We Guarantee You’ll Love These Adorable Baby Photography Ideas

October 1, 2020

First of all, if you’re having a baby this year or you recently had a baby, congratulations! Baby’s bring so much joy and happiness.

Now, you will want to make sure that you capture all of these special moments and your favourite baby photography ideas! The best way to ensure that you capture these memories in top quality is by working with a professional baby photographer for a photo shoot.

A professional photographer can help you capture the magic of your baby no matter whether they are a newborn between 1 and 4 months, 1 and 8 months, 8 and 12 months or 1 to 2 years.

Before you head off to your baby photography photo shoot it’s important to do a bit of research. This research will help to give you a clear idea of which poses and outfits you prefer the most. That way you can easily relay your goals for the session to your photographer.

In turn, this will help to ensure that your session runs smoothly and that you and your photographer have all the materials and props you need for a stellar photo shoot.

So, we’ve put together this handy, inspirational guide packed with funny and cute baby photography ideas. Plus we’ve also included some top ideas about which outfits you should pick for your newborn’s photo shoot!

Baby Pictures That Are Funny and Cute

There is nothing like a funny, carefree photo of your baby that can make you smile, laugh and melt your heart all at the same time.

So, to give you some ideas on how to stage or capture these adorable and funny moments, we’ve gathered a collection of funny pictures. They’re filled with so much cuteness that they captured our hearts, and we guarantee you’ll love them too!

Stage a Photo with Your Pet

Image Credit: Alex Class Photography, a Professional on Bidvine

Stage a Photo with Your Pet

With your baby and your pet together in the same picture, you simply can’t go wrong. For a bit of fun, this picture sets both a baby and the family pet at a petite dinner table complete with table settings. Not only is it clever but this stunning picture was also taken by one of Bidvine’s very own photographers. So, with the help of a baby photographer, you could have a top-notch photo of your baby and your pet as well!

Baby's Point of View

From Baby’s Point of View

For a fun photography twist, switch it up and turn the camera angle around! Instead of taking a picture of your baby from your perspective take a snap from their point of view.

A cute twist like this is sure to bring a smile to your face every time that you see it!

Sleepy Baby Yawning

Image Credit: Katerina Georgiou, a Professional on Bidvine 

Sleepy Baby Yawning

Sometimes yawns catch up with the best of us. So, why not roll with it and suggest to your photographer that they try to capture a picture if your baby yawns.

There is no doubt that a yawning picture will make an adorable addition to your collection of photos. Not to mention that combining candid photos with your staged ones will create a more natural feel throughout your photo album.

Baby Looking in Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a funny photo for your collection is to give your baby or toddler a mirror. You’re sure to capture several excellent photos when you introduce your baby to a mirror. Not to mention that watching them discover and watch their own reflection is simply priceless!

Capture Those Silly Faces

Image Credit

Capture Those Silly Faces

In between their yawns, hands covering their faces and discovery of their reflections, make sure to capture all those perfect silly faces as well! There is nothing like a baby making a silly face to bring a smile and a laugh.

Find the Funny in Grumpy

Image Credit

Find the Funny in Grumpy

Sometimes even when you’re trying to capture the most adorable photo of the century your baby just has a whole other idea and hey that’s okay too! Even if you don’t plan on hanging a framed photo of the funny shots in the middle of your living room, they will nonetheless make a delightful addition to your picture albums.

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Baby and Plush Toy

Side by Side with a Plush Toy

Adorable and amusing, this side by side with a large plush teddy bear captures funny and cute all at once. Plus, if you take multiple pictures which are staged in the same way, then you can create a collage which showcases your child’s growth.

Newborn Picture Outfits (What to Wear)

Once you’ve decided on how you want to stage your photos the next step is to decide what outfit your baby should wear.

To help you out with the decision-making process we’ve added a second inspirational collection to this article packed with suggestions for newborn picture outfits and what to wear. So keep reading to find some top tips on what your newborn should wear for their professional photo shoot.

Knit Suspenders

Image Credit: Darina Tsvetkova, a Professional on Bidvine 

Knit Suspenders

Isn’t this just the perfect presentation of cuteness? A sweet little pair of knit suspenders makes the perfect outfit for your newborn photo shoot. Plus, when you stage a baby in a basket picture it will add that extra irresistible touch of adorable.

Earthy Knit Hat

Image Credit: White Rabbit Photography Ltd., a Professional on Bidvine

Earthy Knit Hat

A knit hat is always a great option when it comes to a photo shoot for a newborn. Its cosiness will not only comfort your baby while the pictures are being taken but it will also lend warmth to the photo as well.

We also love how this picture weaves together the knit hat’s earthy tones with the greens and browns of the blanket and backdrop.

Animal Sweater

Image Credit: Benjamin Beloni, a Professional on Bidvine 

Animal Sweater

Whether the sweater features an adorable pup, teddy bear or another favourite animal, a sweater like this is undeniably adorable. You just can’t go wrong with babies and baby animals in the same photo, even if the baby animal is on a shirt. To build on the animal theme you could even include a plush animal toy in the photo as well!

Matching Dress and Headband

Image Credit: Gavin Mills Photography, a Professional on Bidvine 

Matching Dress and Headband

A matching dress and headband can make a perfect pair for a newborn photo shoot. The colour you choose is then up to you. You can never go wrong with a classic colour like white. Then again, you might prefer a soft pink or blue or even a gentle green or brown to bring out the colour of your baby’s eyes.

You could even opt for a different coloured headband and dress which compliment each other. For instance, a pink or green headband would create a gorgeous pop of colour when paired with a white dress.

Precious Polka Dots

Image Credit: Real Life Photo, a Professional on Bidvine 

Precious Polka Dots

A soft hat with a polka dot bib is another top option for your baby. Polka dots are fun and playful and so they will make the perfect addition to any set of baby attire. You could opt for a polka dot bib like the outfit pictured. Then again, you could incorporate them with a sweet polka dot headband instead. Another option still, is for your child to wear a polka dot jumper to the photoshoot

Matching Outfits for Twins

Image Credit: Paul Nyame, a Professional on Bidvine 

Matching Outfits for Twins

The best way to stage a baby photo shoot with twins is by coordinating matching attire. Not only do matching outfits infuse the photo shoot with a double dose of cuteness but they are fun to pick out as well. These twins who were photographed by one of Bidvine’s professional photographers have adorable matching blue and yellow flower headbands and tutus.

If you aren’t a fan of matching headbands or tutus, matching hats, shirts, or blankets can also work well. To pop a little extra bit of delight into the photo, consider staging the photo with two matching plush animals as well.

Classic White Dress

Image Credit: Brian Handford, a Professional on Bidvine 

Classic White Dress

A classic white dress is a top choice for many photo shoots especially if you are also taking your newborn to a christening.

The simple colour of the dress emphasises not only the traditional beauty of the garment but also your delightful bundle of joy who is all wrapped up in it. You simply can’t go wrong when opting for the classics.

Bonny Accent Bow

Image Credit

Bonny Accent Bow

When you’re looking to accessorise your baby’s outfit, a bonny little accent bow is the perfect option. You can even highlight the colour of your baby’s eyes with a bow in a matching colour!

Pastels are another good colour palette to choose from for your baby’s bow. Think gentle greens, purples and yellows. These soft colours will add a soothing atmosphere to the photo which emphasises the charming beauty of your cherished baby.

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Knit Pants in a Blanket Cocoon

Image Credit: Stephen Bruce, a Professional on Bidvine 

Knit Pants in a Blanket Cocoon

This gorgeous photo creates a comforting cocoon out of a knit blanket with matching knit pants. The cosiness of the cocoon and earthy tones add a pleasant warmth to the photo creating a combination that just can’t lose.

If you like the aesthetic of this photo then be sure to discuss the earthy tones, and baby in a cocoon style basket with your photographer. That way you can come up with the ideal plan for your photography session.

Need help finding a professional UK baby photographer near you? Submit a request through Bidvine and you could receive custom detailed quotes from trusted, local professionals!

Lovely Lace

Image Credit

Lovely Lace

Lace is always lovely and this darling outfit is certainly no exception. When searching for a lace ensemble for your baby keep an eye out for lace that is soft to the touch. A soft lace will not only look stellar but it will also be gentle on your baby’s delicate skin, creating a winning combination between comfort and style.

We also love how this basket is padded with soft, cotton batten, which makes this baby look like they’re floating on a delicate cloud as they dream.

Pop of Colour

Image Credit

Pop of Colour

When it comes to baby photography ideas sometimes you just want a pop of colour. This photo shows how to add a pop of colour in just the right way with the vibrant pink headband and colourful boho scarf which the baby is delicately wrapped in. It just goes to show that even a little pop of colour can create a lot of wow.

The best part is these clothing items are easily accessible in many shops, meaning that finding the perfect outfit for your photo shoot doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead of struggling to find that outfit you can focus on discussing the photo shoot arrangement with your baby photographer for hire.

Charm with a Blanket

Image Credit: Nicola Hippisley, a Professional on Bidvine 

Charm with a Blanket

While it is undeniably fun to dress your baby up in a cute animal sweater or bright, vibrant colours a blanket can be just as nice. Soft and gentle, when a small blanket is tucked around your baby it will create the perfect picture.

To switch it up you can also request a few black and white copies of your photos as well. Then, when you print out several pictures, you can alternate the black and white copies with the coloured copies to create a unique aesthetic. This type of photography layout would work well as either a collage or when scattered artfully throughout a larger picture frame with multiple spaces for photos.

Mix It Up

Image Credit: Jane Ellis Designs Photography, a Professional on Bidvine 

Mix It Up

If you can’t quite settle on which outfit you want for the photo shoot then why not choose two or three of your favourites. In many cases, this won’t even cause a massive clothing change dilemma. Say you have a particular hat and blanket you want to highlight separately. Well, to switch up these two outfits all you need to do is take off the hat and then wrap your baby up in the blanket of your choice!

Wrapping It Up

Once your photo shoot is all finished then you can set about finding the prime location for your photos. From modern to traditional, there are plenty of options for this as well.

If you prefer a more minimalist style of decor, then a digital picture frame is a top option. This type of frame can display several of your favourite photos from the shoot on a loop. That way you don’t have to choose between your favourites, you can enjoy them all, all of the time.

Then again, if you prefer a more traditional method of displaying your photos then why not hire a professional picture framer? A professional picture framer can ensure that your photos are placed in a frame that will highlight their best features. Alternatively, you could opt for a photo album instead. Some photographers offer the option of a photo album so if this is something that interests you be sure to mention this to your photographer.

If you enjoy scrapbooking, then you can also request prints of several different photos. That way you can compile these into a scrapbook of your own design!

Are you ready to hire a professional baby photographer for your baby photography shoot? Let Bidvine help connect you with trusted, local professionals in the UK!

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