Wedding Photography Ideas That You’ll Love

September 17, 2020

Trying to decide on the best pose for your wedding photo shoot can be challenging. So, we put together this handy collection of wedding party photography ideas to inspire you for your big day. Once you've picked your favourite, then hire a wedding photographer to capture every moment of your day!

Wedding Party Photography Ideas

Whether you’re looking for classic wedding photo suggestions, unusual or unique photos or you are planning a destination wedding we’ve got you covered. Read on to find wedding photography ideas that you’ll love no matter what your wedding plans are!

Keep in mind whenever you’re planning out a photo shoot, whether it’s for a portrait or a wedding that good lighting is essential. To learn more about just how beneficial good lighting can be, take a look at this post on the benefits of lighting for portrait photography.

Wedding Photos Ideas List

Ready to find some top wedding photography ideas for your wedding? Perfect, then let’s get started!

Wedding Photos Ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas for Posing

No matter what your wedding plans are, it is likely that you will want a few classic or traditional wedding photos for your collection. After all, it is nice to have a varied mix of traditional and fun wedding pictures to add to your wedding photo album.

Yet with so many different traditional wedding poses it can be difficult to choose which one is the best. So, here are some inspirational suggestions to kick start your wedding photography brainstorming. If you see a pose that you like then make sure to mention it to your wedding photographer!

Girl in a Wedding Dress

Image Credit

Separate Portraits

You both put a lot of work into looking good for the ceremony. An easy way to capture this is with separate wedding portraits of both the bride and the groom. That way no detail of the bride’s hair, make-up or jewellery will be missed and neither will the groom’s classy tie or bow tie.

Wedding Suit

Photo by Alex Class Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

Getting Ready

There is nothing like getting a behind the scenes look at your spouse’s preparations for the wedding. So, make sure to have your photographer stop by to each of your dressing rooms before the ceremony starts!

For a timeless getting ready photo, be sure to add a photo of the brides’ dress to your must-have wedding photo list. To find inspiration for your wedding pictures, simply take a look at this stunning wedding photo shoot, which includes photos of the bride’s dress, as well as her jacket and shoes artfully arranged.

Girls With Flowers

Photo by Corrado Chiozzi Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

Ride to the Wedding

Another top wedding photography idea is to take a picture of your separate rides to the wedding. That way, when the wedding is all over you can both reflect and share the memories of your trip to the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Party

Photo by Nicola Hippisley Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

The Wedding Party

There are two classic options for a wedding party photo shoot. One option is to have the bridesmaids and groomsmen pose separately. Then your second option is to have everyone pose together for a portrait of the entire wedding party.

Can’t decide between the two options? Then make sure to book some extra time with your photographer so you can capture both photos!

Family Photo

Photo by Fran Foto Factory, a Professional on Bidvine

Family Photo

No matter which poses you end up deciding on don’t forget to make time for a classy family photo. Both you and your loved ones are sure to appreciate a family photo in the years to come. Not to mention that putting together a wedding album with a family portrait will make a great thank you gift to your loved ones.

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Picture and Nature

Photo by Elena Lyashenko Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

Find Inspiration in Nature

If you and your spouse love the outdoors, then a photo shoot outside is a must. You can take a portrait of you and your spouse holding hands against some trees or in a garden. Then, after this why not stage a photo of you and your loved one walking together down a country lane?!

Choosing the location for your outdoor wedding photoshoot can be as simple as finding a beautiful spot at your chosen venue. For instance, this rustic wedding photoshoot that took place on Welsh farm is simply enchanting. To capture your ideal nature-inspired photos, keep an eye out for venues that can create stunning outdoor backdrops.

No matter which pose you choose for your outdoors wedding photo shoot, the sunshine and greenery are sure to make your wedding photos stand out!

Artsy Wedding Photo

Photo by Ufniak Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

Artsy Photo

Another top option is to pose for an artsy photo. Together, you and your photographer can create a piece of artwork complete with a unique composition and dramatic lighting.

Fashion Focus Pose

Photo by Ozgo Photography and Video Production, a Professional on Bidvine

Fashion Focus Pose

Love fashion? Then make sure to incorporate it into your wedding photos! A fashion-focused photo is sure to make you feel like a model. We just love how this bride stares dreamily off into the distance as her wedding gown flows around her.

For a unique picture, take a photo of your dress or suit hanging up before the wedding. Then you can look back at the photos and remember what it was like picking out your dress or suit when you first spotted it.

First Look at the Bride

Image Credit

First Look at the Bride

The idea for those pose captures the sentiments of the groom as he gets ready to look at his bride for the first time on the wedding day. A cute option for a pose is to take a picture of the have the bride covering the groom’s eyes while standing behind him. Then, you can even take a second picture when the groom sees the bride for the first time to capture all the sentiment of this romantic moment.

Flower Girl at a Wedding

Flower Girls

If you have flower girls at your wedding then a wedding photo of them as they walk down the aisle or alongside the bride, is sure to be both stunning and adorable! Another cute option for a wedding pose with your flower girls is to have them sit around the bride each holding their petite bouquets.

Wedding Photo at the Ceremony


When your professional wedding photographer for hire takes photos during the ceremony you don’t need to worry about striking a rigid pose. For these photos, the way you’re standing will already position you in the right space for a polished and classy picture. Plus, professional photos taken during the ceremony will let you look back and cherish the memory of saying your vows and exchanging wedding bands, for a lifetime.

Walking out Together After the Ceremony

Photo by Gavin Mills Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

Walking out Together After the Ceremony

When you and your spouse walk out together after the ceremony, this is another prime time for a photo. A photo that is taken as you walk out together will capture all the joy, happiness and excitement from the very beginning of your marriage. Now that’s something that everyone needs in their wedding album!


Photo by Tom Prest Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

Throwing the Bouquet

This classic moment presents the perfect opportunity for a wedding photo. There is nothing quite like a picture which captures the bouquet mid-air as the bride throws it to her bridesmaids.

Dancing With The Bride

Photo by Lifetime of Love, a Professional on Bidvine

Your First Dance

Your first dance together as a married couple is something you will always want to remember. So, make sure that you arrange with your photographer beforehand to grab a couple snaps of this precious moment.

Cutting the Cake

Photo by Tom Prest Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the wedding cake is an absolute must for you to include in your wedding photography wishlist. This is a special moment which you will want to share for years to come.

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Beach Wedding Photography

Beach Wedding Photography Ideas

Are you planning a destination wedding? Then you will want to keep reading and check out these top beach wedding photography ideas for your wedding!

Heart in the sand

Image Credit

A Heart in the Sand

Posing together in a heart drawn in the sand is nothing if not romantic. If you want to add a pop of colour too, consider tracing the outline of the heart in rose petals. Whether you’re holding hands or sharing a cute kiss this photo will undoubtedly be stunning.

Kiss on the Beach Under the Archways

Image Credit

Kiss on the Beach Under the Archways

Sharing a kiss on the beach under a white floral archway is an excellent option for a wedding photo. We just love how this couple has also added lanterns around their wedding arches!

Sweep Her off Her Feet

Image Credit

Sweep Her off Her Feet

For a fun and serendipitous picture, have your partner pick you up in their arms and carry or swirl you around. The movements of the dress swishing around and the joy on your faces as you take a moment away to play will make the perfect picture.

Rings in the Sand

Image Credit

Rings in the Sand

For an artsy, artistic photo draw a heart in the sand then place both of your rings there side by side. Alternatively, if you find a nice shell on the beach you can layer the two rings on top of each other on the shell.

Stand with Your Bare Feet at the Water’s Edge

Image Credit

Stand with Your Bare Feet at the Water’s Edge

If you love the water, stand side by side with both of your feet at the water’s edge gently lapping at your toes. This will create a gorgeous and fun wedding photo. If you are feeling energetic you could even chase after each other along the shoreline!

Sunset Wedding

Walking Along the Beach at Sunset

Does it get any more romantic than walking along the beach at sunset with your partner?! If this is a wedding photo you want for your album, make sure to mention this to your photographer well ahead of time. That way you can both set aside enough time for this enchanting photo shoot.

Another great option for a sunset beach photo is to do two separate portraits. That way you capture both of your wedding ensembles against the dramatic beauty of a beach sunset.

Walking Away with Footprints in the Sand

Image Credit

Walking Away with Footprints in the Sand

A photo of you both holding hands while you walk along the beach barefoot, and leave impressions of your footprints in the sand will doubtlessly make a perfect picture. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to wait until sunset to take this picture.

Unusual Wedding Photography Ideas

Unusual Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Shoes

Image Credit


If you’re looking for a unique idea for your wedding photos then have some fun with your shoes. Taking a photo of you and your spouse’s polished wedding shoes will look playful, artsy and unique.

Bring Your Dog

Image Credit

Bring Your Dog

To create a truly unique wedding photo why not bring your beloved pet to the wedding? You can even dress them for the occasion, with a suit jacket, bow tie or dress. You can guarantee that anyone who sees a photo of your pup at your wedding is sure to capture the hearts of your guests.

A Bird’s Eye View of Wedding Preparations

Photo by Corrado Chiozzi Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

A Bird’s Eye View of Wedding Preparations

A bid’s eye view is the perfect way to gain a unique perspective of your wedding preparations. With a bird’s eye view of your wedding preparations, you will easily be able to see all of the activity.

Most photo albums don’t contain a bird’s eye of the wedding preparations or a bird’s eye view at all. So, with an unusual wedding photo idea like this, your wedding album is sure to stand out!

Draw a Heart on a Steamy Window

Image Credit

Draw a Heart on a Steamy Window

This is another adorable and unique option to add to your list of wedding photo ideas. To create this steamy wedding photo all you need is some chilly weather and a window. Then, each spouse can stand on one side of the window placing their hands together in the middle of the heart.

Bidvine Tip: This is a perfect photo for a winter wonderland wedding when the windowpane is also covered in frost.

Couple Through the Ring

Image Credit

Couple Through the Ring

A photo of both of you through the lens of one of your wedding rings will make a perfect and unique wedding photo. In this case, the photographer will use distance and perspectives to make it appear as if you are both inside the ring.

Wedding Umbrella Picture

Kissing Under an Umbrella

Why not make the best of things when the weather isn’t going your way. A cute kiss under an umbrella is the perfect way to make the most of a rainy wedding day.

Chalkboard Signs

Image Credit

Chalkboard Signs

There are endless ways to incorporate a chalkboard sign to create unique wedding photography. For a more classic picture, both the bride and groom can stand side by side holding chalkboard signs that say Mr. and Mrs.

If you want to include the wedding party then have each member of the wedding party stand beside each other holding a sign which indicates how they know the happy couple.

For a special and unique family photo, have your family members hold the chalkboard signs instead, stating how their familial relation.

In the end, no matter how you choose to incorporate chalkboard signs you are sure to have a fun and adorable photo.

Candid Photo

Photo by Real Life Photo, a Professional on Bidvine

Framed Perfection

Sharing a quick kiss while holding a picture frame up is another top way to create a unique wedding photo for your album. We just love how the elegant white picture frame highlights this couple’s romantic moment.

Candid Wedding Photo

Candid Photo

Take a break from posing for a few minutes with a candid wedding photo. With a candid shot, your photographer can capture the atmosphere of the moment.

If you aren’t a fan of posing for wedding photos then your photographer can even use this style of photography throughout the wedding. That way you don’t need to worry about posing, and still gain a collection of fun impromptu photographs.

Now that you know some of the different poses you would like for your wedding photography session, let Bidvine help connect you with a trusted, local wedding photographer. Click to get bespoke bids from wedding photographers in your area.

Bidvine Tip: For extra insight visit our guide to the top 11 questions on wedding photography.

Featured Photo by Greg Keegan, a professional on Bidvine

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The Dunadry Hotel is now a large venue for weddings and events of all kind. There is even a location in the garden where two trees have joined together. This would be the perfect spot for your ideal wedding photos!

Location: Dunadry, Co Antrim

Capacity: enquire for details

Wedding Venues in Co Down

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The Carriage Rooms at Motalto

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2. Rowallane Garden

Would you like to get married in a barn? What about on a gazebo? Or maybe you want to say your vows in a walled garden? Whatever type of venue you’re looking for, you can find it at Rowallane Garden! This venue is operated by the National Trust and ensures exclusive hire of the barn for three days when you book your wedding.

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Narrow Water Castle

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Have you always dreamt of saying “I do” at a beautiful castle? Well, if you choose Narrow Water Castle in Warrenpoint, you can make your wedding dreams a reality. You can even stay in the castle before or after your wedding, as it hosts a self-catering apartment.

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No, this is not a wedding venue based on the 1989 film. Field of Dreams in Bangor hosts multiple wedding venues, but our favourite is the Retreat. The Retreat is a Scandinavian chalet on the lakeside, and it can host up to 100 guests. Your guests will have a beautiful view of the lake and grounds of Field of Dreams.

If you’re inviting more than 100 guests to your wedding, worry not! Field of Dreams is happy to set up marquee tents to extend the reach of your wedding. All you have to do is ask!

Location: Bangor, Co Down

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