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Are you looking for someone to take photos of you for your blog or website? Maybe you like to have your photo taken each year for sake of posterity. Whatever your reason for hiring a photographer is, we’re sure you’ll find this portrait photography advice helpful!

For this pro post, we’ve consulted Ewa Piatkowska, a Bidvine photographer, to learn her top advice about portrait photography. If you’re based in London and want to hire Ewa, stay tuned until the end of this post!

Read on to learn Ewa’s top portrait photography advice.

Portrait Photography Advice You’ve Been Looking For

Who needs a portrait?

Everyone for sure.

I would recommend having a professional photo session at least once a year. It the best way to save your memories, for you and your descendants.

How can I be sure that my photographer is the best?

Make sure, that you have a look at their portfolio. If you like their style, send a message to the photographer for more information.

Bidvine tip: When you’re looking for a photographer (or other professional) on Bidvine, keep an eye out for pros with lots of reviews and a full profile. Some of them may even be Best Of Bidvine award winners!

What questions should I ask the photographer?

If you like to look amazing at your photographs (who doesn’t?) – ask questions how you should prepare yourself for the session. Share your ideas about the photo session and be open to suggestions.

You can also ask about printing services so that you can save your photos in the best way.

What is the best place for a photo session?

Not always your comfort zone. Think outside the box, and go outside. Show a bit of place where you live.

Any other piece of advice?

Remember to get ready for a photo shoot like for a date. In other words, look fabulous. And have a fun during your great photo session.

Top Portrait Photography Advice You're Looking For - Pro PostEwa Piatkowska, Photographer
Horaczko Photography
Bidvine Professional since 2016

Thank you to Ewa for sharing her expert portrait photography advice with us! We hope you learned about why portrait photography is important and what makes a great photo.

Ewa is based in Central London and offers her services in London. She shoots in studios at Bethnal Green or Aldgate East, as well as outdoors throughout London. If you’d like to hire Ewa as your photographer, you can have a look at her work and reviews on her profile.

Click the button below to visit Ewa’s profile. From there, you can submit a free request for portrait photography! You’ll get custom, detailed bids from photographers like Ewa in your area and budget.

If you’re a Bidvine portrait photographer and you want to share your expertise with potential customers through a pro post, please head over to this page or e-mail [email protected]

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