New for Pros: BidMatch Feature Update

Since launching BidMatch, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from professionals. In particular, you’ve told us that you love the fact that you only pay when interested customers contact you and automatic bidding. You’ve also highlighted some things we could improve upon and today, we’re happy to announce two new features.

Stay within your budget

Previously, some professionals using BidMatch were contacted by more customers then they budgeted for. While that’s great for winning work, it’s not ideal for helping you manage and control your budget. So now, if you happen to get contacted by more customers than your budget allows, don’t worry, we’ll pay the difference. In other words, you’ll never go over the budget you set!

Don’t pay for “no thanks”

Professionals say they love only paying for customers that have seen their bid and reached out to them. The only exception has been when a customer’s first message is “no thanks”, that’s obviously not getting you a step closer to being hired, so if their first message to your bid is “no thanks”, we’ll detect it and give you the option to flag it so you don’t get charged. Simple!

Please note, this is only applicable to a customer’s first message sent through Bidvine.

Update your BidMatch settings

To update your BidMatch settings, simply log in to Bidvine and visit your services settings page. There, you will be able to see what services you offer that are available on BidMatch and be able to modify your settings.