Homes Under the Hammer’s Amazing Literal Music Choices

When it comes to daytime TV, there’s one show that’s head and shoulders above the rest. Homes Under the Hammer tracks the progress of properties sold at auction. They find out who purchased what and see what they plan to do.

The real pull of the show, though, is the punny script and hilarious soundtrack. We’ve chosen our top 12 musical moments that should go down in pun history. We’ve also included the songs’ music videos for your listening pleasure!

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Homes Under the Hammer's Amazing Literal Music Choices

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Homes Under the Hammer’s Music:

1. The show featured a house with a palm tree in the garden, and Club Tropicana by Wham blasted in the background.

2. The show starts with a property in Blackburn, then when they are back in Blackburn, the soundtrack is Back in Black by AC/DC.

3. Looking at a flat in a high-rise block? The story is accompanied by the funky sounds of Movin’ on Up by M People.

4. Featuring a garden with grapevines in the backyard and the smooth voice of Marvin Gaye singing Heard it Through the Grapevine provides the perfect moment.

5. A flat with no central heating is no laughing matter. This doesn’t phase Homes Under the Hammer, though. Cold as Ice by Foreigner plays during the segment.

6. There’s a heated battle between two bidders in the auction room and a bit of tension is added with Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

7. Moody Ghost Town by The Specials is paired with an unfortunate property with boarded up windows.

8. Something costing a little more money than expected? Whack on Money Money Money by ABBA.

9. A house with yellow wallpaper is an easy target. Yellow by Coldplay may be an easy choice, but sometimes the most obvious puns work the best.

10. A house near a power station needs fun music. Snap’s I Got the Power does the trick.

11. No stone is left unturned and personality quirks of the buyer are integral to the soundtrack. An enthusiastic surfer is buoyed along by Surfin’ Safari by The Beach Boys.

12. The buyer featured used to own a fishery – any excuse to play When the Boat Comes In!

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