Top 10 Most Amazing Pinterest IKEA Hacks

We all love refreshing our homes with a new piece of furniture! Furniture can completely change the look of a room. So if you’re planning out a way to update your home with flat-pack furniture, then check out these ten amazing Pinterest IKEA hacks to find the inspiration you need to get your project underway!

1. IKEA Storage Hacks for Your Pantry

Not again. Where did you put your foils and kitchen wraps? It’s far to easy to misplace essentials in your kitchen but it doesn’t have to be. With this IKEA Pinterest hack you can create a simple organiser that makes it easy to find what you need fast. would take hours to find those foils and paper.

2. DIY Cutting Board Hack

Need a house warming gift for a friend who just moved into a new flat? This IKEA hack will blow your friend away! House-shaped cutting-boards which will not only look perfect but add value to their kitchen as well.

3. IKEA Hack Grid Moodboard

Are you a fan of a vision board? Then this grid mood board is a must! This is a simple hack that will make it easy to organise all your ideas creatively right in front of you.

Rocking Chair Hacks

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4. DIY Rocking Chair Hacks

This DIY WIngback rocking chair is a superb example of a unique IKEA hack! If you’d love a rocker but can’t seem to find one you like – why not put your own together with this DIY rocking chair IKEA hack.

5. Easy IKEA Hack Side Table

A stylish side-table hack can unleash your inner creative artist. Grab some tools and get ready to make a table with a sturdy cutting board. You can place this table anywhere in your home.

6. Micke Desk Lamp

Looking for an alternative to a traditional desk lamp? Then this IKEA Micke Desk lamp hack is the perfect DIY project for you. It smoothly turns a simple lamp into a statement piece when paired with a piece of driftwood.

7. DIY IKEA Hack Floating Credenza

Whether you live in a spacious home or a small flat, optimising space is a must. This IKEA floating credenza does just that offering a stylish way to blend modern design with storage.

8. IKEA Bekvam Stool Makeover

This Ikea Bekcam Stool makeover is a fantastic way to upgrade your stools and make the most of them while on a budget. With its multiple tiers, you can easily expand your surface area to showcase plants, books, and statement artwork or sculptures.

9. IKEA Lantern Terrarium

Need a bit more greenery in your home? Then why not this terrarium lantern is perfect for you. It artfully transforms a regular lantern into a small green sanctuary for your favourite plants.

10. IKEA Malm End Table DIY

This IKEA Malm DIY table is an amazing and straightforward hack and which offers a great way to transform a simple piece of flatpack furniture into a statement night stand. Creating a modern, syltish look for your bedroom night stand has never been easier!

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