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It is hard to find time for yourself in this fast-paced modern world. Balancing your body's physical, emotional and spiritual needs can be a challenge. Yoga provides a unique opportunity to energise your life by bringing together these three elements.

The word yoga comes from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning unity, which is over 2000 years old! This unity refers to creating a balance between mind, body and spirit. Yoga combines breath, meditation and exercise to create this balance.

There are many different kinds of yoga. On the Bidvine request form, you can select from several different yoga styles for your lessons, these include Bikram (Hot), Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, and Power Yoga. There is also an option to specify another style if the one you are thinking of is not mentioned. As an exercise, yoga has a variety of benefits for all fitness levels.

When yoga is combined with a healthy diet and cardio it can help you achieve your weight loss goals. It is also beneficial for athletes because the stretches help to improve flexibility. As yoga combines breathing and meditation techniques it can also help reduce stress. So really, whatever your goals may be yoga can benefit your lifestyle.

Are you motivated by learning with others, or are you more comfortable on your own? Yoga teachers offer lessons for a variety of different class sizes. On our request form, you will have the option to specify whether you would prefer private or group lessons. You will also be able to specify how long your ideal class is, whether it be 30 minutes or a full hour.

Before you hire a yoga teacher, check their credentials. You'll want to hire someone who has gone through a training course or training programme centred around yoga. If they've taken part in professional development courses, even better! Your chosen yoga teacher will develop bespoke lesson plans that will help you improve your health and fitness.

Yoga is the perfect exercise for a wide variety of body shapes, and can be practised almost anywhere. Whether you're in a health club or at home, yoga can work for you.

Yoga Styles: Bikram (Hot), Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Power Yoga

Goals: Increase flexibility, Weight Loss, Tone muscles, Help with an injury or pain

Our Top Yoga Teachers



3 reviews

4 hires on Bidvine

Peckham, South East London SE15 4EG

Shire Y. said "I started working with Amandine privately not knowing much about yoga. When I first started, I was very nervous, with chronic knee pain. Amandine has been amazing with her teaching and encouragement. She has accommodated my injuries and improved my pain significantly through yoga. I h


Lemon Zest Life

1 review

2 years in business

2 hires on Bidvine

Pudsey, West Yorkshire LS28 9JJ

Jill B. said "I've been to several yoga classes over the years and Ellie's have by far been the most enjoyable. She is knowledgeable and helpful and provides guidance and adjustments to each student as needed. She makes everyone feel welcome with her warmth and genuine interest and I leave every we


CRS Yoga

2 hires on Bidvine

New Beckenham, South East London BR3 1QP

Namaste from Charlie @ CRS Yoga I am a London and kent based yoga teacher offering private yoga classes, group classes and events. you will feel zen yet feel like you have worked out with my ashtanga vinyasa yoga flows.

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London Wellness Edit

2 reviews

2 years in business

1 hire on Bidvine

Kentish Town, North West London NW5 2SE

Do you feel constantly low on energy or feel like your skin lacks a natural glow? Would you like to adopt a more lifestyle and overhaul your diet? At London Wellness Edit, we offer a range of therapies that promote your wellbeing. I’m a qualified nutritionist and can help you with creating an optim


Proper Pilates

1 review

3 hires on Bidvine

Queen's Wood, North London N6 4QX

Rachel L. said "I have seen Hannah for only 3 sessions. So far what I like about her is that she comes on time, she is prepared with a different list of exercises she wants to cover each day, she is pleasant to be with and that as she has a positive attitude. I feel comfortable in her company and


Maria Ward

1 review

1 hire on Bidvine

Honor Oak, South East London SE23 2PJ

Rina G. said "Maria is absolutely brilliant to work with!!!! I enjoyed every moment of our session! Was very uplifting and I would definitely recommend hiring Maria!"

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2 reviews

4 years in business

6 hires on Bidvine

Kensal Green, North West London NW10 5NU

Liaquat H. said "She was amazing therapist thank u"


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1 hire on Bidvine

Birmingham, West Midlands B19 2DR

When you’re stressed out from work or recuperating from an injury, a massage is beneficial in several ways. Not only does it help to relieve any muscular tension and eliminate aches, it can promote wellbeing and restore energy levels. I am a professional massage therapist with over 8 years of experi


Loop Massage

11 reviews

6 years in business

12 hires on Bidvine

Ratcliff, East London E1W 3HB

Arif R. said "It was different to the other massages I’ve tried elsewhere., which is good . Lisa was very good. "

Looking for a Reiki Healer?

Reiki is an ancient practice of energy healing. The word reiki is of Japanese origin and means "guided life force energy." The practice of reiki is based on the idea that there is energy in and around the body. In principle, reiki is able to move and channel these flows of energy. This is then thought to help activate natural healing processes in the body. Learn More


Unity Healing

1 review

8 years in business

1 hire on Bidvine

Lewisham, South East London SE13 7FT

Are you feeling out of sorts or that something is missing in your life that is causing you to be anxious? Perhaps you can’t let go of old hurt or fears no matter what you try. Unity Healing is a family oriented business that focuses on restoring balance and harmony into people’s lives. We use varie


Divine Reiki

4 reviews

2 hires on Bidvine

Brent Cross, North London NW4 2NF

Helen J. said "I have just had my second reiki session with Eileen and it was amazing. Eileen is calm, very intuitive and instantly made me feel relaxed. I have been sleeping a lot better and generally just feel healthier and more relaxed. I can highly recommend Eileen for a reiki session. Thank



2 reviews

2 hires on Bidvine

Eastcote Village, West London HA5 2HP

Soila S. said "Karolina has helped me find peacefulness in my relatively stressful day-to-day life. Her sessions are calming, while at the same time energising. She is a thoughtful practitioner and I always leave a session feeling better."

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be asked to say 'Om' and what does this mean?

Not every style of yoga involves chanting. So, you won’t necessarily have to say ‘Om’ during your yoga lessons. If you choose to attend a yoga class which involves chanting you can say ‘Om’ or you can hum lowly. The purpose of chanting during yoga is to encourage harmony between your physical and emotional energy. It can also be a very relaxing part of your yoga practice.

How often do I need to practice yoga to see its benefits?

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to practice yoga for an hour everyday. Life can just get too busy! Although ideally it is best to practice on a daily basis for 30 minutes to an hour, you could start to see some benefits, like reduced stress, even if you only had time for ten minutes of practice every other day.

How is yoga different from other fitness routines?

Unlike other fitness routines, the physical exercises of yoga are just part of the actual routine. Yoga is different because it focuses on connecting the mind and body through breath and mindful stretching.

Yoga and pilates are often mistaken for each other, but this is a mistake. While they are both great ways to improve your health and fitness, they are very different. To learn more about pilates and yoga, check out the articles listed as further reading.

Do I need equipment to practice yoga?

It is not necessary to purchase any expensive equipment or clothing to have yoga lessons. Most yoga studios will provide you with a mat though you may want to bring your own. Yoga mats are fairly inexpensive and you can find them in many stores. When going to your lessons you may also want to wear loose fitting clothes to help make stretching easier.

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