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At Bidvine, we want you to have the most rewarding autumn and winter possible. So, if one of the things on your to-do list is to get fit and stay fit, then this pro post is perfect for you. We have insider knowledge on how to get fit and stay fit by hiring a personal trainer. Going into the new year, we bet that getting fit is at the top of your to-do list, so make sure you read this pro post.

We’ve also added in some Bidvine tips to this post, so look out for links to our other content and services! We’re just looking out for your health, after all.

For this pro post, we asked Bidvine pro Mike Boon of Mad4Fitness for his input. He shared some great information about how hiring a personal trainer can help you get fit this autumn. To learn more about hiring a personal trainer and improving your fitness, read on.

The huge demand for personal training is one of the great attributes of a fast growing health & fitness industry happening within the UK right now. The trend is set to rapidly increase over the next 5 to 10 years. Personal training was originally a USA phenomenon, but quickly hit our shores and is now part of many people’s fitness regimes.

Bidvine tip: To learn more about personal training, check out some of our past articles. We have a guide to personal training, as well as a list of reasons why you need a personal trainer.

I train a wide variety of clients all with different goals and targets, and I take pride in seeing them achieve this over a given period of time.

Consumers have seen the benefits of having a personal trainer to get that extra out of them and to push them beyond a point where they previously might have stopped, it can be life changing!

There are a few questions to ask when choosing a personal trainer

Are they qualified?

Make sure they are at least Level 3 trained and First Aid trained, ask to see certificates if needed.

Do they have insurance?

Again, ask to see certificates as it’s your safety that is paramount.

Bidvine tip: When you’re working with any pro, especially a personal trainer, it’s important that they have public liability insurance. For many pros, like Mike, you can see this on their Bidvine profile. If you don’t see anything, don’t hesitate to ask them before you click “hire”.

Do they have a good reputation and reviews?

Any good freelance personal trainer will have a website, check out the content and any reviews that clients have left.

Bidvine tip: Look for providers on Bidvine that are Best Of Bidvine or have a Gold Profile. That way, you know that they’re the best of the bunch. Luckily, Mike is one of the Best Of Bidvine and has a Gold Profile!

Did they offer you a free session?

Ask for a free taster session to see if you like the style of training and indeed the Trainer.

Bidvine tip: You want to know that your personal trainer will prescribe workouts that work for you. And, you need to have a good rapport with them since you’ll be working so closely together. A free taster session will help you gauge how comfortable you are around them and if you want to continue.

What is their price?

Get quotes but don’t go for the lowest as the training you get may well just reflect that.

Personal training is exactly that, personal! It’s your time so you should expect not just a good service but an exceptional service.

How to Get Fit and Stay Fit with Personal Training - Pro PostMike Boon, Personal Trainer
Bidvine Professional since 2015

Thank you to Mike for sharing his advice for getting fit with us! We really enjoyed his insight into the world of personal training and fitness in general.

Mike operates his business out of South East London and services the surrounding area. He offers many personal training services, including Tough Mudder training and Spartan Race training. If you’re looking to take part in one of those events in the near future, then Mike is the right pro for you.

Are you looking to get fit and healthy for the holiday season? When you submit a request on Bidvine, you could get custom bids from trusted, local pros like Mike. Submit a request today, it’s totally free!

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