Eight Hacks to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

If you’re anything but a morning person then this list is for you. Sure there are those among us who simply bounce out of bed with perfect hair like Disney characters at the first hint of a dawn chorus, but these hacks are for rest of us mere mortals who would much prefer another ten minutes under the duvet. We put together eight tips to set you up for a good day ahead and speed up your morning routine.

1. Plan your morning in advance. — How we wake up is directly related to how we go to sleep. If you spend all night binging on Game of Thrones box-sets, then it’s going to take an army of ice zombies to drag your out from under the duvet. Go to bed with a book instead… yes, it can be Game of Thrones, and then you can be all smug at work and say things like: ‘of course, in the book…’ And if you need other tips on getting the best night’s sleep, check out our blog post on the topic!

woman facing the light outside her window, a perfect start to her morning routine

Image: Yanko Peyankov

2. Face god’s flashlight with a smile. — Don’t shy from the early morning sun, throw open your curtains and give that golden globe a good once over. Evolution has taught us that the day starts when the sun comes up, and not when the alarm goes off. So listen to your inner hunter gatherer and bask in the weak British sunrise for a perfect start to your morning routine.

3. Have breakfast… and skip the coffee. — Food is fuel, caffeine is a drug. Your body needs one of these, the other belongs in a locked cabinet. Seriously so many of us will skip an important meal, but we’d rather lose an arm than miss blasting our brains will unnatural stimulants. Make time for breakfast, even if it’s just a granola bar and if you absolutely must have coffee, save time with a coffee maker that has a timer you can set the night before.

A great  morning routine includes a nutritious breakfast, like this bagel

Image: Jay Mantri

4. Stay thee away from Facebook and Instagram. — Sure you woke up late and you’re still tired, so of course you have time to ‘replace one word from your favourite film with the word badger’, and to look at pictures of other people’s #avotoast. Still, they say there’s plenty of job opportunities popping up on social media these days… which is handy as you’re likely to be looking for a new one soon unless you brush your teeth and get dressed in the next five minutes. So let’s speed up your morning routine!

5. Gamify the whole thing. — Can you shave five seconds off shaving? Can you do your lippy before the kettle boils? Setting fun and usually pointless challenges will sharpen your hunter gatherer brain and help you to make time-based savings on waking up related tasks.

Make room for tea in your morning routine

Image: Dayne Topkin

6. Organise the chaos. — If like us you have to go back to the house to get things at least three times before you leave it, then maybe it’s time you got a diary. It doesn’t need to be an actual diary, anything with pages will do. Simply make a list of stuff you need to do and tick them off as you go.

7. Get a terminator. — Currently they are still called digital assistants, but we all know where this is headed. Whether it’s Siri or Cortana or Cyberdyne Systems or whatever, most gizmos and gadgets now come with an annoyingly organised, posh voiced digital bully who can be programmed to help with things like getting up in the morning. Just don’t tell it anything it can use against you once it passes the Turing test.

8. Chill and/or lax. — Meditate or relax or do what ever you need to do to have some form of brain switch off time. The key to this is having enough time to switch off before you start your day. Think of it as that extra ten minutes under the duvet, but with a kind of delayed gratification vibe. Mental down time is a good way to prepare for the trials ahead and if you’re up and ready, then you’ve earned it.

That’s it, you are now ready to face the perils of morning…  go brave warrior, your day awaits!

Do you have any tips on how to speed up your morning routine? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Image: kaboompics

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