Bidvine is The Best Way to Advertise My Business

Sulaimon Lasisi

Painter & Decorator

Inspired by his passion for painting and transforming clients’ homes, Sulaimon Lasisi set out to establish his own painting and decorating business in 2012. With 21 hires and counting since he created his profile, Sulaimon describes Bidvine as the best platform to advertise his business, win new clients, and pursue growth.

His business isn’t just growing from direct hires through Bidvine either! Taking note of his hard work and dedication the clients he wins through Bidvine happily recommend him and pass his name along to others in need of painting and decorating. So winning one job, doesn’t just mean winning one new client – each job won is an opportunity to reach multiple clients through recommendations!

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How Did You Get Started With Your Painting and Decorating Business?

I started my painting and decorating business seven years ago in 2012 inspired by a passion for decorating around my own home.

I had always done the painting and decorating in my home before and then when I got a great new flat, the agency that owned the flat sent over a painter and decorator. I asked him if he needed a hand and then he took me on. After working with him as an apprentice for three years I decided to start on my own.

Why Did You Decide to Use Bidvine to Advertise Your Business?

Bidvine isn’t the only site where you can advertise your job, but I’ve gotten more jobs through Bidvine than the other sites I’ve used. It’s been a really helpful way for me to discover new clients, which is good for my business all around!

How do Recommendations From Jobs You’ve Won on Bidvine Impact Your Business?

Bidvine is really helpful for finding jobs. Then I use the jobs I win as an opportunity to demonstrate my hard work, skill, and passion for what I do. Happy with the work I’ve done, clients then often recommend me.

I did work for one client, where I was wallpapering his whole house. When I finished the job, although he didn’t have more work for me he was really happy with the quality of the work I had done, so he recommended me. That recommendation led to a £2,000 job. So from that initial job I was able to continue reaching new clients as well.

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How do You Approach Larger Jobs as a Sole Trader?

When bigger jobs come through, I’ll call someone to help out with the project. Sometimes I’ll call the painter and decorator I initially worked as an apprentice with, to come and give me a hand. That way we can efficiently complete the project.

What is The Most Rewarding Part of What You do?

The most rewarding part of what I do isn’t the money but the satisfaction of creating. Painting is very, very therapeutic and relaxing.

I am also passionate about being able to make an impact. There’s nothing like when you walk into a house after you’ve done the work and being able to say, “Yes, I’ve done something good.” That’s the most rewarding part for me, I like making a difference.

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What Would You Say is a Top Way to Get Good Reviews?

Clients leave me good reviews because they’re very happy with the job I’ve done. I’m a professional, I like to do things to the highest standard. If the job isn’t done, I’m not coming out.

I go the extra mile to deliver a top service. If I’m working in a house and I notice that there’s something that needs to be done and I wasn’t paid for it, I’ll ask the client, “Do you mind if I do this? There won’t be an additional charge.”

If I paint everywhere and there’s a part that looks unfinished, it will make the job look like it hasn’t been done properly – it would stand out. For example, one job I worked on didn’t include window frames in the quote but when I had finished painting I could see that the window frames needed to be painted as well. So I checked with the client first and then painted the window frames as well.

That kind of extra service leads to a good review and can lead to recommendations as well.

What Was Your Memorable Project?

I have great memories from all the of the customers I’ve worked for. To highlight one of these projects though, there was a lady I worked for who wanted to surprise her mum. Her mum travelled for work. She called me before I showed up to start working and said that her mum was coming back in two days time, and asked if I could get the project done in time. So I helped her pick a colour for the painting project and she was very happy with the results.

Then, I also helped another client whose house wasn’t in good condition before I got there. We chose the colour, then I picked up the colour from the shop for her, and now she’s really happy with how the house looks. I love making that difference and seeing how happy customers are with the results.

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What Tips Would You Have For Someone Just Starting Out With Their Business?

If you want to start a job on your own – just do it! If you want to get your business growing as soon as possible then Bidvine is the first place you should go to advertise your business. It’s worked really well for me and is the best way to win new clients.

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