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£55 - £125

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£55 - £125  National average range
£55 - £125



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How much does event hair and makeup cost?

Nov 19, 2019

On average the price of event hair and makeup ranges from £60 to £130, though a variety of factors can influence this cost. A hair and makeup artist will help you look your best for any special occasion! These pros are ready to help you get ready for any event. Whether one person or several needs hairstyling or makeup, a professional hair and makeup artist is the best way to go.

Event Hair and Makeup Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£60
UK National Maximum Cost£130
UK National Average Cost£75
Average Range£60 - £130

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Planning an event can be a great experience from organising delicious buffet catering to finding a great DJ that will have guests heading to the dance floor after dinner. Alongside a great dinner and top-notch DJ music, you'll want to feel your best for your event and that's where it can be handy to hire an event hair and makeup artist. 

Type of Event

Doing your own hair and makeup can be a hassle when you're getting ready for a special event. Perhaps you want to feel even better with the help of a pro!

You can also use a professional's experience in more specialised circumstances. Look great onstage in a fashion show or theatrical production. Their techniques will make you look stellar for a film, photoshoot, or video production as well.

A hair and makeup artist can help you get ready to attend a wedding ceremony whether as the bride, a bridesmaid or wedding guest, formal engagement, or a prom. You'll feel and look fantastic under their care.

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Type of Hair and Makeup Services

For some events, you'll want to get both your hair and makeup done. With the perfect hairstyle and flawless makeup, you'll be the life of the party!

You may also prefer to have a pro style your hair while you do your own makeup. If your pro is working on several people's hairstyles for an event, this can be a good way to save time.

The same applies if you need the touch of a pro for makeup. Style your own hair so you can take advantage of your pro's abilities. Let your pro know what you expect so you get what you need.

Style of Makeup

The type of event you're attending can dictate the type of makeup you choose. A natural and clean look will work for most casual gatherings. Attending a wedding? Think of a romantic and soft look or choose makeup to give you a gentle glow.

For fancier events, you may want to go with smoky eyes or bold lips! You can even choose a bold, glamorous look to feel truly special.

If you can, bring some sample photos of what you're hoping for. Your makeup artist can help you create the look of your dreams!

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Will You Need Additional Services?

Your hair and makeup plan may need a bit of help to get you the style you want. Looking for Hollywood glamour? Your pro can use fake lashes to pump up your look.

Your pro can let you know if you'll need to use specialised hair and makeup services. If you need to cover up a tattoo, mention it to your pro. They'll use makeup designed for the job.

Custom hairpieces can bring a hairstyle to life. Your pro could also recommend adding hair extensions or using a weave. Follow their advice to see the best results!


The amount of time your pro needs will vary on the type of work you need to have done. Give your pro more time to handle both hair and makeup. You'll also want to give them extra time if more than one person needs styling.

Do you want hair extensions or will your pro need to work with hair accessories? Remember that these complex styles will take longer to work with.

If you aren't sure how long it will take to get ready, ask your pro. It's important to plan so you aren't rushed before your event.


You'll want an expert to handle your hair and makeup needs. This way, you'll know they'll do an excellent job. Trained professionals can handle any style of hair or makeup. No matter what you'd like to request, your pro can help you create that look.

"Your artist will use their experience and knowledge of the craft to advise you as best they can to ensure you look and feel how you imagined, possibly better. I also say to my clients at the trial, just because the trial is done, doesn’t mean you can’t contact me. I am always on hand for any assistance, from the bridesmaids’ looks down to advice on lippy colours for the day." - Lorna, Professional Makeup Artist

Find out as much as you can about your pro to make sure you'll be comfortable working with them.

Some makeup artists have portfolios of their work. You can use this for inspiration. It's also a great way to be sure they are ready to handle your hair and makeup.

To see pictures of your professional’s previous work or check out reviews from past clients it’s best to pop onto their profile.


Many hair and makeup stylists will travel to your home to help you get ready. That way you'll be able to relax in the comfort of your own home. This can keep you from getting stressed before you have to leave for your event!

If you need to be on location such as a wedding venue, your pro should be able to meet you there. Make sure you have access to a space where they can set up to work.

Alternatively, some pros may have access to work in a salon. If you'd like to go to a salon for the preparation, ask your pro if this is an option.

If you're planning an event there are several factors to consider. To simplify planning for your event budget, we've gathered pricing for some of the top event services in the handy chart below.

Event ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Event Photography£100
Event Planning£40
Event Videography£300


You'll want to look great for your big event, but you might not have the time to get yourself ready. A professional hair and makeup artist can help you create the perfect style.

Find a qualified pro to handle your look. Whether your hair needs styling or you need help applying your makeup, you can trust the expertise of a professional.

Searching for a great event hair and makeup artist? Submit a free request for bids and let Bidvine connect you with trusted, local professionals who are ready to make sure you look great!