The Secret To Impressing Clients with your Bid: Be Quick

After several years working for a corporate company in London, Arriane decided it was time to make a change. So she went back to school and became a fitness coach. Now she pursues her passion for making a difference in people’s lives full-time as a health and fitness professional.

During our conversation with Arriane, she offered her perspective on the positive impact health and fitness professionals make each day, as well as how free initial consultations and a full profile help her win more clients.

What Inspired You to Become a Health and Fitness Professional?

I decided to change careers seven years ago. I used to work at a corporate company in London and held a position in a law firm. Then a combination of personal motivations and serious family illnesses inspired me to change my career and to seek out my life purpose.

It was a complete turnaround. I decided that what mattered most was making a difference in people’s lives and health is the most important thing; something people shouldn’t take for granted. This decision pushed me to go back and study and then push my studies further to specialise in health and fitness for children. Childhood is the best time to learn about healthy living habits and creating a healthy lifestyle.

Now, I’m fully qualified in fitness and nutrition as a level three fitness coach.

How Would You Describe Your Work?

Working in health and fitness is not just providing a programme and seeing a client once a week. It’s helping them to develop so that they can attain their goals health and fitness-wise and so that afterwards they can keep those healthy habits. It’s really about transforming their lives, which is so much more than just meeting once a week and training. You provide support  and motivation as a coach.

What Made You First Sign up, When You Came Across Bidvine?

I was contacted by one of your team members. They showed me how Bidvine worked and it seemed quite appealing. Now I’ve signed up for BidMatch, which bids automatically on my behalf. I’ve found Bidvine to be a great platform.

What is Most Important to Include in Your Profile?

The most important thing is to have a full profile. You have to include pictures, a full description, the right selection of services and reviews. Reviews from clients are really the most important, they sell you more than any picture.

But after reviews, pictures are a close second. Personal training and coaching are both very personal. So the better of an idea your clients have about who you are through your pictures, the easier it is for them to decide if you will be a good match.

Where Does Personalisation Fit Into Bids?

When you send your bids, you need to provide a feel of who you are as a person and a fitness professional. Health and fitness professionals come in different types. We’re all very different, and not everyone is for everyone.

Clients need to work with someone they are comfortable with and that they can relate to. The more a client can learn about you, how you work and what you provide, the better. Also, make sure to address the specifics of their requests so they know you took the time to read their requirements and you can help with those directly.

How do You Demonstrate to New Clients What a Personal Training Session Will be Like?

A free initial consultation with the client lets you get to know more about each other, which is important especially when it comes to personal training. It allows a client to fully express their goals and learn how you work as a fitness coach.

It gives you a sense if you will be a good match for training. Sometimes, it isn’t a good match and that’s okay too, it’s what a free initial consultation is all about. It creates transparency and demonstrates honesty allowing you to create a strong relationship with the customer and that’s the secret to success.

Photo credit: AEM Health and Fitness

Do You Follow up on The Bids You Send?

I try to follow up on all the bids I send. When I do, I simply ask them if they viewed my offer and if they would like to go ahead, and book their free initial consultation. Then if they say yes, we can discuss their requirements further.

What do You Love Most About Bidvine?

I love how responsive the support team is. There is always someone to speak to. Nowadays that’s harder to find and it can be difficult to get through to a company. The support that Bidvine gives is really good and the team is really friendly. They went through step by step how to setup BidMatch, which was very helpful. So definitely when it comes to customer service, the provider support team is a big plus point for Bidvine.

Do You Use The Bidvine Pro App?

Yes, I do. Using the Pro App saves me time. I don’t need to go and log on to my laptop or desktop. I just view it on my phone and straight away I can take action.

By the way, that’s really important for health and fitness professionals who are new on Bidvine. My top tip is that you need to be quick. I’ve had feedback from clients saying that they were pleasantly surprised by how quickly I responded. It sets you apart. So that’s an important point I think for professionals to act straight away and when the client gets back to you, reply straight away.

What Are Your Future Business Plans?

I’m currently working on community projects, helping families and children in West London, so that’s what I’m focusing on in the near future. That will be a combination of educational and interactive fitness events in our local West London communities.

We’ll be doing health and fitness shows where children get to try out different sports from basketball to martial arts, to dance fitness. Then during the show, they also participate in healthy nutrition games, healthy food swaps and things like that. They’ll be able to make their own healthy snacks in a little kitchen area as well as a food club. From there we provide a 12-week community programme for parents too. So that’s something that I am really excited about and it is a lot of fun.

At the same time, I’m also putting together some online services as well. I’m looking to offer some programmes for health and fitness professionals that they can use when training kids and families in particular.

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