Bidvine Puts the Sparkle Back into Winning Cleaning Clients

Daniel is passionate about two things: his family and putting a smile on people’s faces through making their home spic and span. When he founded D&M Cleaning, a small, family run cleaning business, with his business partner Maria, he combined his two passions into one. This ensures all the staff members share Daniel and Maria’s dedication to providing excellent service. Despite having the right staff on board, it’s never easy to set up a business and to find new clients. That’s where Bidvine came into the picture, as Daniel explains.

I first heard about Bidvine when they contacted me about a customer in my area, who was looking for a cleaning company. After signing up to the website, I found it very user friendly and helpful. Moreover, their pricing structure allows professionals to select which customers they want to work with and pay per quote. I have used other lead generation websites in the local services space, but I found Bidvine to be the best. Their questions are very clear and thorough which allows providers to give accurate quotes. The quality of the customer requests are higher too, meaning their budgets are more flexible and customers are likely to become regular clients.

Daniel Dragusin, Marketing Manager, D&M London Cleaning

When a customer submits a request using Bidvine, they answer a series of in-depth questions so that they can be matched with the right professional. This is another reason why Bidvine is the perfect platform for Daniel’s business. D&M Cleaning offers a comprehensive range of services that includes everything from domestic cleaning to gutter clearing and upholstery cleaning. The company also specialises in cleaning for specific purposes, corporate events, after building work, and end of tenancy cleaning. Therefore, whenever Daniel receives a Bidvine request, he knows that it will be detailed enough to allow him to quote with one of the company’s many services tailor-made to the request.

Daniel and Maria believe keeping the business in their own hands and hiring like-minded people. This means they can stay competitive as they don’t have to pass on 3rd party agency fee costs to the customers. Access to a cost-effective marketing platform like Bidvine, where the cost of quote is a fraction of the value of repeat business, helps D&M Cleaning keep their domestic cleaning prices affordable. Meanwhile, all their cleaners are highly trained and also insured for the peace of mind of customers. In other words, a family run business means they can add that personal touch while maintaining the highest professional service quality.

The cleaning industry in general can appear as sterile and uninspiring to the public but Daniel likes to challenge this view. He aims to ensure that his team have a great sense of humour, and that they carry out their jobs in a fun and friendly way. It’s no wonder that the look and feel of the Bidvine platform immediately appealed to him. ‘I like that it allows small businesses showcase their projects, including photos of their staff members.’

D&M Cleaning understands that the preferences of commercial and domestic clients can be very different. So they offer a tailored service for customers in each category. Although domestic clients prefer the cleaning to take place straight away, before beginning any commercial cleaning work, Daniel and team are eager to assess the space that needs cleaning first. That way, both D&M Cleaning and the commercial client save time and money, and client expectations are always met. The team regularly reviews their process and talk to their clients to see if they are happy with the service. If the client’s needs have changed, they make immediate adjustments based on any feedback. This thoughtful approach means that the majority of the new clients that D&M work with have been referred by current customers. Daniel is very proud of this, and sees it as a sign that his customers know they are receiving a quality cleaning service for a great price. Consistency in high service quality also means that many Bidvine customers turn to D&M Cleaning directly for their regular cleaning needs after the first session.

Daniel Dragusin, Marketing Manager
D&M London Cleaning
Bidvine Professional since October 2015

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