Candofix added Bidvine to their marketing toolbox

John Mc Donagh, owner of handyman service company Candofix, prides himself on having a business with great reputation.

CandofixCandofix distinguishes itself by offering high quality work at a reasonable price. By respecting their customers and staying true to the expectations they set, Candofix has established a great reputation with Londoners (including many happy Bidvine users).

When John was looking to further promote his business, he wanted to do so in a way that didn’t impact his reputation. Fortunately, Bidvine offered him the means to do just that.

“[We] were looking to market our brand in a way that gave us a good business reputation. We researched various online business promotion models’ offers and quickly realised that many were not transparent, comprehensive and cost effective.

One organisation, Bidvine stood out from the myriad of online companies in the way they conducted their business. For Candofix it was important that the business relationship between the customer, Bidvine and Candofix facilitated, fostered and supported this relationship in terms of the customers needs. We quickly realised that Bidvine’s service offer was friendly, efficient and supportive when we received a continual stream of feedback from returning customers. It became apparent that returning customers were eager to provide a positive opinion of not only Candofix but also of Bidvine. At Candofix this qualitative information informed and reinforced our commitment to a closer and continued business relationship with Bidvine.”

John Mc Donagh, Owner Candofix

If you are looking for a handyman/handywomen yourself, John offers the following advice:

“A customer should be aware that small details are revealing when deciding on what handyman to use. For me a good all round handyman should be able to answer a simple question from each trade. Although your repair may be specific this should not prevent you asking simple generalist questions and were a specific repair is sought question that probe by asking a deeper level question about something technically simple.”

Image Credit: Alvin Chua

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