What Could Your Earn After Reality TV? (Fame Factor Calculator)

Due to the immense popularity of Love Island, we were curious how much contestants would be able to charge if they chose to return to their regular jobs! We analysed our job sector data to see what impact a new found celebrity status has on a service provider’s demand. In our research we discovered what they are able to charge per hour and discovered that, on average, they can charge up to 6 times more, which we’ve dubbed the ‘fame factor’.

We then created a list of ten contestants who could increase their wage post-show and created a ‘fame factor calculator’. Try it yourself! Simply enter your profession to see how much you could charge if you went on a reality TV show like Love Island.


Here is the list of the 10 contestants who could charge more for their previous profession:

  1. Chris Hughes – model – from £12.50 an hour to £140 an hour
  2. Amber Davies – dancer – from £15 an hour to £126 an hour
  3. Olivia Attwood – model – from £50 an hour to £112 an hour
  4. Jessica Shears – model – from £50 an hour to £112 an hour
  5. Jamie Jewitt – model – from £50 an hour to £112 an hour
  6. Kem Cetinay – hairdresser – from £8.32 an hour to £83 an hour
  7. Theo Campbell – personal trainer – from £9.20 an hour to £68 an hour
  8. Alex Beattie – personal trainer – from £9.20 an hour to £68 an hour
  9. Gabby Allen – fitness instructor – from £7.80 an hour to £55 an hour
  10. Marcel Somerville – music producer – from £8 an hour to £50 an hour

Chris Hughes sees the biggest rise in his hourly rate, and can now charge up to 1000% more thanks to his time on the show.

Russ Morgan, co-founder of Bidvine.com, said,

“It’s interesting to see just how much of an increase in charging power these new celebrities will have in their respective fields. It’s unlikely that Kem will be going back to hairdressing any time soon, but if he does you can bet he’ll be charging more than £8 an hour! I can imagine for the Love Islanders going back to their day jobs isn’t a priority, but it’s probably comforting to know they can now charge more for their skills thanks to their new found fame.”

“We’ve got thousands of service providers on the site from hairdressers, to personal trainers and models, including a few celebrity providers, so we had loads of data to analyse, but we didn’t expect the fame factor to be quite as high as it is!”

Image Credit: Unsplash