the complexity of the project and how prepared you are. For a more accurate estimate of how long your assembly project will take, it is best to speak with your professional.

Flat Pack Assembly Prices & Type of Furniture

Are you installing a wardrobe and in need of wardrobe fitters and an IKEA wardrobe assembly service? How about flat pack builders to put together a bookcase or side table? Considering hiring garden shed assemblers for a recent outdoor flat pack shed purchase? Recently purchased a bed or IKEA kids bed and need bed assembly services to put it together for a good night's sleep? The length of time it takes to complete the project will vary for these projects.

Some pieces of flatpack furniture are more complex than others when it comes to assembly. For instance, a bookcase or wardrobe can be quite a bit trickier than a bedside table. Some things will simply take more time and patience.

In these cases flat pack furniture assembly costs will naturally be higher due to the extra time needed to assemble the piece. For a clear idea of how long it will take flat pack builders to complete your project provide as much information as possible when you submit your request. This will help professional flat pack assembly services provide you with a more detailed estimate.

How Does Location Impact Furniture Assembly Service Costs?

The location where you live can also influence your furniture assembler's rates. If you live in an area where the cost of living is higher, you should expect higher rates. If transportation also costs more where you live, this will impact the rates as well. Similarly, if the cost of living and transportation is lower where you live, your professional's rate may also be lower as well. It can be helpful to search for flat pack assembly near me, as this will help you find professionals in your area who's cost of living and assembly service rates will be in line with your area.

Experience & Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Services

Has your furniture assembler been working in the furniture building industry for several years or did they just start out? Professionals with years of experience are more likely to have higher rates. Yet, their experience may have provided them with the skills to tackle your project faster. So, the total cost might not differ in the end. However, in the end, this depends on the complexity of your furniture.

No matter whether you choose to hire a new professional or a seasoned expert, do make sure to ask for reviews. This will help you determine if they are the best fit for your project.

Flat Pack Assembly Services in Summary

It’s undeniable that taking a DIY approach to self assembly furniture on your own can be highly stressful. Hiring a professional for IKEA furniture assembly is a great way to remove this stress entirely.

An expert furniture assembler will also ensure that your furniture stays in top shape. When you don’t put furniture together on a regular basis it is easy to slip or drop a piece while you are assembling it. If this happens you could end up with scuffs or scratches on your brand new furniture.

Instead of putting yourself through the stresses of furniture assembly, hire a flat pack assembly professional. Before you know it, your IKEA fitting services will have your new furniture all set for you to use without any of the hassles!