What is PT? Transform Your Fitness Routine With Personal Training

Are you planning a new fitness routine? Found yourself wondering what is PT? Check out this comprehensive guide to PT and discover how you can transform your fitness routine with personal training!

A personal trainer offers you guidance through your fitness journey in the areas you need help with. Of course, these areas look different for different people. Some may need motivating, others may require someone’s advice to ensure they are exercising safely. Still others may want to plan out a roadmap to reach their fitness goals.

Working with a personal trainer ensures that your individual needs are met so each workout is as rewarding as the next, whether you are looking for the basics or something more complex. Of course, in order for your sessions to be successful, you’ll need to choose the right instructor.

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Finding the Right Fit

You’ll want to find a qualified trainer to work with, no matter your experience in fitness. This ensures that your training sessions are planned properly. Trainers should be educated in a range of exercises and be able to recommend the right type of workouts for your current fitness level, ones that are sure to get you to your goals.

Certification is acquired by taking classes, either through colleges or private institutions. Look for Level 2 certification in fitness or exercise, or even a diploma in personal training in a potential trainer’s credentials. You’ll know you have someone who is not only properly educated, but is a skilled instructor.

Education is no replacement for charisma, however. You’ll want to meet a personal trainer before you commit to a series of workouts to ensure you like their style.

7 Top Benefits of Personal Training

Not entirely sure about the idea of personal training yet? There is a wide range of benefits possible when you work with a trainer. So no matter what you need help with, working with a trainer is sure to transform your fitness routine.

But before you hire a trainer, you’ll need to understand what is possible with their help. So we’ve rounded up the top seven benefits of personal training to help you determine if it’s worth it!

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1. Set the Right Goals

With a pro’s expertise and training, you can achieve nearly anything with your workouts! But before you begin, you’ll need to take the time to determine exactly what your goals are. This ensures that your workouts are aligned with the end in mind and offers you sure steps in the right direction.

Setting goals is an essential part of the relationship with your personal trainer. Thanks to their expertise, a pro knows how to define goals that are both aspirational and achievable. With your goal in mind — whether it’s weight loss, muscle building, or improving wellbeing — your workouts will be perfectly tailored and balanced. Trainers can also ensure you have regular check-ins to assess your progress and make adjustments if necessary.

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2. Train Your Body to Eat Right

A fitness plan isn’t just about going to the gym. It’s also about a whole body approach to improving your wellbeing. A huge part of this is what you eat. Personal training looks at this part of your life too. All the exercise in the world won’t help if you have an unbalanced diet.  

But remember, this isn’t just about making sure you are making healthful choices. If you are working out more often, your nutritional needs will change. You may need more protein and carbs for heavy workout days and less on your rest days. Your goals also influence your needs, as building muscle requires a different set of nutrients than a plan focused on weight loss. A trainer can offer guidelines or a more detailed plan, depending on your individual needs.

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3. Stay Accountable!

Working out needs to be a long-term plan for lasting wellness and health. But over time, it’s easy to slump and make excuses for not working out. Personal training can change all of this!

Regular appointments with a trainer translate into a commitment that you need to keep. After all, your trainer is expecting you! If you do find yourself susceptible to making excuses, explain what’s happening to your trainer. They can talk you into your workouts even as you are trying to talk yourself out of it!

Plus, trainers have been with you since the beginning and can remind you of your goals. Sometimes, all you need is to have someone else there to support you. If you look forward to your sessions and working with your trainer, you’ll be far more likely to stay motivated!  

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4. Avoid the Dreaded Plateaus

If you’ve been exercising for a while, you’ve likely experienced plateaus: the periods of time when nothing seems to be going right. Building muscle has stalled, weight and inches seem to be staying the same, or you can’t push past the next benchmark. When the plateaus hit, it’s tough to stay motivated.

Thankfully, a personal trainer can help guide you through times when your usual tried-and-true exercise doesn’t seem to be cutting it. Their ideas — whether around nutrition or shaking up your routine — will be a welcome way to work through this and on to a beneficial workout.

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5. Navigate the Gym

New to the workout world or just getting back into it? Avoiding gyms because you aren’t sure where to start? Personal training can help in this area too. Many trainers will work out of a favourite gym as their home base, enabling them to introduce you to all of the best features. Even the most intimidating exercise machine is no match for an expert’s guidance.

If you prefer your own gym, personal training can still offer you the direction you need. Since trainers will outline your perfect workout, you can take this knowledge to your own set of machines and get to work. Trainers should also be able to explain when to choosing free weights over a machine, for example, to help you navigate each section of the gym effectively.

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6. Exercise Safely

A personal trainer doesn’t just give you ideas about how to exercise. They also help you with your workouts to ensure that you are exercising safely. It can be easy to injure yourself, especially when you are first starting out. Safety needs to be your number one concern when it comes to working out.

Personal training offers you a second set of eyes that watches for improper form or technique. Wouldn’t it be far better to know instantly if you are doing lunges wrong than after you’ve developed a muscle strain?

It can also keep you from overdoing it. In the moment, you can go all in and not realize the harm it is doing to your muscles. Thankfully, a trainer can let you know when it’s time to take a break and allow your body recovery time.  

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7. Keep Your Focus and Motivation

Motivation is key for sticking with fitness and reaching your goals! Personal training can help you discover what keeps you coming back to your workouts and make sure this happens every time. It could be the reward of reaching a milestone, or a new workout playlist to look forward to. Whatever has you thinking of exercise as fun, you’ll be sure to find it with your trainer!

Their efforts also keep you on track. Since a trainer does the planning and thinking for you, all you need to do is focus on the act of working out. Without the extra decisions of what to exercise and how to do it, you can get right into workout mode.

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