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£747 - £2263  National average range
£747 - £2263



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How much does full service catering cost?

Sep 06, 2019

In the UK the average cost range for full-service catering is £600 to £2700. Depending on the caterer, they may charge an hourly rate or flat rate for the complete catering services. Keep in mind that these averages may vary depending on the size of your event, the number of courses served, and the type of cuisine.

A full-service caterer is a perfect way to ensure your event is a complete success. No matter how big your event is or what you're celebrating, letting a caterer handle the meal can be a big help.

If you are looking to hire a caterer, you'll need to budget for the cost. This cost can run higher or lower depending on the size and style of your event.

Full-Service Catering Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£17
UK National Maximum Cost£20
UK National Average Cost£18
Average Range£17 - £20

Included in This Price Guide


When you search for a caterer for your event, make sure to find the service that fits your needs. Determine what you want from your caterer first to find the right one.

Type of Event

A caterer can take care of the meal whether you’re hosting a big or small event. Hiring a caterer can ease the stress of planning a huge or complex meal.

Some caterers may specialise in certain types of events. Are you planning something formal for your business or are you looking for wedding catering? Indicating the type can help you find the perfect match.

Host a sit-down dinner for anniversaries or birthday celebrations, or offer refreshments for a baby shower or party. Full-service caterers can make these events special. Let a caterer worry about the food while you coordinate everything else.

Type of Cuisine

Look for a caterer that offers the type of cuisine you plan to serve at your event. While some caterers may serve a few different styles, others specialise in one type of food.

Some types may be more costly than others, depending on the complexity of the dishes. If you aren't sure, ask a caterer for costs to compare.

You can choose the guest of honour's favourite cuisine. Will it be traditional British fare, or are you hoping to lay out a fantastic Italian style meal?

Other popular choices include Indian, French, or Chinese cuisine. No matter what choice you make, it's sure to be delicious.

Additional Dietary Considerations

When planning an event, it's important to make sure everyone has a great time. This means you'll want to inquire about any food allergies or dietary restrictions. That way, all of your guests will enjoy the delicious meal you're arranging.

Once you have a list of any special diets or allergies, pass the information on to your caterer. They'll need to work around any concerns with food preparation and this can add to the cost.

Your caterer will work out how to make guests aware of ingredients. Food dishes may list certain ingredients, or your caterer could offer special plates to those in need.

Presentation of Catered Food

With a full-service caterer, you can choose how the meal will be presented. As you coordinate the rest of your event, think about what will work best with your plans.

For smaller spaces, you may want to go with a plated meal. This way the catering crew does the moving about and your guests are free to enjoy their seated meal.

Buffet works well in a larger event space. Remember to leave room for the buffet line as well as room between tables to allow easy movement.

If you aren't designating a specific mealtime, choose a lineup of appetisers. This can work for events large and small.

Length of Event

The type of event can determine how long and how much the catering service will cost. 

A plated meal will take longer to serve and clean up than a buffet. It also means your caterer will have more servers around for a longer time, adding to the cost.

Meals with lots of courses will naturally take more work and more of your caterer's time.  Make sure you also allow a couple of hours for your caterer to set up and cleanup.  


Make sure the caterer you choose is qualified before you make a commitment. If they have a website for their business, read through to see what services they offer.

When you submit a request through Bidvine, you'll see professional caterers' profiles. Use this information to get to know these potential servers before you make a decision.

A caterer's Bidvine profile will also give you a chance to read reviews from previous clients. These can give you a better idea of your caterer’s cooking and plating style. That way you find the perfect fit for your event.


Most caterers expect to travel to the event venue and will work from there. Travel costs are usually included in their rates.

You may want to look for a local caterer for your event. Local services can be great to work with. The caterer may even already been familiar with your chosen venue!

Is your event held in a city or other area with a higher cost of living? Caterers working in these areas may charge more to cover costs. Those working from rural areas may list lower rates.

Get quotes to see any associated costs for a true cost comparison.


Hiring a caterer to plan the meal leaves you free to take up other duties as host. With a full-service caterer, you won't have to worry about setup, cooking or serving. The cleanup will also be a snap. Your caterer will look after it all for you.

With a custom catering quote, you can choose plated or buffet presentation. You'll also get to choose the style of cooking that suits your needs.

Let Bidvine help! Submit a free request for bids from trusted local catering services. So why not get started and find a caterer in your budget today!

Bidvine Tip - Don't forget to book an event photographer for your event! Remember every special memory for years to come!