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Perry of PMB Fitness

Personal Trainer

With his passion for fitness and helping others make a holistic change towards a healthy lifestyle, Perry always knew he wanted to build his own personal training business.

Every step of the way Perry has focused on becoming the best so when it came time to grow his business, he found that Bidvine was a perfect fit as the best way to win new clients. In our interview with Perry, he shared his business journey as well as top strategies to implement when starting out.

Perry Personal Trainer

How Did You Get Started With Your Personal Training business?

I’ve always been involved in the fitness industry, I’ve played football and other sports as well.

I studied at Middlesex University and graduated with a degree in Sports Science in 2010. At the same time, I was also working with YMCA Fitness Industry Training who train personal trainers. So I became a personal trainer at the same time that I got my degree in Sports Science from Middlesex University. I’ve studied to work in fitness along my whole educational journey.

After that, I’d always known that I wanted to start my own personal training business. I’d had the experience of working at a gym when I was younger. So I wanted to learn from that experience and start my own freelance company.


Where Do You See Your Personal Training Business Headed?

I’m continually learning. I love learning about different training styles and nutrition methods. That way I can share the knowledge with my clients. I’m always looking at different ways that I can help people as well.

Right now I’m developing an online service, that way I can reach more people and provide them with help in achieving their fitness goals even if they might not live close by. I want to be able to share all the years I’ve spent learning.

What Would You Say is The Most Rewarding Part of Your Work?

I would say the most rewarding part is seeing my clients transform, both physically and mentally. I love being able to impact people’s lives and help them to create a positive change that helps them to reach their goals, transform their lives, and become more active.

What Makes Your Personal Training Services Stand Out?

The personal training services I offer are focused on helping clients achieve goals in a realistic way. A lot of times I meet people who have a goal that they would like to achieve. Then I will sit down with them, have a long conversation about why they want to achieve these goals and outline realistic time-frames in order for them to achieve their goals.

Then during that conversation, I’ll also be clear that “There’s no quick way to get there.” It’s not about following a fad diet and there aren’t any short cuts. This is a process and you have to become a new person if you want to reach these goals that you have for yourself. Once you get started it’s not like working towards a destination either, it’s about creating a new lifestyle and giving them the skills to carry on living an active life.

After we’ve had a conversation about goals, then I’ll design a routine to help them reach these goals.

Why Do You Think Customers Choose You?

I think that customers choose me because I have a holistic approach to fitness. The training I offer looks at the big picture. So a client doesn’t just show up for a session and be told, “do 3 sets of 10 reps of squats and head home.” I work with the client to really try and understand why they want to achieve their goals and then give them all the support they need. Often my clients end up becoming my friends because we are in contact so much.

I send clients information on a regular basis and over time we build a strong rapport. So they’re achieving their goals but at the same time, they’re also improving their sleep, getting better nutrition, and living a more active lifestyle all around. Clients appreciate this holistic approach.

What Are Your Tips For Personal Trainers Who Want to Start Their Own Business?

It is best to do your research first and analyse the strengths of your business. In university, I learned the SWOT analysis which is a great method when starting out – analyse your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and competition, so you can stay fresh.

Then, it’s always best to have as much knowledge as you can when setting up a business. With more knowledge and experience, you’ll be better placed to help potential clients.

You also need to be clear on who you want to target. If you are looking to reach a specific group of people or location then your advertising and marketing needs to reflect that.

Then, just do it! A lot of people will think about things for a long time and they won’t put their ideas into action. They’ll blink and 6 months have gone by, then they’ll blink again and a year will have passed. There’s not always a perfect way or perfect time – that can be an excuse to put things on hold.

What is Your Advice For Tackling The Learning Curve That Comes With Building a Business?

The way I see it is you either win or you learn. Even if the outcome isn’t what you had planned, at least you’ve learnt from that. You’ll know which approach not to take and then going forward you can plan around that. Even through your mistakes, you’ll learn a lot more, if you’re always going to play it safe then you’re never really going to progress to where you can reach.

When you step outside your comfort zone then you’re forced to learn more, you’re forced to grow, and you’re forced to acquire skills. All of which enables you to take your business to the next level.

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