95% Of My Work Comes Through Bidvine

March 30, 2021

With a passion for working with people, Ruta Gabalis combines her expertise in psychology and therapy with alternative medicine to offer clients holistic counselling. Since creating a profile, 95% of Ruta’s clients now come through Bidvine. Read our interview with her to learn more about how Ruta took the leap into entrepreneurship.

Ruta Gabalis

Changing Careers

Life has always led me to do what I’m doing now. I was a qualified accountant first. When I was doing accountancy I was working with people, I went more into managing the business and people side. Then as an operations manager for a private hospital I was working more and more with people.

Then I was thinking what to do next in terms of career progression. The positions I was looking at all required a specific degree. I didn’t realise at the time that my accountancy qualification was the equivalent of a masters degree. So I thought okay I need a degree and I decided to do psychology. 

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From Accountant to Entrepreneur Counsellor

My job was no longer challenging me as a professional and I started to feel that I was stagnating in my personal growth too. Everything was going so well, I was working for 5 years at the company and I was looking for a next career progression.

I decided to work for a different company and it didn’t work out, I left after 3 months. I thought okay, do I really want to go back into employment or do I want to make something out of working for myself?

At that time I was still studying psychology. I considered what would be the best way, the quickest way to start working with people. I tried a bit of business coaching at the beginning. It wasn’t the right fit for me though.

So I continued my training. I did rapid transformational therapy which is a 12 week training course. This gave me a certificate and the ability to have insurance. Then I did an NLP course until I reached the expert level. I was doing lots of other training alongside my psychology degree. 


Incorporating a Holistic Approach to Counselling

I then ventured into the world of spirituality and Eastern medicine. So I started incorporating that into the way I work with people. That is why I call myself an integrative therapist rather than a psychologist. I try to see a more holistic way to work with people. It's not just about the mind, it’s about the mind and body. 

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Becoming an International Counsellor

I started offering my counselling services locally and my business progressed and progressed. Then Covid happened and I went from being a local therapist to an international one.

I think the perception about the world changed - previously people wanted to come and sit on my couch but because of Covid that barrier dissolved. Someone contacted me from Bidvine through the UK but for a relative in Germany and through Facebook I’ve gotten a couple of clients from Australia. 

Bidvine Has Brilliant Customer Service

I tried other platforms first but they didn’t have BidMatch, which automatically sends out bids for you. Bidvine has also been really good in terms of customer service, it’s brilliant and they’re very responsive. For me Bidvine does the job, 95% of my customers come from Bidvine.

Interested in booking a counselling session with Ruta? Click here to visit Ruta’s Bidvine profile.

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