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£30 - £65

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£30 - £65  National average range
£30 - £65



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How much do zumba lessons cost?

Nov 08, 2019

Zumba lessons are a fun and affordable way to get fit with an average cost of £50 to £60 per session. Depending on the frequency and length of your Zumba class, keep in mind that this average cost can vary.

Zumba Lessons Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£50
UK National Maximum Cost£60
UK National Average Cost£55
Average Range£50 - £60

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What is Zumba?

Zumba is an amazing exercise programme that combines fitness moves with dancing to Latin beats. Originating in Colombia in the 1990s, it’s an all-over workout that includes cardio, conditioning, flexibility, and balance. In fact, it’s such a great workout that you can burn from 300 to 1000 calories in just one lesson! It’s no surprise then that Zumba can leave you feeling energised and fantastic.



What is it that appeals to you about Zumba? Considering your goals will help you to decide which kind of Zumba class might be suitable for you. Are you looking to improve your fitness in general? Or perhaps you're looking for a new hobby. Maybe you want to try out dancing in a pressure-free environment. Zumba is also a fantastic place to meet new people and find new friends.

Your Experience with Zumba

With Zumba, it doesn’t matter too much whether you’re a dance pro or you’re just starting out. Zumba will still be a great workout and fantastic fun, even if you have two left feet! Your instructor will show you the moves, but if you can’t follow all of them, don’t worry. The most important thing is that you keep moving to the beat and you have a good time!

What You Need for Zumba

Unlike some types of exercise classes, you don’t need lots of special equipment for Zumba, but you will need some comfortable clothes and trainers for your classes. You will be jumping, spinning and leaping, so make sure you’re not wearing anything that restricts your movement. You’re in for a heart-pumping and sweaty workout, so always take plenty of water and a towel with you when you go to Zumba. You may also wish to refresh your meals with nutritious options alongside your new fitness class to ensure you have the energy you need to succeed!

Group vs. One to One Zumba Lessons

One to one Zumba classes and group Zumba classes both have their different plus points. If you feel a bit nervous about dancing in front of a group, a few one to one Zumba lessons can help you to learn some of the moves and build confidence before joining a group. Also, you get one-to-one training from your teacher, as well as properly tailored feedback that you wouldn’t get in a group lesson.

On the other hand, group classes can be cost-effective and fun too! If you want the party atmosphere for your workout, group classes are probably the way to go.

Pay as You Go or Package Lessons

Some teachers or locations will offer a package of Zumba lessons, and this may work out cheaper than paying every time you go to a class. Check with your instructor whether they provide any block lessons. Some teachers and classes will even offer the first class free so that you can decide whether you want to commit.

Different Types of Zumba Lessons

There are other types of Zumba workout classes, as well as the traditional type of class. You may be able to find Aqua Zumba which is done in water – this could be perfect if you're looking for something very low-impact. Zumba Toning is done with weights to help increase strength, and Zumba Step incorporates step aerobics into the Zumba routine. There are also some classes specifically designed for older people and children. 

Health Conditions or Injuries

Having pre-existing health conditions won’t stop you doing Zumba. Make sure you talk to your health professional before starting lessons to know which types of moves to avoid (for example, high impact moves if you have arthritis in your knees). When you first get to your class, explain any health conditions or injuries to your teacher and they will be able to give you some alternative moves so that you can protect any areas of injury.

Time & Frequency of Lessons

Zumba lessons are usually about an hour, although some of the different varieties of classes may vary in length.

The frequency with which you want to take Zumba classes will affect the price. And it depends on what your goals are. If you are using Zumba as an add-on to your existing workout or training sessions, or to meet new people, going once a week might be enough. If you’re training for something, you might want to do more.

Be warned. You might get hooked and end up going several times a week! You may pay a little more to go more regularly, but sometimes it’s hard to stop when you feel the rhythm of the beat. And, of course, the more exercise you do, the fitter you will feel.

Experience of Zumba Instructor

A more experienced teacher may mean that you pay a little bit more. However, they will be able to teach you more effectively, including about the correct form and how to position your body to get the most of out the moves.


Zumba lessons can take place in a variety of locations, such as gyms, dance studios, and community centres – some lessons even take place outdoors in the park! The location may affect the price, and you may find that lessons in a specialised dance studio are a little more costly than those in a local leisure centre or community centre.

If you have one-to-one Zumba lessons, they could either take place in the instructor’s home or at your own home.

Are you considering alternatives to your usual fitness routine? Easily compare costs for some of the most popular fitness services. Get fit and stay on budget!

Fitness ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Yoga Lessons£45
Personal Training£40
Pilates Training£50


The price of Zumba lessons can vary depending on where you take the lessons and whether you go to a specialised lesson. You won’t need to spend anything extra on equipment or special clothing, and you can take lessons in plenty of different locations.

Overall, Zumba is a superb workout for people of all ages and abilities. It’s great for building up your general fitness, lowering cholesterol, and protecting you from heart disease. And the most important thing is that you’re going to have a great time while you’re working out!