8 Ways to Treat Yourself After a Hard Day (without Calories or Shopping)

We all deserve to treat ourselves and sometimes the thought of indulging is what gets us through a hard day’s work. Of course, when treats spring to mind, the first thoughts we have are food or shopping related. We’ve found some ways to ensure you feel thoroughly pampered (of body and mind) without spending a penny or consuming a calorie. So don’t hold yourself back from indulging in these eight ways to treat yourself after a hard day, and don’t forget to share with friends if you found our tips helpful!

1. Take control. — If you live with others you probably compromise more than you think you do over the programs you watch on TV. Take everyone else out of the equation… what would you REALLY like to watch? That new Katie Price documentary, Making a Murderer or even Keeping Up with the Kardashians? The choice is yours—just take the laptop if you are outvoted.

2. Dream a little dream. — Shopping is obviously rewarding but planning and dreaming can be an ethereal combination. Instead of buying anything, browse the net for the most expensive items of your desire (it doesn’t matter if you’ll ever be able to afford them) and create your own little ‘vision board’ folder on your desktop. Who knows, if you dream enough, one day it may come true… at least that’s what they say!

vision board page

Image: S1ra

3. Make a note. — At school most of us kept a diary at one point or another, and even if the habit was short lived we know how to write a memoir. Try this process again. It can be incredibly cathartic. If you’re brave enough, make it public and publish your own blog. Who knows, you may find your calling while clearing your mind of the daily fog.

4. Make it yourself. — We read many articles on how to make beauty products at home but we rarely have the chance to try them out. To reward yourself, give yourself the time and pamper yourself senseless with items you already have in your cupboards. Try mayonnaise for hair, oats for the face and sugar for body scrub. You’ll soon glow from head to toe and it won’t cost a penny.

home made scrub

Image: brit.co

5. Take your time. — How many times do you read the paper quickly because you’ve chores to do or get up in an ad break to fold washing to make the most of your time? Try claiming a few hours this evening to do absolutely nothing ‘productive,’ and if that means playing Candy Crush, so be it.

6. Get organised. — Do you wish your bedroom followed the rules of feng shuis or that your books were organised by author on the book shelf? However you want to get organised, do it. You’ll feel an amazing sense of achievement not just after completing the task but every time you use your new organised space.

book shelf

Image: Joe Buckingham

7. Download a slice of heaven. — Whether you like listening to podcasts or dancing to 60’s pop musicdo it after a hard day. Download your own slice of heaven and take the time to truly enjoy it!

8. Make the bed. — Making the bed can really impact on happiness, there’s something about the way the completed task makes us feel not just with the actions but when we’re ready to flop into our cosy bed. Add clean sheets for freshness and take a lovely hot bath before slipping under the covers, now that’s pure indulgence, all you need now is a good book and some honey and lemon!

Would you like to share your tips on how to treat yourself after a hard day? We would love to hear from you in the comments below. If you liked this article, you will love our “Ten Weekend Activities That Won’t Cost a Fortune!

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