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How much does career coaching cost?

May 13, 2021

Career coaching in the UK costs an average of £75 to £350. This rate can vary depending on the number of sessions, the length of sessions, and the industry you are looking for career coaching in.

Career Coaching Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£75
UK National Maximum Cost£350
UK National Average Cost£200
Average Range£75 - £350

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What Does a Career Coach Do?

Career coaches offer many services that will assist you on your way with your career. From getting your career started to finding fulfilment to landing the next job you’ll love, these experts can help train you to get exactly what you need.

After all, a career is more than a job - it is a way of connecting with your work and making a difference in the world! Everyone aspires to have a meaningful career. Plus, with the number of hours a person will log during their working years, it’s essential that a career is something enjoyable. The average UK citizen will work over 80,000 hours in their lifetime! If the idea of that many hours seems daunting, never fear. Career coaching is the thing you need to put your career on track.


In order to make this experience worthwhile, you’ll need to find the right professional to work with. They will have your best interests in mind, of course, but it’s important to ensure your desires align with their abilities. So for that, consider the following details about what you are looking for. This way, you are sure to find a coach that can help you find the job of your dreams.

Stage of Career

Your career coach will need to know about what stage you are at in your current career. This helps them determine what your basic needs are with your career plan. New graduates, for example, will need help sifting through all of the options open to them as they begin their career. This may involve more discussion of development and how best to present their education in light of likely limited experience.

Individuals with some career experience may require help in updating their CV or deciding on next steps. A career transition now — or at the senior level — may require some creativity in presenting your abilities. Or if you’re lacking the qualifications you need to make the switch, they can help discern where you need to build your skills to land that new career. Even executives can benefit from a career coach to amplify their abilities.

Sole traders and freelancers face different challenges, such as how to present skills and abilities with clients as their references. Coaches also help navigate the world of sole proprietorship to ensure that all career paths are looked after so you can achieve your goals.


Your goals are a key detail to share with a potential coach. Whether you want to find a new job or explore different options available to you with a mid-career shakeup, your coach can help you once they know what you are looking for.

A career coach can also help you to achieve goals related to your career in a different way, such as strengthening your skills. Knowing which skills are essential and what to focus on first can provide great insight into the most effective way to reach your goal. They can even give you advice on how to improve your work/life balance so you can enjoy all aspects of your life even more.


Knowing the industry you’re interested in can certainly help find the coach with the right expertise. Getting into some high-demand industries may require extra preparation when it comes to education or other first steps. Others may require special training, and it can help to know what’s required before you begin your career. Healthcare, financial services, personal training, or real estate all require passing a course to achieve certification— your coach can guide you down the right path!

If you don’t know what industry is the one for you, never fear! A coach can also help you narrow down your options. This may include some aptitude testing or questionnaires to discern what will be the best fit. They can also help you determine which skills or careers can be transferable between industries. Accounting positions or those in sales and marketing may be easy to find in healthcare, technology or manufacturing firms.


Being able to invest as much time as possible into your career will give you the advantage you need. Think of it as practice — you don’t get good at anything right away! With a number of meetings and committing time to your coach, you can improve your career chances and overall success.

Most individual meetings will be 30 minutes to an hour in length, but you will likely be asked to do work on your own as well. Whether this is a thought project about your skills or making lists, the efforts you put in outside of your coaching meetings will help you discern the best path forward.

It’s best to determine a goal as it influences how long or how often you should meet with your coach. Overall, most arrangements will require a few meetings to assess your needs and help create a custom plan that will help you best.


Take a look at a career coach’s online profile to evaluate their suitability for your needs. Check for certificates in career coaching or training in human resources as these speak to the experience of your coach.

It should list their areas of expertise so you can ensure it aligns with your desires. Look to see that they have worked with your career stage before. They may even list a specialisation in one area, such as establishing a career or helping navigate a transition. This can help you assess the right person for your needs.

While you look, read over the reviews about a professional’s services. This is a great way to find out more about what it’s like to work with a coach and what aspects of your career they can help with.


Meetings with your career coach should take place in a location that’s convenient for you. This makes it easier to commit to the coaching you need and get on with your career plans! Most career coaches will be open to travelling to a central location such as a favourite coffee shop.

But if a little formality is what you need to focus on your career, you can also meet in an office setting. Perhaps they can come to your office to give you advice on career advancement, or you can arrange to go to the office space where they work. Going to them gives you some exposure to different workplaces and some additional insight into the place you’d like to work.

If you are trying to work on a second career and still have kids at home to look after, you can meet with them at your house to ensure you have these essential meetings. Keep in mind, however, that it may cost more to have a coach doing all the travelling so be sure to look into this aspect.

Cost Comparison of Top Career Services

Are you considering a new career? Then these career services could provide a great additional resource, from planning life goals to getting a professional photo taken!

ServicesAverage Hourly Rate
Life Coach£65
Portrait Photography£120
CV Writing£45

Looking for additional resources on these career-related services? Read our guides on what a life coach is and how to get the perfect portrait photos for more information. Alternatively, if you run a small business you may find these resources on professional logo design and social media marketing insightful.


Career coaches know exactly how to help at any stage in a career and to find a place in any industry. With the right help, you can streamline your efforts to find the perfect role with less wasted team — meaning you will find that rewarding career in less time!

To get your career search started, look for a career coach you can trust today. Simply enter the details of what you need and submit a free request for bids with Bidvine!

Depending on your career choice you may find that public speaking lessons, sales training, or marketing training could also provide additional skills that will set your CV apart.

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