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Miklós Zrínyi

2 reviews

3 hires on Bidvine

Stratford New Town, East London E15

If you wanted to improve your marathon time you could easily hire a running coach, to keep you motivated, point out where you are going wrong, and give you expert hints and tips to help you on your way towards a personal best. There are life coaches, personal trainers, language tutors, music teacher


The Finest Call of Duty Pro Player

1 hire on Bidvine

Lower Morden, South West London SM4

Anything Call of Duty, I’m your man! From Rank, Prestige, Challenges, Score Per Minute to Kill Death Ratio. I will always achieve.


AJ Solutions

1 review

1 year in business

1 hire on Bidvine

Blackheath Park, South East London SE3

I was surrounded by the building sector growing up inevitably ended up working within the sector myself, I am a qualified multiskilled tradesman. However I also have 6 years of experience within the cleaning industry both in commercial and domestic cleaning. In my spare time i enjoy working with com


Oliver Young

3 reviews

4 hires on Bidvine

Bermondsey, South East London SE1

Hey, my name is Oliver. I've been playing Call of Duty since Call of Duty 4 - and have always maintained around a 3 kill-death ratio for every game; the highest being a 5 kill-death on MW3. I've won multiple tournaments, trophies and cash prizes over the years on various different Call of Duty's


Sean Dalston

1 review

2 hires on Bidvine

Covent Garden, Central London WC2R

Pro Call of Duty player (10 years of experience). Played at professsional tournaments such as PAX, OBJ based game modes, Tdm and Search. Been playing since the start of COD4. PS4


Ozzy,s COD Service

2 reviews

34 years in business

2 hires on Bidvine

Upper Holloway, North London N19

Hello, my name is Ozzy, I am a long time gamer, going to tournament's for games such as COD MW 1&2 and COD BO 2&3. I have a group of business associates who I contact and assemble together as a team, using your gamer tag and profile of course, to ensure an outstanding output of XP, excellent W/L r


Quinten Gonzalez

1 hire on Bidvine

Angel, North London N1

Will play for you to unlock or prestige but will be during normal hours of the United States of America. I live in Texas. So I'll will grind while you sleep. Will unlock wanted camo just need the information. If there is a gun you want prestige, make sure to be specific in your requests. Will apprec


Rules of Thumb

1 review

Honor Oak Park, South East London SE4

Hi! My name is Dalil and I am part of Rules of Thumb which is a competitive gaming organisation established in London. Our main goal is to build a team of talented and enthusiastic players from different video game titles in order to compete and entertain in the fast-growing Gaming/YouTube community


Angus Macpherson

Beckenham, South East London BR3

Multi-faceted gamer with years of experience in FPSs and leaderboard rankings within the top 5 in the world on numerous occasions. I spend my time between two games - Call of Duty and Fortnite and have accumulated a vast amount of kills and wins on both. From my experience on both games I am able t



2 years in business

Bromley Park, South East London BR1

Been playing games for over 14 years so got the hang of shooters like Cod. If you need help to level up your account, feel free to hit me up.



Unity Place, North East London E17

I am 21, French Call of Duty player since 2008. I am a good player on each call of duty (more than 2.00 KDA), I play on playstation 4 with a scuff. I can also play in claw, play competitive too since MW3. I did lots of tourney online. So I will give my time to help you rank up this season on Worl



Beckton, East London E6

If you want gold ARs and SMGs let me know. If you want a kd of 1.9+, let me know. If you want an SPM of 300+, let me know!


Ben Solomon

Bloomsbury, North West London WC1B

I will help you level up, unlock guns and achievements through playing for you on the call of duty of your chosing. Unlocking achievements that you need on your account for you!


Billy Gunner

South Woodford, North East London E18

Hi I'm willing to level up your call of duty ww2 profile for as little as £10 a hour I will play up to 8 hours a day for you


Pro Gaming

Tower Gardens, North London N17

Hello ladies and gentlemen, so to make this shortened instead of longed out i’m a Pro Gamer who is willing to help you out in your games for a price of course. From a level 1 to a 55 then comes the prestiges and then comes your online friends bragging about the cool stuff you have. I never let down



Peckham, South East London SE15

I play all types of games from call of duty to fifa etc...I'm normally a high level gamer which enjoys the game I play which is why I put in 100% whatever game I play. Anything you need help with I'm here for you. Thanks for reading



Kenton, North West London HA3

I’m a high KD player on COD games. I can get you to your desired level for a cheap price. It has to be feasible, however.


James Lancaster

Eltham, South East London SE9

I've been playing Call of Duty for quite some time now and I can definitely help you level up. Feel free to reach out and I will be more than happy to assist.


Veli Sungur

Edmonton, North London N9

I have been playing call of duty since CoD 4 so I thought I could help a couple guys level up or have higher KD ratios or get to max prestige.



Nine Elms, South West London SW8

Extreme Gamer. Has nothing else to do except play CoD. Full time Job in Max Prestige. Get at me BrO. I can Max put your stats ASAP.


Luke Waller

Highams Park, North East London E4

Call of Duty Pro Player, I will rank up your Account to any level with a K/D of around 1.0-1.5, also any camo challenges can be completed.


John Calum

Osterley, West London TW7

I am a CoD and FIFA player available for hire for fit champions weekends and call of duty rankings. I will also go to your account and help unlock specific classes and guns.



Lower Edmonton, North London N9

Get the best made stats and cool attachments for game to rule it as you be the emperor. We give out the perfect beast stats on your account with loyal and genuine service


Prestige K/D raiser

Chinatown, Central London SW1Y

I can prestige you in 10 hours or raise your KD ratio In the process I will likely make the BAR assault rifle gold which is the gun I use so free of cost. I live and work in New Zealand so am able to likely prestige you or raise you KD whilst you sleep. Any questions feel free to ask I give my Fac


Luis Velasquez

Camden Town, North West London NW1

Rank up any call of duty..................................................................................................


Ravi Singh

Palmers Green, North London N13

You Pay I Play, I will improve your kd, rank you up, unlock camoes on any guns you want imparticular. I will unlock all special headquarter challenges and gain you amory credits. Proof that I’m good 1v1 me



Aldwych, Central London WC2B

Hardcore gamers of all types of games and console's We live to play games ! Only deal with fiber and high speed internet


Daniel Gould

Barkingside, North East London IG5

I will play call of duty for you in order to increase your rank, unlock weapons and camos and increase your overall KD and Stats


Ashley Carter

Brownswood Park, North East London N4

I’m looking to help people level up on Call of Duty World War 2. If they need me playing for them, or with them, I'll be there to help!


Gabriel Sparkes

Clapham Park, South London SW4

I'm a professional cod player, my approach tends to be with a sniper and through stealth yet love a bit of the mp5, m16, m40a3. I often get plenty of kill streaks gaining plenty of XP.


Moey Rodriguez

Hammersmith, West London W6

I help people get good a cod. I have played cod professionally. I have played through game battles. I am also a part-time youtuber at


AJ Gaming

Acton, West London W3

I will help you play many online games and help you progress and improve your skills, rank up levels and get unlockables. I provide services for many games, including Call of Duty WW2, CoD Infinite Warfare, Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto V Online.


Aristocracy Academy of C.O.D.

Fitzrovia, North West London W1T

In this training you will improve your kill/death ratio over 1.00 Lesson you will learn: * Defensive Combat * Invade Campers * Create a Game Plan And more


Frank Jones

Bethnal Green, East London E2

Gaming coach, I am an exceptional player for games Call of duty and also WWE wrestling on the PS4. I can teach you to be as good as me. No o one can beat me at either of the above two games, and I can teach Youto be as good as me. I have won the SONY PS4 WWE TOURNAMENTS, and received 200 pounds wort



Denmark Hill, South East London SE5

Will help on CoD infinite warfare, Rainbow6Siege, Gta V money and level, Pubg( player unknown Battle Grounds) Division will help you achieve what you want


COD Gamer

New Cross Gate, South East London SE14

I have 6 years experience playing call of duty, and I’m extremely familiar with the franchise and how their games are run. I specialise in completing challenges and have a vast amount of knowlegde regarding ranking up in a timely manner.


Filip Fic

Lea Bridge, North East London E5

Call of duty instruction................hard core pro gamer.................................................................


Tom Coaching

Wembley Park, North West London HA9

Helping people improve their COD experience, by teaching, levelling up to unlock better items or by playing games with you to make them easier.


Vinnie Newman

Battersea, South West London SW11

I'll go onto people accounts for them and improve every aspect of their account from kd to camos to level you name it and I'll do it


Vinnie Newman

Battersea, South West London SW11

I'll help you gain levels, stats, kd improvements and getting all the camo's on your weapons and it won't take long at all


Triston Dockall

New on Bidvine

1 year in business

Westminster, Central London SW1A

Hi my name is triston I have been playing fortnite for a very long time I am very trustworthy and respectful plz ask me to coach you I will make you a god at fortnite in no time you will get wins every game and high kill games to.


Emmet kelley

New on Bidvine

Wandle Park, South London CR0

Fortnite player guaranteed to get u wins


Akshay’s Gaming

9 years in business

Streatham Vale, South London SW16

Play games on PlayStation 4, I can level up your characters and gameplay every day as you require and request. If you are interested message me and I will be happy to help.


Life's blueprint

Bow Common, East London E3

I am currently here to provide high level gaming advice and if you're interested in learning in depth health, fitness and self defence using the basic mixed martial arts techniques.


Noodles gaming

Stepney, East London E1

I am a very active experienced PS4 gamer, I play many shooting games and provide helpful tips and coaching to anyone who requires it!


Tom Gilbert

Fitzrovia, North West London W1T

Adhoc Professional Gaming Services, Coaching and Gudance including Critical Personal Progression and Financial Advice and Knowledge transfer


Duane Smith

Elephant and Castle, South East London SE1

I Have 20+ years of gaming. 5+ years of Professional gaming.I can help you win in Fortnite, Call Of Duty, and PUBG on Console. Currently saving up for a PC to expand my horizons.


Aj Simpson

King's Cross, North West London N1

I’m here to help lead people to victories in Fortnite, Call of Duty, NBA 2k18, Rainbow Six Siege, or any other game that is requested.


Inuunu Lennert

Fitzrovia, North West London W1T

I help people with games................................................................................................



Plumstead Common, South East London SE18

I am here to help you improve on Fortnite and Call of Duty from reaction times on both games and to generally get better at the games and to get better in a specific area you struggle with in the game. I am only able to help on PS4 console and here to serve you and improve on any of your issues.


Online Fortnite Coaching

Higham Hill, North East London E17

Hi there, I am a well skilled Pro Fortnite Player on the PlayStation 4. I am willing to take up some of my time to coach those who would like to get better and give them the skills they need in order to win. Lessons will be conducted online only, through the game and a PlayStation party. Thanks for



2 reviews

White City, West London W12

A very good and confident player when playing cod. Always coming first on my team and always having a high KD ratio. Been playing cod for 7 years and have competed in online tournaments for cyber gaming and MLG gamebattles. If you were to play with me i would teach you how to play better in any cod


Fouzan Khawaja

Stratford New Town, East London E15

Ive been playing COD since 7 years now so I have experience. I’ve been playing competitive cod locally and won many local tournaments with my team.i will teach you everything from game sense to gunskill,map awareness etc.If you wish to take your game to the next level,contact me.


Kjuih Ui

St George in the East, East London E1W

i can make you in to a call of duty GOD 26 olt wins, im From UK anytihng call of duty based is easy for me SHOUT ME to become the legend of COD


Azim Khan

Alameda Place, East London E3

Hey guys anyone looking to get good on Fortnite squads let me know. With over 84 wins and only playing a 2-3 days a week is excellent. I will help you hunt, build and most importantly win.


Jack Anthonisz

1 review

Highlands Village, North London N21

A* in GCSE Maths, Physics and Geography with a BSC in Geophysics. Call of Duty gamer for 9 Years with vast experience of online multiplayer, zombies mode and campaign. Fortnite player with 50+ wins


Ken Isah

3 years in business

Nine Elms, South West London SW9

My business supplies only the highest quality services for consumers. Your search for knowledge in the fields that interest you ends with the use of my services. Through me, you will be able to elevate yourself amongst the competition with expert tutoring from a patient, open-minded individual.


Theo Alexandru

King's Cross, North West London N1

Helping people learn online games like Fortnite Battle Royale, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds and various Call of Duty games


Garrett Magrath

Finchley, North London N3

Top 100 fortnite player. Can show you everything you need to know to win or just get you that free win. You can trust that after time with me you will experience better results.


Bella Huss

Kensal Town, West London W10

Girl pro gamer in fortnite and call of duty pro gamer willing to pass my experiments to you prestige master bo2 bo3 lvl 100 fortniter 500+ wins 5 kd


Marc GamesPro

Cubitt Town, East London E14

Im a professional PS4 and Xbox One gamer. I am highly specialised in two certain games; Fortnite Battle Royale and Call of Duty Zombies. Achievements "Fortnite" 40 Solo Wins 55 Duo Wins 75 Squad Wins Achievements "Call of Duty Zombies" Max round 118. Skills "Fortnite" I'm simply a team carier. (N


Tobias Fjerbaek

Haringey, North London N8

I am a cod player who have played since mw2, I can play for you on your account, to rank you up, get camos or whatever you want. Just hit me up and we will figure something out. My personal kdr is 1.55 at the moment, but I just play for fun on that account so it actually is about 1.7-1.8.



Rotherhithe, South East London SE16

Hello, ny name is Mattern. I run a cod buisness where I Can farm xp and much more for you! Im cheap fast and good. I only have one price and that is 5€ for anything! I will lvl you up from 0-40+ and it only takes sone days.


Adiel Canzee

Finchley, North London N3

Need to level up faster? Want to have better statistics than your friends? Want to unlock the next best gun? I can level you up, complete challenges and improve your statistics for you. Just hire me and I’ll do the dirty work c


Islam Tires

Mayfair, Central London W1H

Call of duty WW2 player on xbox one, im prestige 5 also im a good ranked player also i have 6days of game time, dm me if u want to hire


Jack Richards

Highlands Village, North London N21

Hi I have been playing Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare. I have tried to go pro in the CoD World League but fell short. Still compete at a high level as a passion instead of a career. I am now at university studying computer science and would like to do this on the side. My personal ac


Giovanni Ortiz

Stoke Newington, North East London N16

I am PS4, Call of Duty Pro player. I Will be able to upgrade your stats and get the items you want in Call of Duty. Prestige, Gold, Tokens, etc.I have been playing Call of a Duty for a long time and am a Veteran. From Map Awareness to Spawn Location and Gun skill, these are a few of the traits I ha


Brian Bueso

King's Cross, North West London N1

I can help you to bring up your kd and w/l ratio on cod ww2, also unlock and pretige your player and division on cod ww2



Finchley, North London N3

Will help with all your call of duty needs. Need 3rd prestige? I can do that in a decent time frame. I'll raise your stats for you.


Jason Bellotti

South Hampstead, North West London NW6

I’ve been playing call of duty since I was 13 , I can rank up your account , higher your KD , unlock special shit that you may want . Message me to find out more



2 years in business

Stepney, East London E1

As a proffesional Call Of Duty Player I can rank your account up and improve your stats in more than just the latest CoD title. The games and platforms I'm able to improve your account on include Xbox One: Black ops Black ops 2 World At War Ghost Advanced Warfare Black ops 3 Infinite Warfare Mode


Tallon Bernard

East Dulwich, South East London SE22

Been playing cod for years, have mastered the game. Prestiged twice on Call Of Duty WW2, will rank up your guns, character, and account. will also unlock exclusive guns, camos, uniforms etc. Will have you prestiged within a matter of days!

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