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Are you planning on having family photos taken soon? Or maybe you’re trying to get into the acting business and need a pro to take your headshots. No matter the reason for your photoshoot, it’s important to be prepared. You want to look your best for the photos that you’re investing in.

In this pro post, we’ll learn about being yourself and creating the perfect portrait photograph! The advice in this post comes from Allen Blasdell, a Bidvine professional. He is a professional photographer based in East Anglia, and you can check his profile out at the end of this post.

Let’s get into Allan’s advice!

How to Get the Best Shots From Your Photoshoot

So you’re going to get some portrait photographs done, great! In this article, I’ll share some secrets that should help ensure you get the best photos from your time in front of the camera.

1. Be yourself

By all means, wear your posh frock and do your hair and makeup up. But, the photographs will show what you’re thinking. Feeling and being comfortable will help produce natural looking photos rather than overly “posed” images.

2. Work with your photographer

Whilst we photographers can help you look your best, you do need to make an effort. It takes time to get great photos. There’s lighting, the composition, changing lenses and settings. Please be patient and work with the photographer to help them get the best from you.

3. Great photos are “created” not “taken”

The photographer at your portrait shoot isn’t simply taking a picture. They’re creating something special for you to keep and treasure and it takes time and effort so again allow him time. Some of the worlds top photographers have sometimes spent 2 hours getting a single magazine cover shot – that’s perfection!

4. Don’t feel embarrassed or awkward

Almost no one thinks they look good in front of a camera, even professional models need a few shots to “get into it” so relax and be yourself.

5. Think nice thoughts… really!

What you’re thinking and feeling will show in the final images and whilst professional photographers can remove skin blemishes and so on we can’t disguise your emotions. Be happy!

How to Get the Best Shots From Your Photoshoot - Pro PostAllen Blasdell, Photographer
Creative Pixel Photos
Bidvine Professional since 2016

Thank you to Allen for sharing his advice with us! We hope his words can help you get ready for your next photoshoot. Whether you’re getting ready for a family picture session or are having glamour headshots taken, the same advice applies.

Allen is available for photoshoots in East Anglia and offers many types of photography. Hire Allan for portrait photography, acting headshots, baby photography, pet photography, or even wedding photography!

If you’d like to hire Allen as your photographer, click the button below to visit his Bidvine profile. From there, you can take a look at his past work and reviews. Then, submit a free request for bids from portrait photographers! You’ll get custom bids from photographers in your area.

If you’re a Bidvine portrait photographer and you want to share your expertise with potential customers through a pro post, please head over to this page or e-mail [email protected]

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