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£325 - £570

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£325 - £570  National average range
£325 - £570



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How much does event videography cost?

Sep 12, 2019

Event videography in the UK on average costs, £330 to £590. As this is an average this price range could vary depending on the particulars of your project. Some factors which could influence this cost include the length of the video and how much editing it will require. 

Videography is a great way to share the story of your event with others. When you hire a videographer they will usually edit the final product as well. They may charge an hourly rate for editing time or quote a complete cost.

However, as these are estimates, it is always best to contact your videographer directly for a quote. That way you know that all the variables of your project will be accounted for.

Event Videography Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£330
UK National Maximum Cost£590
UK National Average Cost£500
Average Range£330 - £590

Included in This Price Guide


Type of Event

The style of video will likely be influenced by the purpose of your event, so keep this in mind when describing your project to your videographer. For instance, the tone of a wedding video will be unique from that of a video filmed at a conference. The type of your event can influence the videography style to vary from casual to candid or a more formal format.

Whatever your taste, having a videographer you feel comfortable around is a must. They will be present during your special day, so it's important you like them! After all, when everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera you’ll get the best results.

When The Event is Hosted

If your event is taking place during a busy time of year, it can affect the cost to produce your video. Events during the holiday season, for example, may be subject to a higher hourly rate.

Then, a time-sensitive video which requires a quick turnaround to be ready on time may also result in higher costs in order to expedite production.

The time of year can also affect videographers' availability and rates. Most weddings are scheduled on weekends in warmer months. This means videographers may be in higher demand, this demand may, in turn, reflect in the rates your pro charges to film and edit.

Complexity of The Film

If you are recording a more complex video you should plan accordingly in your budget. More complex films are often more costly. This is especially true if your videographer needs extra help or equipment, expect to see a higher cost to cover it.

Depending on the style of your video, you might need extra cameras to cover different angles. Usually, there's one videographer for each camera. Remember to consider the hourly rate, of multiple professionals when calculating the cost for your project in this case.


Depending on the type of event you have, you may be looking for a videographer for a few hours or a full day. Weddings tend to run on the long side, but a few hours may cover a birthday or anniversary party. If you aren’t sure, inquire with a videographer.  Keep in mind that longer events will also give you more footage to choose from for your final video.

Remember that a videographer needs to arrive early to see the space and get set up. Allow time for them to get the best results!

When it comes to the finished product, it can take some time to deliver. If you have multiple videographers at your event, you can expect editing to take longer than single-camera work.

The quote you receive will usually include the cost of video editing, but to ensure everyone is on the same page it is best to ask.  Some videographers may also offer same-day editing for an additional cost.


Similar to a photographer, your videographer should have some pieces in their portfolio of their previous work. View some sample videos to see if their style fits your vision. Portfolio pieces are a great way to see what a professional is capable of. That way you can be assured your event will be in good hands.

Experience can influence the hourly cost as well. A more experienced videographer generally has higher rates than someone entering the field. They may also have studied videography to perfect their filming and editing techniques. This sort of experience is worth the extra cost.

Working with a videographer is more than just the final video. You’ll want to ask for reviews to learn more about what it’s like working with your professional. On Bidvine you can easily find these reviews on their profile. This allows you to see if the videographer is a good fit for you or for your project.

You'll be seeing a lot of your videographer during your event. This can be a stressful time, so find someone you are comfortable working with.


Some videographers offer a fixed rate to cover certain events instead of charging an hourly rate. A videography package may include a set number of filming hours and editing. It also includes DVD or digital footage of the final product.

Packages can be helpful and cost-effective for corporate events. Thanks to the event's schedule, you'll know how long a speaker or presentation will take. This makes it easy to book the appropriate package and time it correctly to keep costs down.


Once you've found a videographer, look at their area of operation. Is it in a bigger city or another place with a higher cost of living? This can influence their hourly rates. What seems high may actually be average for the area.

You might also need to consider how the location of your event influences the cost. A destination event can increase your costs, even if it’s within the same country. If you need your videographer to travel, remember to include room in the budget for any extra costs. Especially if the rates are higher at your destination!


There are many reasons you may want to preserve an event on video. A video can help you remember your celebrations for milestones like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. It can even help you share the event with those who can't join you in person.

Don’t forget that you’ll be busy on the day of as well. With a video, you can relive each moment, even the ones you weren't able to see for yourself.

Hiring a professional videographer will ensure you get high-quality video. You don't want to lose out on a memory of your wedding by leaving the videography up to chance.

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