I Stuck With Bidvine, Because It Works

January 8, 2021

Alex Miklos


As a pragmatic business owner and busy tradesman, Alex needed an easy and consistent way to get new customers. But he found that most of the websites he tried were just a waste of time and money. Luckily he came across Bidvine, found out what he needed to do to make it work for his business, and he’s stuck with it ever since. As he put it, ‘If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be using it anymore. But Bidvine is different. It works so that’s why I stuck around. Simple.’

Here’s what Alex has to say about what to do to get started on Bidvine and what made him close his accounts on all the other sites for tradesmen.


When Did You Join Bidvine?

I registered to Bidvine in 2015 which was the same year that we started Best Handyman London Ltd. It’s a family run business. We’re managing it with my brother and we have a few employees. Bidvine has improved and grew a lot since then as a website but more importantly, the number and types of available jobs have expanded too. As Bidvine grew more and more, our business grew with it.

Before we started this company I worked in Canary Wharf as a manager at a large industrial storage facility and my brother had already been working in the building industry for years. Our father had been an entrepreneur… he’s now retired, but we decided to do what he did and work for ourselves and be our own bosses.

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How Did You Get Started on Bidvine?

We started bidding on smaller jobs before making a larger investment, usually focusing on IKEA furniture assembly jobs and then we started winning bigger jobs including bathroom fitting. These are much higher value jobs so obviously, they are more expensive to bid on.

I have been very happy with Bidvine from the start. But I sometimes felt discouraged when I didn’t hear back from customers. Luckily, I didn’t give up. I added photos to my profile and we even put together a website so customers could see that we’re a real company. But things quickly turned around when I found out what customers were really after when hiring professionals. So overall we received a lot of work through Bidvine but we put a fair effort into making it work for us too.

Of course, there’s a chance that the customer won’t respond, but I’ve had instances when I paid to contact the customer and I heard back two months later when they wanted to see if we are still available for the project.


What Would Your Advice be For a Tradesman Just Now Starting Out on Bidvine?

If someone is new at Bidvine, pick a speciality within your offering. Now we are specialising in bathroom fitting because we have the right team for that but first we started out with IKEA furniture. It’s something that’s different for everyone and you’ll get a better feel for what works for you after you’ve been using Bidvine for a while.

On average we get hired 3 times out of 5 nowadays. That is because we put a lot of work into establishing our reputation on Bidvine and we know what type of customer requests work for us. So now we have a 50% hired rate. What helps us secure the job is when we present ourselves very professionally when we arrive in our branded van to the consultation, wearing uniforms.

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What Other Marketing Channels Have You Used?

Other than the business we win through Bidvine, we have a lot of repeat business and recommendations. I always hear people say ‘you have to have a great, professional website.’ I think customers find websites boring, in this internet age. I find it better to be connected on Bidvine because I get more jobs and I can be selective on what I take. I have a website but it’s only an ‘online business card.’

Regarding other websites that, unlike Bidvine, work on a subscription model, we paid £600 upfront to one of those and we won less than two jobs. Bidvine, unlike similar websites, gives me the right details to decide if I want the job or not and to submit a bid that gets me hired.

I did a lot of comparison side by side for two years, using Bidvine along with some other websites. Finally, I closed all my other accounts and stuck with Bidvine because  Bidvine works for us, and that’s hard to argue with. I told other handymen to use Bidvine too because they have had the same complaints as me with other sites.

I am a pragmatic man and if I find something that works, I say ‘why change it?’ I don’t want to spend my time juggling my online profile on 3-4  platforms. I don’t have time to figure out each one of them. Bidvine works for me and that’s all I care about. Plus Bidvine is very cost effective for the size of the projects you can win.

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Learn More About Alex:

Best Handyman London Ltd. – London, UK

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Need help finding a top general contractor in your area? Easily compare quotes from contractors near you on Bidvine.


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Here at Bidvine, we are so confident that we can get you new customers that if you use up all your bids from your first credit bundle purchase without getting hired, we will put those credits back into your Bidvine account. Learn more here.

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Garage Lounge Ideas

Comfortable Converted Garage

Transform your unused garage into a comfortable and functional living space by switching out the garage door for a sliding door. Or if you want to be able to use the garage for its intended use in the future, you can keep the door as it is and lock it normally. Opening up the garage door when the weather is nice will allow you to bring in the fresh air and natural light to your living space.

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Image Credit

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