Are You Ready to Find Your Match on Tinder? Hire a Tinder Coach!

Are you tired of swiping right but not getting any matches? Do you hate messaging people just to be ignored? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, as we’ve just launched our newest service, ‘Professional Tinder Coaches’!

We know what the dating world is like now – gone are the days of romantic love letters and cute dates, as lonely lovers now turn to apps like Tinder to find their soul mates. That’s why we’re launching the service, to help the people out there struggling to find love master the world’s most popular dating app.

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When you’re requesting a Tinder Coach on Bidvine, we’ll ask you a series of questions related to your preferences. First, we’ll ask how long you want your Tinder Coaching sessions to be. Times range from half an hour to infinity, and it’s all up to you.

We’ll also ask you about what areas of the app you’d like to improve in, and what you’re looking for on the app, to make it as easy as possible for our Professional Coaches to help you find “the one”.

You’ll be able to select whether you’d like your coaching to be done virtually or in-person. However, if you’d like help swiping this has to be done in person.

Launching bespoke services for those in need is something we’re passionate about at Bidvine, whether it be helping you get better at your favourite games, learning fictional languages, or improving your Tinder skills – we want to help everyone!

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Should I Share my Login Information With my Coach?

No. Never share any private or personal information with anyone you meet online. Pro Coaches are vetted and have no need for your login details. Any help with swiping must be done in person.

How Much Do I Have to Pay?

As with all services the prices are up to the provider. However, we estimate that prices will start from around £30 per hour, based on similar services.

Is There a Minimum Amount of Time I Can Hire a Coach For?

It’s up to the provider how long they work for, however, we recommend that sessions last at least an hour for you to see the benefits of the Coaching service.

If you’re interested in turning your ‘swiping’ expertise into some extra cash, read this blog post.

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