3 Top Languages to Study (Learn About the Cost of Language Lessons)

There are countless reasons to learn a new language. More than half of the people who live in the UK speak two languages. Yet some might put learning off simply because they are unsure about the cost of language lessons.

So we did some research and found out the cost of language lessons for three top languages to learn. Read on to learn more about the price of language tuition and how learning a new language can benefit you!

The Cost of Language Lessons in the UK

  • English Lessons £27
  • Italian Lessons £28
  • Spanish Lessons £24


Want to learn more about these languages? Then keep reading to learn interesting facts about each type of language and why a second language can help you in your career!

Cost of Language Lessons - English Lessons

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English Lessons

The English language has been around since the mid 800s. It went through several stages of evolution from Old-English to Middle-English and eventually became the modern language spoken today. The language has changed so much that most fluent English speakers would find it challenging to understand old English.

English is one of the fastest spreading languages in history. According to the Harvard Business Review, one in four people across the world speak English at a conversational level today. That means 1.75 billion people worldwide are English speakers.

The widespread nature of the English language means that it is often adopted by companies as the primary language. This is true even if the company is from a country where English is not the native language. It is actually also, the most popular second language across Europe. So, if you are able to converse fluently in English you greatly increase your employment opportunities.

English lessons aren’t just useful for people who primarily speak a different language either. If you are a student in an English speaking country then English courses might focus on your academic studies. In this case, they could even potentially help you to improve your grades or prepare for your GCSEs.

The average cost of English tuition from Bidvine English tutors is around £27 per lesson. One of the most popular locations where English tutors are hired in the UK is Kensington and Chelsea.

Ready to improve your grades or become fluent in English? Then let Bidvine help. When you submit a request through Bidvine you’ll get custom, detailed bids from top professionals!

Cost of Language Lessons - Italian Language Books

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Italian Lessons

Like English, Italian is an old language. The earliest Italian texts date back to the mid 900s. So it is a language that has been around for a while!

The Italian language can trace its origins back to Latin, which was one of the main written languages hundreds of years ago.

Today Italian is a popular language in several European countries. It is an official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Croatia, and Slovenia. So, learning to speak Italian can be especially handy if you travel regularly to any of these countries. Learning a second language like Italian is also beneficial if you want to expand your employment opportunities. If you learn to speak Italian fluently it will be easier to find employment in countries where it is an official language or at companies who work with clients in these countries.

There are approximately 66 million people who speak Italian fluently. While Italy is the primary countries where Italian speakers reside, it is still a useful language as Italian speakers are present across Europe. In the UK, Hounslow is one of the most popular areas that requests Italian Lessons.

If you have Italian heritage but don’t speak Italian fluently, Italian language lessons also offer an excellent opportunity to connect with your ancestry.

Want to sign up for Italian language lessons but not sure where to find a tutor? Bidvine makes it ridiculously easy to connect with trusted, local professionals. On Bidvine, the cost of language lessons for Italian tuition is about £28 per class.

Cost of Language Lessons - Spanish Lessons

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Spanish Lessons

Spanish, like Italian, is a romantic language. Similar to Italian and English its roots also reach far back into history. It began to develop as a language in the 9th central in North Central Spain.

Today it is an extremely prevalent language. Ever wonder how many Spanish speakers there are in the world? There are around 360 million Spanish speakers throughout the world. The majority of people who are fluent in Spanish reside in Central and South America. Yet, there are also many Spanish speakers spread throughout the world.

If you routinely travel to Spain, or Central and South America then Spanish is an ideal language to learn. Many companies also look favourably on applicants who speak a second language like Spanish. If you are working in a career like customer relations, or client care, then being able to speak a second language is an asset.

Are you ready to achieve your Spanish language goals? Through Bidvine professionals, Spanish Lessons in London cost £24 per session.

No matter what language you learn, during your lessons your language teacher will tailor the lessons to you. This means that your lessons will help you achieve your goals no matter what they are. For instance, your teacher can help you learn to speak fluently or help you study for an upcoming test. Then again, if your goal has a short term focus like learning basic conversational skills for a trip, they can help you with that as well.

Are you considering signing up your child for language lessons? The Economist suggests that 8 to 12-year-old children acquire new languages the fastest. Still, if you put your mind to it you are never too old or too young to begin learning a new skill. Plus, with our handy cost guide, you never have to guess about the cost of language lessons when it comes to these three top options!

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