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Are you looking for advice for preparing for a photoshoot? If you are, you’re in the right place! We’ve consulted Helen Booth, a Bidvine photographer, to learn about getting ready to have your picture taken.

In this pro post, Helen will shed light on the important aspects of getting ready for a photoshoot. She’ll talk about what to wear and what to avoid wearing, doing your research, and tips for feeling comfortable before your shoot. If you’d like to hire Helen as your photographer, keep reading and visit her Bidvine profile!

Top tips for preparing for a photoshoot

So you’ve found your photographer, you like their style, and you’re excited about your shoot. Now all you have to do is make sure you do the right preparation to make it a massive success.

Here are a few of our top tips of things you should be thinking about before the day of the shoot. There are a few obvious things you need to take care of initially.

1. Look and feel your best

Making sure you’ve taken care of basic grooming is a great place to start. Perfect your nails, eyebrows, skin, and hair. We recommend you exfoliate your skin and your body and your face especially if you are having a makeover.

The makeup sits so much better on moisturised skin. Make sure you love your hairstyle and you’ve not got any roots showing. Some people like to have a tan for their photo-shoots.

I would only recommend it if you have tried it before and are confident in how it will look and when. Organise your appointment for the right time for you.

2. Try your outfits on beforehand

Our next tip is to actually take the time to try your outfits on. Do you love it? Does it fit? Does it compliment any other people in your shoot? What has your photographer recommended?

Our studio has a visual wardrobe guide to help you choose what to bring with you. It shows all our top suggestions as to what will work best. Take their advice on how to achieve the style of photography you’ve fallen in love with. Do they have a colour palette they’d like you to stick too?

As a boudoir and portrait photographer, I know there are little things which make the difference. Ask them what theirs are. I recommend avoiding jazzy patterns for instance. What are their suggestions?

3. Don’t miss anything

Getting down to specifics, remove any obvious labels, even on the bottom of your shoes. Bring cotton gloves to wear if you’re putting on any stockings or tights.

Make sure you have everything you need washed and ironed and ready to go in advance so you aren’t stressing about it on the morning of your shoot.

4. Do your research

I absolutely love it if you research how you’d like to be photographed beforehand. Have you seen any images you absolutely adore? Bring them with you, have them on your phone and make sure you share them with your photographer. Will they take them on board? Ask.

The make-up artist similarly should collaborate with you to achieve the look you would like. If you have a clear idea beforehand make sure you communicate this with them before they get started. Are there any colours you’d like to avoid? Do you like your hair a certain way? Do you have a photo of a style you’ve always liked to try?

One of my absolute top tips is to speak up. Do not let the make-up artist leave without being completely happy.

I know it’s hard sometimes to ask for something changing, but please please please do not have beautiful portraits taken and not like them because of your hair and make-up, you will be so upset if you do. Speak up, tweak until you are happy and smile. The confidence a great makeover gives you is worth its weight in gold!

5. Practice makes perfect

You may think this is a crazy tip, but I would suggest practising in front of the mirror and seeing how you like your smile/expression best, your favourite angle of your face and body. You may just discover something. Give yourself 5 minutes and see what you see.

6. Check out reviews

Another tip is to do a bit of research into what other people have said about the experience with the studio you’ve chosen. What have other people been saying about it? Can you take anything on board from their feedback? Do you know where it is and how long it will take to get there?

7. Treat yourself

My last tip would be to organise a night out afterwards. Trust me you’re going to be on a high, looking great and not want to waste that feel-good factor. Have a great shoot!

Top Advice for Preparing for a Photoshoot - Pro PostHelen Booth, Photographer
Masque Photography
Bidvine Professional since 2017

Thank you to Helen for her advice, it was great to hear from a photographer about preparing for a photoshoot. We hope you find her guidance helpful and put it into action before your next photoshoot.

Helen’s photography studio is on the outskirts of Barnsley, and she has had clients from all around Yorkshire and beyond. If you live in the area or can travel there, consider hiring Helen for your next photoshoot! She offers boudoir, contemporary portraiture, maternity, and corporate headshots.

Click the button below to visit her profile and take a look at some of her past work. If you’re looking for a professional photographer, submit a free request from Helen’s profile! Then, you’ll get custom, detailed bids from photographers in your area and budget.

If you’re a Bidvine portrait photographer and you want to share your expertise with potential customers through a pro post, please head over to this page or e-mail [email protected]

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