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You’ve heard it a million times: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s a cliché, but it’s true! You can often tell a much longer and more compelling story with photos than you can with words. That’s why photographers are so popular, and why so many image-sharing applications are all the rage right now.

This pro post, from Bidvine professional Peter Bird, will focus on telling a story with a picture. He’ll go over three different photography situations, including social media posts and family portraits. If you’d like to hire Peter as your photographer, stay tuned until the end of the post!

Without further ado, let’s get into Peter’s thoughts on telling a story with photos!

Well, the picture people see can be very important whether it’s for business, family or social media. Every picture tells a tale and shows a story of the person who is being shown. As a photographer, I help to present you the best that can be and to show the image that best suits you.

Business pictures

In business, this can be very important as in business a lot of the time perception can be very everything and get you the client you want or enable you to close the deal. The same holds true for the photos you have these can have a huge effect on your business and the kind of clients you get.

Family photos

Now as for when you have photos done of your family these can display so many things and you want the best images you can get to show your family in the best way.

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Social media pictures

As for social media, this is like business perception is a bug thing as the image you have or portray will decide how much you are noticed and by result dictate the numbers of followers you get and by consequence how high a profile you get.

Every Beautiful Picture Shows and Tells a Story - Pro PostPeter Bird, Photographer
Drawing the Light
Bidvine Professional since 2016

We’d like to thank Peter for sharing his thoughts with us! It’s important to use photos to tell your story, especially if you’re posting on social media or running a business.

Drawing the Light is based in North London, but Peter also travels to clients. If you’d like to hire Peter, you can click the button below to visit his profile and submit a free request. Then, you’ll get custom, detailed bids from portrait photographers in your area.

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