Mums Could Earn More than £80,000 a Year If It Was a Paid Role

It’s almost Mother’s Day (have you got a card yet?) and to celebrate, we decided to see just how much money the average Mum would earn if motherhood was a paid role.

The result? A whopping £84,388 a year! That’s up there with pilots, GPs and top lawyers.

We surveyed 1,200 UK mums and found that, on average, every day they spent up to 4 hours cleaning and general tidying, around 2 hours preparing food and 1 hour cleaning clothes, as well as being on call for their children 24 hours a day.

On top of this 44% of households which took part in the survey said they had a pet, and two-thirds of mothers from this group said they handle everything with the animals from feeding, bathing and walking.

The survey also found that 74% of mums felt they carried out most of the jobs around the house and 67% said they felt almost completely responsible for their children.

Want to see how much you should be earning if being a parent got you a salary? Use the calculator below to find out! is an online local services marketplace which provides a platform on which members of the public can ask local service professionals to bid for work. Professionals include builders, electricians, cleaners, photographers, caterers, personal trainers, English tutors and many others.

We have thousands of service providers on our database in these sectors and have used internal data and insight to work out the hourly rates for the everyday tasks mums carry out.

These hourly rates were then worked up into an overall daily rate by’s job experts using the statistics from the survey and were then applied to an entire year. The sum of £83,427.39 equates to more than some high paying jobs such as retail managers, bank managers and even medical practitioners. co-founder, Russ Morgan, said,

“As an online services marketplace we have great insight into the jobs market, and there isn’t another job in the world which takes up 24 hours a day 365 days a year without any holidays or breaks!

“With Mother’s Day coming up we wanted to highlight just how hard mums work. We’ve also built the calculator so that other mums or dads can see how much they could be earning as a bit of fun.”

Image credit: unsplash.

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