Small Garden Ideas (Plus Low-Maintenance & Budget Gardening Hacks)

A garden patio, front garden, or balcony garden is a great way to extend the living space of your home. This article is packed with inspirational top-notch small garden ideas to help you create your dream garden space!

Whether you have one in place that needs a facelift or you’re looking to create one, this can be the perfect canvas for outdoor living comfort. Think about what you might like to do in your outdoor space to help you plan it out.

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1. Garden Patio Ideas

When it comes to your garden patio, start with stone, brick, or wood to build an even surface. It’s the best way to ensure your furniture will stay level and won’t wobble as you use it.
While you can use a less expensive material for your flooring, remember that gravel or dirt is more susceptible to weather conditions. You may find there’s a lot of upkeep involved in these materials.
You could also choose stones to build up a retaining wall to help define the space. It can also double as extra seating if you plan on having a party! You can choose the colour and style of any of your building materials to create the perfect look. You can also add in potted plants to add life and colour to your space. Select different heights and textures for the most interest. No matter if you prefer a rugged, natural look or something more polished, you’re sure to create a garden patio you can’t wait to use.
Garden Balcony Ideas

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2. Balcony Garden Ideas

With a balcony garden, you’ll need to work within the limits of your space. It may not be possible to set up a permanent structure like a flower bed, but with portable materials, you can still get the garden of your dreams! Try light, mobile flooring panels to transform the surface of your patio. You can go with organic materials like wood or get the look of stone in a lightweight material. Or add structures made of wood or metal to put a personal touch on your outdoor decorating.
Potted plants are a great way to get your own green space. Choose plants that work with the type and amount of light your balcony gets the best results. This could be flowers or vegetables, or a combination of both that makes your balcony a vibrant, living area. Just remember to water any plants, especially if your balcony sits under a roof or overhang that keeps the rain out.
If there’s room, you can also set up a table and chairs to take your morning coffee. Surrounded by your plants, it can help transport you for a wonderful start or end to your day!
Keep in mind, your balcony needs to support the extra weight of any gardening materials. Check with your building manager or association to ensure you are staying safe.

Small Front Garden Ideas

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3. Small Front Garden Ideas

While your back garden is a great space to set up a relaxing space that you can enjoy, your front garden needs to impress too and with these small garden ideas for you’re sure to do just that. After all, it’s the first thing your guests will see! It’s also going to catch your eye as you come and go from your home.
But due to its small size, you’ll need to take the time to develop a good plan to use this space properly. Remember that less is more, especially when you don’t have much room. Choose a single focal point for your space, whether it’s a feature like a bench or a monochromatic colour scheme for your flowers.
Structure and symmetry are also very important. Both will give your garden a planned, well-tended look that’s sure to strike a chord with both you and your visitors. You may also want to look to the English garden style for inspiration. It could give you some ideas about how to draw the eye for an inviting first impression. If your front garden is especially tiny, you can always add flower boxes under your windows to make the most out of the space you do have. Keep in mind that some styles require more maintenance, so be sure you’re ready to take care of the setup you choose.

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4. Small Back Garden Ideas

Your back garden can be a wonderful, relaxing place, even when it’s not very big! You can still get the things you want with a compact space using these small garden ideas, you just need to be selective about what you include. A large table is out of the question, but furniture isn’t out of the question. Include a small cafe table with seating that doubles as decoration, or choose a lounge chair that folds up to give you space when you need it.
Make the most out of the walls in your small space. You can grow plants up your fences to draw the eye up, and away from a tiny garden plot! It also allows you to have more greenery in your space than restricting yourself to pots on the available ground.
Remember that neutral colours will open up your space, so choose light colours on your surfaces when you can. Then, add spots of colour to augment what you have. Whether it’s a colourful piece of furniture, pops of colour in your plants, or a rainbow of plant pots, be creative!
Lighting is another way you can be creative with your space and help make it look larger! Hang lights down the length of your garden space to give it the illusion of depth, or use ground-floor lighting to showcase your entire garden, even at night!

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

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5. Garden Ideas That Are Low Maintenance

It can be a comfort to remember that small spaces require less maintenance than larger areas. But there are other ways you can build up your garden with these small garden ideas to reduce how long you need to spend caring for one. The biggest way is to remove any grass. Grass grows and requires regular cutting. You may also need to clean up any clippings to keep your garden looking neat. So, replace grass with stone or brick so you can enjoy your space without the care!
Weeding is another task that needs to be done regularly. With mulch, you can improve how your plants look and keep weeds from sprouting. This can cut down on how long you spend caring for your plants to keep your garden looking pristine. You may also want to invest in a self-watering system to ensure your plants are cared for on their own.
You may also want to choose a more relaxed layout to your garden beds. It’s a great look that allows plants to do what they do best: grow! That way, you won’t be concerned about errant plants straying past their borders, since there aren’t any! It also gives you more time to enjoy them instead of taking time to look after them.

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6. Small Garden Pond Ideas

Are you looking for small garden ideas that include a picturesque and soothing pond? The soothing sound of water can be a great addition to your small garden in the form of a pond. Whether it’s part of the puzzle or a feature, you’ll be happy you took the time to include a pond as you enjoy spending time outdoors. Ponds will attract birds and other wildlife to your garden, giving you the opportunity to observe nature in action.
It doesn’t have to be an elaborate setup. The most important part is that it isn’t going to leak water all over and ruin your garden! If you go with a preformed pond, it can be dug into the ground to look natural.
Landscape the edges with water-friendly plants to make it look like it’s been there forever. But if you prefer something that’s more modern or unique, you can create your pond out of found materials. After all, it just needs to be able to hold water to create a pond!
Try to find something like an old barrel, or use an old wash sink. Once you take the time to make sure it’s watertight, set it in place and fill it with water. Then, you can add water plants to help it blend into the rest of your garden. It will look like it’s been a part of your yard for a long time!

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7. Small Garden Ideas on a Budget

If you don’t have a lot to spend on your garden, don’t worry. We have small garden ideas for when you’re on a budget too. That way you’ll still able to get a great looking garden that you can enjoy. While you may not be able to indulge in a complete remodel, with some clever updates you can have a whole new space.
First, take a look at your existing space to see if there’s anything you can reuse. Perhaps your plants can be transplanted from one part of your yard to another. Or, if you already have patio furniture, considering using some paint to give it a facelift! Paint can make it look like a new addition.
Starting from scratch? Look for a thrift shop or a church sale. They might have the perfect furniture or plant pots to breathe new life into your space, within your budget. And if it’s not exactly to your taste, remember the paint trick to claim it as your own!
Plants are another inexpensive way to update your garden space. Best of all, if you take care of them they’ll come back year after year. Ask friends and neighbours if they have any plants they’re looking to split or get rid of. You’ll be able to gather hardy, weather-ready plants to build up your greenery.
All set to create an oasis in your garden with these small garden ideas? Then click below to submit a free request for local gardeners and easily find a professional in your area without the hassle!

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