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It may only be October, but the festive season is coming up soon. If you don’t want to wait until the new year to get in shape, this pro post is for you. Louisa Hill from Body Revolution UK shared her advice on getting in shape with us, and we love it!

Are you wondering how to get in shape for the festive season? This pro post is for you! Maybe you’ve lost your way a bit and need help getting back into shape. Perhaps you don’t know how to start getting fit. Maybe you want to lose weight and get fit. Whatever your reasons for getting fit are, a personal trainer can help!

We’ve also added in some Bidvine tips featuring recipes and other articles you may be interested in reading. So, get reading and learn how to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle during the most indulgent time of the year.

Getting into Shape for the Festive Season

The holiday party season is fast approaching. Don’t panic and comfort eat a box of chocolates! Just get exercising now and eat clean.

Get in Shape With Exercise

Your exercises need to suit your body and lifestyle, and you should keep them short. You only need to do 20-30 mins 3 times a week. The most important parts of any workout are getting your heart rate up and getting a sweat on.

Try doing shuttle runs in the garden, skipping, squat jumps, power walk or jog around the block. For a complete body workout, you could easily incorporate squats or lunges for lower body. Plank or leg drops for core, press ups for upper body.

If you need a bit of direction, hiring a personal trainer is a great way to get the ball rolling.

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Eat Clean and Improve Your Health

Food wise you don’t ever need to diet, just eat clean. Fruit, porridge or eggs are great for breakfast. Fish, white meats with brown rice, quinoa, vegetables or salad for lunch and fish or white meat with vegetables for dinner. Snack on fruit or nuts in a small portion and drink plenty of water.

Bidvine tip: If you want to eat clean every day, incorporate super foods into your diet. Louisa mentioned some, including fish and nuts, but there are many more to choose from! To learn more about superfoods, check out this post. Are you looking for festive recipes? Check out this post on festive recipes for every diet. You just might find a new favourite!

Drink Clean

If you’re drinking alcohol – vodka or gin with sugar-free tonic is a good choice. Make it part of your routine and without really trying you will be feeling great at those holiday parties!

How To Get in Shape for Christmas Parties - Pro Post - Louisa HillLouisa Hill, Personal Trainer
Body Revolution UK
Bidvine Professional since 2016

We’d like to thank Louisa for her helpful tips on getting in shape before the festive season. It’s always great to combine clean eating with fitness if you want to be healthy and happy.

Louisa specialises in 8-week training programs, so if you want to get fit before festive parties or a special event, contact her on Bidvine! She’ll be able to help you get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are you looking for a personal trainer? Do you live around Woking? Submit a request for personal training on Bidvine and receive up to five bids from pros like Louisa!

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If you're looking to get in shape for the holiday season, this pro post has the tips for you! Learn how to get fit and healthy for upcoming parties.

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