How to Hire The Best Photographers - Your Comprehensive Guide

November 26, 2020

When you are in need of a professional headshot, just choosing an existing picture won’t do. Cropping a nice photo of you doesn’t convey the level of professionalism needed for a corporate headshot, such as for a LinkedIn profile or on your website. Some industries, such as entertainment and modelling, may even recommend a portfolio of photos. 

But what makes a headshot special? These professional portraits feature just one individual, using simple backgrounds so the subject is the main focus. A photographer will ask their subject to pose to get the best angles and work lighting to make sure they look great. 

Headshot photographers specialise in this type of photography. Thankfully, we have laid out some helpful steps to lead you in the right direction so you can hire a qualified photographer for your own headshots.


How to Hire The Best Photographers

How to Hire The Best Photographers

What Exactly do You Need Photos For? 

Set yourself up for success by determining the scope of your project. Is it a headshot for yourself to improve your professional profile on LinkedIn or to help with a career in entertainment? Or perhaps you want to include your image on your personal website and social media accounts. 

You may also be in charge of photos of your team for a corporate website. Whether it’s one person in front of the camera or several, it’s important to figure out what your needs are to be sure you’ll find the best photographer.

Headshot Photographer Price Guide

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Price Range

Is Your Photographer The Right One For Your Job?

Looking at a photographer’s style and experience can help you evaluate if they are the right ones for the job. There are some steps you need to take to determine the fit — read on for the steps around location, style and delivery.  

Professional Photographer

Start a conversation to see what their background is and if they are interested in the project. This type of communication can determine if it will be a good working relationship too. You want to have everyone feeling comfortable in front of the camera with a friendly photographer.


Do They Have a Website? 

Taking a look through a photographer’s website or the photos on their Bidvine profile can reveal a lot about their personal style and approach to taking photos. A good photographer will feature shots they have taken, allowing you to get an idea of their ability to work with lighting and people’s personalities. 

You should also seek out their portfolio. This will have some of their best work so you can gauge whether they are a good fit for your project. You can also see what type of backdrops they use to get ideas for your own shoot!

Get The Photos You Want With a Checklist

When your photographer comes in for the session, you’ll want to make good use out of their time and capture shots of everything you wish. By creating a checklist for the photoshoot, you can ensure that every desired shot is taken. 

Create a checklist of photos beforehand

To build a great checklist, brainstorm all of the shots you may want before paring it down to a reasonable number for your time. If you’re taking photos of your entire office, you may want to stick with one shot for each person. For just one person, there can be more poses or locations to get great shots. Pass on your checklist to your photographer so they can plan out your photoshoot to include everything.   

Where Will Your Photos be Taken?  

While having your photos taken indoors or outside is a personal preference, your photographer will need to have — and bring — the right equipment to make the photos professional and of high quality. Indoor photos, for example, need extra lighting for proper exposure. A photographer can take a photo in a boardroom even on a cloudy day and get beautiful lighting. They may also use different backgrounds such as plain black or white and take photos in a studio. 

Outdoor photos can offer an inspiring background. Taking headshots outside your office building or in a well-known location in your city can highlight your company’s values and interests.  

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Will You Need Professional Hair and Makeup Services? 

Although not required, having an expert help the subjects with their hair and makeup can help if anyone is feeling nervous about how to style their hair or get ready for the photoshoot, a little pampering goes a long way towards boosting confidence. 

Hair and Makeup services

This will help everyone feel their best. Hair and makeup services are easy to find on Bidvine too! Simply submit a free request to get bids from top local hair and makeup artists.

How Will You Receive Your Photos? 

Determine how you will be using your photos before you decide on who to work with. If you want to print your images, such as for applications or work in the entertainment industry, you’ll want to receive high-resolution digital versions so you can do so. 

If you’ll be posting employee photos on a corporate website or on social media, you can use images that are much smaller in size. This can actually be more useful since it won’t take as long to download and will improve the user experience. Ask your photographer to send you photos in the best format for your needs.   


Once you have a strong idea of what you need in headshot photography, you can start the search for a professional with confidence. You’ll know exactly what to request so you know you are hiring the best photographer. Just be sure to follow the steps we’ve outlined so that you are getting the best results!

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Do you have a special event coming up? Are you trying to piece together an information video with amateur videography knowledge? If so then you should consider hiring a videographer!

Today almost everyone has access to some form of a video camera, whether it is through their smartphone or digital camera. With such open access to video equipment, it is easy to assume that you can DIY. Even still, sometimes it is better to leave videography to the professionals. After all, a professional will make sure your videos are polished!

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Event Videography

Event videography can take many different forms. There are almost as many different types of videography as there are special occasions. Before we get carried away daydreaming about celebrations, here is a list of some of our most popular event videography services.

Birthday Celebrations

Is this year a big one for you or your loved one? Then why not hire a professional to capture the magic?

Birthday parties can be a big deal. Like other special occasions, when you are planning a birthday party you will need to organise the food, drinks and decor.

If you are going to put all that effort into a birthday party, why not hire a professional? They will be able to capture all those special moments you worked so hard to prepare for!

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A Dog

Image Credit

Special Occasion Parties

Are you going to be hosting a housewarming, graduation, or New Year’s Eve party? Then again maybe you are hosting another type of party this year. No matter what the occasion, trying to plan the perfect party can be stressful.

You will be far more relaxed after all the guests have gone home. With a professional video you can relive all those memories when you can finally relax.

Corporate Parties

Organising a company party is a considerable challenge. Whether it is for the annual Christmas get-together or a gala, there are a lot of factors to consider!

Chances are after the company party is over, someone will want to see a video of it. If you don’t hire someone with quality videography skills you could risk the chance of having an amateur video recorded. This may end up being a problem if your company wants to use the video later for promotional purposes.

It is best to think ahead and make sure that every moment captured on film is polished with finesse.

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Beautiful Film Locations in the UK for Perfect Wedding Photos

If you’re a pop culture buff, we’re sure you wouldn’t turn down the chance to have your wedding photos taken at a famous filming location. After all, you’ve seen these locations in films and TV shows for as long as you can remember! That’s why we’ve collected our favourite film locations across the United Kingdom for your wedding photos.

Many of these film locations are available for venue hire in addition to your wedding photos. However, some of them are exclusively available for wedding photos at this time. We’ll note whether each location is available for venue hire, so don’t worry about that!

You’ll need a professional photographer to capture your wedding bliss at any of these film locations in beautiful photos, and you can find one on Bidvine! All you need to do is answer a few questions about your wedding and your preferred style of photography and you’ll be on your way to custom, detailed bids from photographers. Click the button below to submit a free request for wedding photography on Bidvine.

Without further ado, let’s get into our favourite film locations across the UK for beautiful wedding photos!

7 Film Locations in the UK for Your Wedding Photos

alnwick castle

Image Credit

1. Alnwick Castle

Featured in: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (pictured), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Robin Hood

Alnwick Castle appeared as parts of Hogwarts during the first two Harry Potter films. So if you’d like to have your wedding photos taken in the same spot that Harry, Ron, and Hermione took flying lessons, Alnwick Castle is the spot for you.

This beautiful venue is the seat of the Duke of Northumberland and is a Grade I listed building. It was built in the 11th century and is open to the public during the summer. Alnwick Castle has also appeared in Downton Abbey, making it a quintessentially British wedding venue.

Location: Alnwick

Capacity: up to 180 guests

blenheim palace

Image Credit / Image Credit 

2. Blenheim Palace

Featured in: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Spectre, Cinderella (pictured)

We know what you’re thinking. These two castles look nothing alike! That’s because Blenheim Palace served as the inspiration for the royal palace in Kenneth Branagh’s remake of Cinderella. The castle was actually created with CGI, making it look unlike anything in the United Kingdom or abroad.

Blenheim Palace is quite a popular filming location and has appeared in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Spectre, and many more films. It’s also a beautiful wedding venue that can accommodate grand or intimate weddings depending on your room selection.

Location: Woodstock, Oxfordshire

Capacity: enquire for details, depends on room selection

chatsworth house

Image Credit / Image Credit 

3. Chatsworth House

Featured in: Pride and Prejudice, The Duchess (pictured)

How beautiful is Chatsworth House? We’re sure your wedding photos will look perfect at this idyllic venue. Chatsworth House can accommodate 80 guests, ensuring that each of your loved ones will feel special and important.

Chatsworth House has appeared in Pride and Prejudice and The Duchess, so why not have a wedding picnic on the grounds (like Keira Knightley in the photos above) before your wedding? Your guests will love the charming grounds of this beautiful venue, and you will too!

Location: Bakewell, Derbyshire

Capacity: up to 80 guests

cornwell manor

Image Credit / Image Credit

4. Cornwell Manor

Featured in: The Holiday (pictured)

If you’ve always dreamt of recreating The Holiday on your wedding day, here’s your chance! Cornwell Manor starred in the 2006 film as the location of Iris and Graham’s picturesque English lunch date.

Whether you’d like to host a large outdoor wedding under a marquee or an intimate wedding inside the beautiful estate, your choices are endless. You can also say your vows at Cornwell Manor as there is a church nearby the Manor and Cornwell Manor is licensed for civil ceremonies.

Location: Cornwell, Chipping Norton

Capacity: up to 100 guests for an indoor wedding, up to 300 guests for a marquee wedding

old royal navy college

Image Credit / Image Credit

5. Old Royal Naval College

Featured in: Skyfall, Les Misérables (pictured), Cinderella, Pirates of the Caribbean

You might think that a film based in France would be filmed in France. But in the case of 2012’s Les Misérables, you’d be wrong. The film was actually shot in England, with many pivotal scenes taking place at London’s Old Royal Naval College.

The ORNC has also appeared in Skyfall, the 2015 remake of Cinderella, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. If you’re looking for an extravagant and beautiful wedding venue, the ORNC is perfect for you. Located in Greenwich, it is quite close to central London and is licensed for civil ceremonies.

Location: London

Capacity: enquire for details

divinity school

Image Credit / Image Credit

6. University of Oxford Divinity School

Featured in: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (pictured)

Would you like to hold your wedding in the same room that Harry and Ron learned how to dance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? We bet you would! The beautiful Divinity School at the University of Oxford played many parts in the Harry Potter series, including a dance studio.

If you choose to get married at the University of Oxford, there are many chapels on the campus that can perform your wedding ceremony. While you’re in Oxford, be sure to check out some of the other filming locations from the Harry Potter series, including a courtyard of the University of Oxford’s New College!

Location: Oxford

Capacity: up to 200 guests more
We Guarantee You’ll Love These Adorable Baby Photography Ideas

First of all, if you’re having a baby this year or you recently had a baby, congratulations! Baby’s bring so much joy and happiness.

Now, you will want to make sure that you capture all of these special moments and your favourite baby photography ideas! The best way to ensure that you capture these memories in top quality is by working with a professional baby photographer for a photo shoot.

A professional photographer can help you capture the magic of your baby no matter whether they are a newborn between 1 and 4 months, 1 and 8 months, 8 and 12 months or 1 to 2 years.

Before you head off to your baby photography photo shoot it’s important to do a bit of research. This research will help to give you a clear idea of which poses and outfits you prefer the most. That way you can easily relay your goals for the session to your photographer.

In turn, this will help to ensure that your session runs smoothly and that you and your photographer have all the materials and props you need for a stellar photo shoot.

So, we’ve put together this handy, inspirational guide packed with funny and cute baby photography ideas. Plus we’ve also included some top ideas about which outfits you should pick for your newborn’s photo shoot!

Looking for a photo shoot with the whole family? Easily compare costs for family portrait photography here.

Baby Pictures That Are Funny and Cute

There is nothing like a funny, carefree photo of your baby that can make you smile, laugh and melt your heart all at the same time.

So, to give you some ideas on how to stage or capture these adorable and funny moments, we’ve gathered a collection of funny pictures. They’re filled with so much cuteness that they captured our hearts, and we guarantee you’ll love them too!

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Stage a Photo with Your Pet

Image Credit: Alex Class Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

Stage a Photo with Your Pet

With your baby and your pet together in the same picture, you simply can’t go wrong. For a bit of fun, this picture sets both a baby and the family pet at a petite dinner table complete with table settings. Not only is it clever but this stunning picture was also taken by one of Bidvine’s very own photographers. So, with the help of a baby photographer, you could have a top-notch photo of your baby and your pet as well!

Baby's Point of View

From Baby’s Point of View

For a fun photography twist, switch it up and turn the camera angle around! Instead of taking a picture of your baby from your perspective take a snap from their point of view.

A cute twist like this is sure to bring a smile to your face every time that you see it!

Baby Looking in Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a funny photo for your collection is to give your baby or toddler a mirror. You’re sure to capture several excellent photos when you introduce your baby to a mirror. Not to mention that watching them discover and watch their own reflection is simply priceless!

Capture Those Silly Faces

Image Credit

Capture Those Silly Faces

In between their yawns, hands covering their faces and discovery of their reflections, make sure to capture all those perfect silly faces as well! There is nothing like a baby making a silly face to bring a smile and a laugh.

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Find the Funny in Grumpy

Image Credit

Find the Funny in Grumpy

Sometimes even when you’re trying to capture the most adorable photo of the century your baby just has a whole other idea and hey that’s okay too! Even if you don’t plan on hanging a framed photo of the funny shots in the middle of your living room, they will nonetheless make a delightful addition to your picture albums. more

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