Host an Amazing Summer Party in 2017 with These Top Tips

There is nothing like a summer party to get you outside and enjoying the good weather with your friends, family and neighbours. From delicious summer BBQ party foods to fun outdoor party lighting and garden decorations there is a wealth of fun to be had when planning summer parties.

We’ve gathered some of the top summer party ideas for 2017 in the article below. Have a read through to discover how to throw the most unforgettable summer party of the season!

Summer Party Recipes

What would a summer party be without a few delightful summer dishes? That’s why we’ve packed this section with our favourite summer party recipes from salads to BBQ.

Roasted Corn Summer Party Food

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Roasted Corn with Chili-Lime Butter

Roasted corn is a classic summer dish, but sometimes even classics need a refresher. This recipe presents the perfect solution to that. You’ll still get all the classic sweetness and smoky flavours when you roast the corn. The chili-lime butter will add a spicy, citrusy pop that is sure to impress guests.

watermelon salad

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Watermelon Salad

There is just something about watermelon that screams summer. What better way to kick off your summer dinner party than with a watermelon salad? These are also quite simple to make.

All you need to do is prepare your salad as you normally would with fresh lettuce, peppers and cucumbers. Then slice up some watermelon and add it in! If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could also try grilling the watermelon to make a grilled watermelon salad.

Fresh Fruit Punch

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Refreshing Fruit Punch

Stay hydrated at your party with a pitcher of refreshing fruit punch. From lemonades to fruity sangria, your fruit punch options are literally endless. No matter which recipe you settle on, be sure to mix in some fresh fruits. Fresh cuts of pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, blueberries and oranges will all add a unique flavour to your guests’ glasses.

Should you decide to go with the watermelon salad mentioned above, we recommend opting for a watermelon punch as well. To infuse your punch with watermelon flavour you can either add fresh chunks of watermelon to the pitcher, or you can even serve the punch out of a hollowed watermelon!

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Kebabs for Your Summer BBQ Party

Kebabs are the perfect addition to a summer BBQ party. The best part is that they can be easily adapted to any suit any dietary needs. You can marinate beef, chicken, or pork for the meat lovers. Or you can use tofu as the protein if you’re serving a vegetarian crowd.

Then, pop bright colourful vegetables around your protein to add a splash of summer’s vibrant colours. Once all your protein and veggies are on the kebab skewers, you can head over to the BBQ and start grilling away.

Strawberry shortcake for a summer dinner party

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Strawberry Shortcake

No summer dinner party would be complete without something to indulge your sweet tooth and strawberry shortcake is just that. Summer is the perfect time to serve strawberry shortcake, as fresh strawberries are in season.

According to this recipe, strawberry shortcake is relatively easy to make as well. Once you’ve gathered your ingredients like sugar, shortening and eggs, you simply need to bake the cake and add your strawberries. Then top with whipped cream and serve. A perfect solution to satisfy your summer sweet tooth.

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Summer Garden Party Ideas

One of the best parts about hosting a party during the summer is that you can entertain your guests outside. Appetisers, dinner and dessert can all be served outside so that everyone can enjoy the nice weather. In this section, we’ll cover some top ideas that will make your summer garden party stand out!

Outdoor lighting for garden parties

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Outdoor Party Lighting

If you’re hosting a summer dinner party then chances are it will run after sunset. However, that doesn’t mean the party needs to stop. When you set up outdoor party lighting you and your guests will be able to continue celebrating long after sunset.

For an enchanting and fairytale look, hang string lights along the branches of the trees in your yard. We simply love the ethereal look this creates in the picture above.

Along with these ethereal touches, you should also include some practical lights which illuminate walking areas. Often referred to as moonlights, these bright little lanterns are usually attached to the top of stakes which are placed into the ground. It is best to put these every few feet along the garden path, that way your guests will be able to walk comfortably without tripping.

Moonlights are also environmentally friendly. During the day they soak up sunlight which charges their batteries. Then at night, they will glow nice and brightly.

Another fun idea is to use glow in the dark paint to paint a few rocks around your garden. While this won’t illuminate your garden quite as effectively as pathway lights or string lights, they will create a fun and whimsical atmosphere at your summer party.

Garden Party Decorations

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Garden Party Decorations

Garden party decorations are a fun way to add a creative touch to your summer party. For a fail-safe decor option place some fresh cut flowers as the centrepiece at the dining table. You can guarantee that the fragrant floral notes will be a hit with your guests.

Alternatively, for a unique twist, you could opt for a cutting of a vibrant and lush green fern. When paired with table linen in deep green hues your fern cuttings will look posh and elegant.

Don’t forget to add a few tealights or outdoor lanterns as well to cast a warm glow over the celebrations when dusk arrives.

Garden Tea Party Decorations

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Garden Tea Party Decor

If you’re hosting a garden tea party instead of a dinner party, let the theme of your party rule the decor. Place a teacup and teapot at every table. Feel free to transform one of your teapots into a vase as well. Some fresh cut flowers will look delightful when placed in a teapot vase.

For tea parties taking place in the evening, you could also transform your teapots into candle holders. These adorable candles will add a lovely glow to your quaint garden party.

Don’t forget to involve your guests in the theme as well. Invite everyone to show up wearing fascinators or elegant garden party hats for an extra spot of fun.

Tropical Party Decorations

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Tropical Party Decorations

When you are hosting a tropical party bright pops of colour are essential. When you head out to gather your decorations, be sure to opt for vibrant blues, greens, oranges, pinks and yellows. If you aren’t able to find fresh cut flowers in your preferred colour, then try paper cut-outs instead.

There are a variety of different paper cut-outs available in party stores whether you’re looking for sophisticated or simple and fun. Then, coordinate your bright floral decorations with the colours of your placemats, napkins and candle holders.

With so many bright colours, your tropical party will no doubt feel like you’re somewhere more exotic than the UK!

Croquet at garden party games

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Garden Party Games

Whether you’re hosting a summer party for adults or children garden party games will be a huge hit. No matter what age your guests are if you offer classic games like horseshoes, croquet or bean bag toss your guests will leave with a smile on their face!

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